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S.P.P Chapter 341: crying with joy

Anuki’s eyes, until his head fell heavily to the ground, were filled with deep horror and fear hidden inside.

It seems that the guilty conscience after being beheaded, seeing the face of death, has a touch of inconceivability. He didn’t know why he was so easily exposed, and he didn’t even know how decisive the opponent was, so he didn’t hesitate at all.

With just a swing, the vice admiral, who claims to be a marshal/Fleet admiral, has been slain.

At the moment before his death, he longed to make the Marines bigger and stronger, developing to other islands, reaching the Grand Line, and finally making the Marines conquer the whole world, establishing a mighty kingdom, and becoming its king.

However, he disappointedly died now. All of his dreams, ambitions have vanished.

Perhaps Anuki was an obsessive lunatic soldier in his lifetime, but the people of the island will never forget the sins he committed. There is no doubt that this fellow discredited his group, and will be nailed to the pillar of shame for eternity.

“The… the Marshal, is dead?!”

It was not until this moment that the soldier who had run to his master opened his mouth and said something. There was tremor and inconceivability in his voice, as if he was in a dream.

“Dea… he’s dead!”

As soon as he came back to his senses, the soldier jumped with excitement.

He realized that this was not a dream, but all of this is real.

As a result, the other marines threw away their guns, hugged each other and wept excitedly.

“This is great… I, we finally don’t have to be a Marines, I’m so happy!”

They cried loudly, venting their depression and grievances.

No one wants to be forced to do what they don’t want to.

“My parents are still in jail… Now that Anuki is dead, we can save them?”

A Marine suddenly realized and asked loudly.

“Yes, my brother is also in prison. He refused to become a Marine, so he was sent to prison frantically by this tyrant!”

“Mine too!”

The Marines became excited. They thought, now that Anuki is dead, their relatives are saved?

But suddenly, when they saw Rogen and his group standing in front, they couldn’t help but feel scared again, and their expressions became fearful.

“You, you guys!”

The person leading this group killed Anuki, does that mean that he has more terrifying power than Anuki?

With such power, if he chooses to control their life and death again, they will be doomed.

“Go ahead, release your loved ones, all people on this island has free will from this moment on!”

When they got worried, Rogen said this with a smile.

In an instant, the soldiers cried with joy and jumped happily.

“Thank you so much, thank you!”

They were so excited that some of them even knelt down and bowed their hands with tears on their faces.

“Get up quickly and rescue your loved ones. By the way, tell everyone on the island that you have regained your freedom.”

Rogen said.

The Marines didn’t even know what to say at this moment, and they were incoherent, thanking Rogen and the others repeatedly. Then they ran wildly.

“Brothers, relatives, this island is free!”

“Anuki is killed and we got liberated. From now on, we will no longer be forced to join the marines!”

“Wuwuwuwu, someone killed Anuki, Finally, we are free!”

They ran across the street, shouting everywhere, spreading the news to the whole island.

The Marines, who had passed out by the shock wave, heard the fuss and woke up.

“What happened?”

“Am I hearing someone yelling, Anuki is dead?”

“The marshal is dead?! Yeah, before I lost consciousness, there was a group of people who wanted to attack Anuki.”

“Could it be that they succeeded!?”

In an instant, the soldiers awakened from the coma were confused, and they suddenly got up and saw their colleagues running on the street with excitement, spreading the news everywhere.

“No one can stop us, Anuki… no more!”

The Marines looked around blankly, and finally reacted.

“Anuki, is really dead!”

Someone got excited, and burst into tears directly, tearing his robe.

“Hell yeah, I finally don’t have to wear this suit!”

“I have been pretending enough in my life!”

Immediately afterward, these sober ones also joined the propaganda army and announced the news to the entire island.

The people detained in underground prisons were rescued. Countless families have reunited again, they cried and hugged each other, with excited expressions on their faces.

The whole city was boiling, and the island that has been calm for a long time resumes its liveliness at this moment.

When the excitement passed, they remembered the person who challenged Anuki and won, he was their benefactor.

“Who knows where is that group? He is the savior of our people, and we must thank them!”

An old man asked loudly.

“They are in Anuki’s fortress, we came from there.”

“Everyone follow me, we must thank our benefactor.”

The civilians nodded earnestly. Their fate was freed and they can go back to their original lives. This group of people who suddenly appeared must be thanked!

As a result, the whole island was organized by awakened people and headed for the naval base. They want to thank Rogen and the others for saving their lives.

On the platform deep in the base, everyone found a place to sit on. Anuki was a man with a good taste in wine, he especially likes red wine, so they found a lot of good stuff.

After searching around, Jason found that some good wines were really valuable. They were all rare editions.

“These bottles must be carried to the ship. The people here are inactive, so I didn’t expect them to mind taking this.”

Caros envied that although he was a Celestial Dragon, his collection was not as luxurious as his.

“What a scumbag!”

He scolded fiercely, but Caros didn’t realize that he was also a bad guy four years ago.

Just as they were searching for goods in the base, outside the palace, it became very noisy.

“Someone is coming?”

The crew’s expressions became tense. After all, they weren’t skilled robbers. When they heard people coming, they felt a little guilty.

Robin ran out to have a look, and her face immediately changed slightly.

“It’s the residents, they’re here.”


The crew members were shocked, how fast?

They trotted over and took a look.

However, what happened in the next moment shocked their hearts and made their faces more complicated.


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