One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 343: Thunder Blade

The old man kneeling in front opened his mouth, but in the end, he didn’t know what to say.

Rogen’s words left him speechless.

“Freedom is a natural right of all human beings, which no one can deprive it of us.”

A clear voice spread throughout the audience, everyone on the ground clenched their fists subconsciously.

“Do you yearn for freedom?”

Then a question came out again.

When people looked around and asked themselves, the answer was certainly yes.

No one wants to be imprisoned, no one does not yearn for freedom.

“Then stand up, I have received your thanks, I am very satisfied!”

Rogen smiled.

He didn’t ask for anything, and he didn’t need anything from them. The hearts of these people have suffered a lot, and they need a long time to heal their deep wounds. As he said, he has received gratitude from Ablis Island.

He was very satisfied!

The old man moved his lips, finally sighed, and stood up slowly.

“The people of Ablis Island couldn’t repay their benefactor now, but whenever you desire, as soon as the benefactor comes here, we will not refuse any request, no matter what it was!”

The old man’s voice was very firm.

Rogen shook his head.

A figure stood up, then all the others followed, their gazes looking at the group of people on the platform were filled with gratitude and admiration. This was a kind of respect from the heart.

How should we repay the kindness of our savior? In the crowd, many people have been thinking in silence.

In the end, after they negotiated, the crowd began to disperse, and the old man led several prestigious people to Rogen.

“Benefactor, please tell us your name.”

The old man begged.

Rogen felt very awkward to let an old man who could be his grandfather bend down, so he hurriedly helped the latter.

“My name is Rogen, just call me by that.”

“We are in charge of receiving you. The rest have already prepared the banquet. In addition, the group of scums under Anuki’s command and some other people on the island have been arrested.”

The old man spontaneously told Rogen about the situation and asked his opinions.

“You can handle it yourself.”

Rogen said with a smile.

At this time, other people also began to come forward, asking Jason and others for their names, keeping them in mind.

The two sides began to chat to get to know each other better. As they went deeper, Rogen and his team were shocked to discover that Anuki had done a lot of things.

He colluded with illegal businessmen outside, cheaply bought and sold drugs, arms, etc., and even had a laboratory deep in the base.

And in this laboratory, what was done there was a human experiment, which was very cruel, cold-blooded, and shocking.

It’s said that the human experiment is also a kind of a deal…

“Anuki has an underground warehouse where he keeps all his treasures.”

The old man’s name was Bliss, which he mentioned earlier.

“If you need money, please don’t hesitate to take it.”

“Money? I may need some…”

Rogen’s eyes shone slightly.

Pirates sailing on the sea actually have another purpose besides adventure, which is treasures.

The system balance had already been cleared, and it was difficult for Rogen to take anything from Balut’s treasury. Now, he would like to add some money to his wallet.

“Please follow me.”

Bliss was very happy, because he found something to give for Rogen and his group, and immediately led them to the underground warehouse.

A couple minutes later, everyone came to the underground warehouse.

The gate of the warehouse was very heavy and thick, made of steel, and there were ten guards beside it. When Bliss came, he ordered them to open the warehouse.


The heavy door slowly opened up, Rogen and the others followed Bliss into the warehouse.

When the dim candlelights in the warehouse were lit, everyone’s eyes flashed with golden light, and their hearts were even more shocked.

“How much treasure is here?”

“My goodness, I see gold piled up into mountains.”

“Too much. Can this buy a whole island?”

The crew members were shocked by the goods in Anuki’s warehouse.

“Anuki’s warehouse includes the ransacking of our money, as well as the shady deals he has been doing for years.”

Bliss said in a low voice.

All of these mountains of gold were brought from their sweat and blood.

“Well, our benefactors, you could take whatever you want, or take it all away.”

“We can earn money if we were poor, but if we lose our souls, hope, and freedom, that’s the end of it all.”

Bliss sighed.

Humans ’ lives are more important than money.

To be saved from oppression, these treasures become unimportant to Bliss. What’s more, he thought that the group of people in front of him were not people who care about money.

But he was wrong.

“Captain, we can take it, that’s fantastic!”

Caros jumped into the Golden Mountain excitedly, and his whole body was trembling.

Bliss’ mouth trembled as he looked at the pompous sailor…

Trensu covered his forehead, he was very speechless.


Rogen shook his head and smiled.

It is naturally impossible to take them all away, but he does need money now, not to mention that there is a lot of good stuff in Anuki’s warehouse.

Walking slowly, he picked up a long blue sword from the gold.


At the end of the blade, this word was lightly engraved! Rogen tried to wave it, faintly seeing thunder arc flashing on the blade. “Hmm… Good sword!”

When he was in the Impel Down prison, he had communicated with No. 8, and learned from the other side that in this world, not only the 12 Supreme Grade Swords are the strongest. In addition, there are some ones with special abilities… they have the sharpness and tenacity no less than the twelve. No. 8 has such a sword, The black water. Of course, those were so rare, and many were lost.

Rogen didn’t know all of them, but he could also see that at this moment, this faint blue sword in his hand has an electric arc, not the ordinary type.

“Naraka Path Argon, just lacks a sword.”

Putting away the thunder blade, Rogen walked around with everyone.

Anuki’s warehouse was very vast, covering an area of

3,000 square meters, all full of treasures, calligraphy and paintings, gold, and luxury goods.

Everyone looked for something they liked, and Bliss looked at them with a smile, without any dissatisfaction.

Two hours later, they walked out of the warehouse.

“Don’t you guys want to take more stuff? This is too little.”

Bliss once again tried to repay their kindness, and his heart was overwhelmed.

After Rogen and his group entered the warehouse, the value they took away was only 10% of the entire treasures, and the rest was left there.

“We have got what we deserve, Bliss, we all think that this is more than enough.”

After speaking with a smile, Rogen left, everyone was very satisfied.

Only Caros was frustrated.

“Why didn’t we take all of those goods? That’s nearly 30 billion Berries!”


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