One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 344: seeds

Rogen had a wide smile on his face. Although it’s only one-tenth of the total, he already obtained 1.5 billion in the system balance.

At his current level of strength, there were few opportunities to make him use his soul system. With the strength level of an admiral, plus the six paths, although the overall strength of these poppets was equal to the peak of some Vice Admirals, he could easily provoke even the top pirate groups in the new world.

Although he still doesn’t know the strength of these great pirates, such as Kaido and Big Mom, he has enigmatic self-confidence.

“Deposit some money, maybe I can summon a mighty soul.”

He has almost never tried the summoning of a soul over one billion, and he has no idea what kind of soul will be summoned.

There are too many uncertainties in the system, whether it will far surpass the characters previously summoned by a large amount, or will maintain the strength level of an admiral, however, he can only verify this after trying it.

Of course, this is not the time to think about these issues.

After leaving the warehouse, a grand banquet was already waiting for them. Under the leadership of Bliss, everyone came to celebrate their newly acquired freedom at the huge training ground.

People were busy putting tables and chairs, placing drinks, and adding food to the tables.

There is no doubt that this is a huge banquet, with more than 50,000 people attending the banquet. Some kind of a band have already entered the field, and the soft and light music was always playing.

“Haha, banquet, this is what I like the most!”

Jason ran over to join in.

The Wraith Pirates group quickly merged with the people on the island. They clapped each other drinks, and ate greedily… the atmosphere was extremely lively.

“My Lord, please stay here a little longer, so that we can entertain you as much as possible.”

Bliss said with a smile.

Rogen clinked glasses with the others, bouncing his head and laughing.

“We have to leave tomorrow. Ablis’ people are not the only ones suffering in the East Blue.”

“Even if we can’t visit every island, but since you passed by, we had to do something.”

“Benefactor, I admire your great virtue and kindness.”

Bliss raised his glass solemnly and drank it in one sip.

“There are some things that others don’t dare to stand against, so I will do it for them. It has nothing to do with kindness and morality.”

Rogen said with a smile.

“I don’t understand, but I fully support my benefactor.”

This old man acted like a child, at this moment, it seems that all the suppressed feelings were released.

The banquet started in the afternoon until the first quarter of the moon was in the sky, and the grunts of the crowd just sounded in the training ground.

At dawn the next day, Rogen parted from the people on Ablis Island.

As Rogen said at the beginning, his initial purpose was not to help others in such a simple way, but to plant seeds of the true meaning of being pirates. After Roger started this era, he still needed help to make it boil…

But after experiencing the gratitude of thousands of people, Rogen’s thoughts changed.

Suddenly he wanted to help these suffering people with all his heart. How can he turn a blind eye to such poor souls?

One has to be persistent, right?

He is not a hero, but also he’s not a cold-blooded killer. He is just an ordinary person with too much power.

Seeing an old lady crossing the road, he will help me, and if he’s not tired when taking the bus, he will give up his seat to others. He is a normal person, yearning for freedom and advocating truth, goodness, and beauty. And this is the same pursuit of most human beings!

With the gazes of Ablis people, Logan slowly left the island and sailed into the wide sea.

With their departure, the East blue legend began, and seeds were quietly planted.

A week later, on Ablis island.

“Hey, where do you think you are going, kids?”

“Come back, brats!”

“Stop messing around! Come here, we need to talk!”

At the port, a group of middle-aged adults was chasing a group of teenagers from 17 to 20 years old.

“Haha, don’t chase us, we have decided to go to sea.”

“I’m going to be a pirate, chasing in the footsteps of Brother Rogen, and helping people in this world who deserve to be helped.”

“Grand Line, We Are Coming!”

“Yes, one day when we meet brother Rogen in the sea, we will join his command and become members of the Wraith!”

The voices of youth, passion, and vigor were heard, making the faces of their parents chasing them complicated! They were reluctant to give up, but they can no longer stop them.

Yes, nothing can stop a man’s dream of going to the sea?

Freedom is the inherent right of everyone!

“Boys, be careful, don’t lose your lives to the sea!”

In the end, the parents yelled in tears.

“Go away, don’t come back only after achieving your goals, and when you come back, make sure to make a name of yourselves!”

“We are not asking you to be the same as Lord Rogen, but don’t be shameful pirates!”

The young pirates bowed to pay respect to their parents, and then resolutely turned around, driving the wooden boat into the sea. They don’t know what’s going to happen in the future and what dangers they will face, but at this moment, their hearts were freed!

Such scenes have occurred continuously everywhere Rogen planted his seeds.

In Orange Town, the pirates who attacked the villagers were wiped out by Rogen and his gang.

On the sea, the evil forces were beaten up by Jason’s punch.

In Banana Town, the bandits were killed by the brave pirate fighters.

All of these made the reputation of the Wraith Pirate Group spread rapidly in the East Blue.

And it took only a month. The public security environment in the East Blue has been effectively improved, which was more effective than the Marines.

Such a situation made the civilians happy and relieved, but it made the Marines look bad.

The East Blue Branch, the supreme command center.


There was a heavy knocking sound, and the Vice Admiral in charge was so angry.

“Rogen, what are you planning for?”

“Are you thinking about joining the marines? huh, doing good things everywhere, and leaving a mark behind!”

“Does the people of the East Blue know their identity!? they are pirates… they are criminals!!”

The Wraith Pirates turned to the good side, fighting against evil forces, but there was a problem, aren’t they highlighting the Marines’ incompetence this way?

Under the rule of the government, there was so much pain and darkness in many corners of the East Blue, especially the island of Ablis, which was the most shocking place.

What made the Marines’ faces extremely angry was that the island had already issued a statement that the Marines were not allowed to enter, forbidding any contact with them.

What a bold move!

And this made the Marines hate Rogen’s group even more.

It was the first time they encountered pirates who stepped on their reputation, but there was nothing they could do!


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