One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 345: Levely

The Vice-Admiral in charge of the East Blue has been raging this whole mouth, and he was unable to settle down.

Even the food in the camp has become light. Everything was going down the hill…

“We must take action. Things like Anuki are not allowed to happen in the future. It is simply discrediting the Marines!”

The Vice-Admiral hammered the table again and shouted.

“Is it ridiculous that we, the Marines are… the symbol of justice, was replaced by a group of pirates?”

He was so angry that he couldn’t even speak properly, and then he ordered the rectification of the whole marine system in the East blue.

As a result, under the turmoil of the Wraith Pirates’ good deeds, a series of chain reactions were triggered, which made people stunned…

A month later, the Wraith Pirates left the East Blue and went to the South Blue.

Therefore, a mighty pirate justice spreading movement started again, the invisible seeds were sown quickly, and more people understood what a true pirate was.

Two months later, on the North Blue, the legend of the Wraith Pirates also reached that area.

On the four seas, a new mini era has started and this period was called the Age of Wraith, plus this year was called the Year of Wraith by the masses of people.

This was a magical period, and it is also the only year in history where the name of a Pirate Group has been implicated on the year.

Not to mention how this news spread to the government, it made the senior officials of the headquarters furious. However, the world conference held about half a year ago has been quietly reorganized again in a small period.

The world government, composed of more than three hundred allied nations and countries, is the only government in this world. The world conference held every four years is naturally the top priority. In the meeting, representatives or leaders from various countries will discuss issues happening in the world, although most of these issues will end up fruitless. However, this is undoubtedly proclaiming the authority of the world government to the world.

Because once a topic is determined, it means that it is recognized by the three hundred countries, and all resistance will be overthrown.

The world government, which is above the Marines and all armies, represents the ultimate authority! There is no need to say more about the difference between military forces and political power.

This year, few countries came to the world conference, but even so, the conference still started as usual.

In the huge conference room, representatives of various countries were far away from each other (T/N: Covid Protocols!?). They have their own country names pasted in front and standard flower and fruit snacks, but no one was moving. Everyone’s expression was serious and cold.

“Next, it’s about the issue of Fishman Island, slaves.”

At the conference table, someone said lightly, attracting the attention of the delegates present.

“Some people think that the fish-men are just an ornamental creature. It is very popular among the nobility so they were regarded as slaves. Therefore, the fish-men are treated like animals.”

“Private transactions and arrests can be allowed!”

In one sentence, it made people in some countries of animal tribes look ugly.

This topic is too sensitive. If it is allowed, as the man said, then there is no doubt that the activities of catching fish-men that were secretly carried out will be brought up to the light. In the long run, the fish-man island will face extinction.

In the face of the general situation of the world, the people on Fishman Island did not have the ability to contend at all. Wouldn’t that pass to other tribes similar to the fish-man people?

“No, this cannot be allowed, this is inhumane behavior!”

Immediately, someone spoke out to stop him.

“Hehe, it’s just a group of fish, what’s inhumane about that?”

Similarly, some people sneered.

“Others believe that although the Fishmen and Mermaids on the Fishman Island are somewhat different from us humans, they are conscious and able to communicate, so they are also regarded as a kind of human beings. We should give them the freedom they deserve! Within the limited rights, protect their minimum human rights!”

The person who raised the issue raised his hands to prevent everyone from arguing, and said again.

One topic has two different intentions. There is no doubt that if anyone disagrees, that can cause a vote and may change the future of Fishman Island.

“What is the discussion on this issue?”

Suddenly, an old voice sounded, the tone was sonorous and contained strong spiritual power. Everyone turned their heads and looked at the place where the sound came from.

“Oh? Is it the Kingdom of Ballut that just joined the world government?”

“It is said that you are the kingdom of magic. You have strong forces. Every resident can cast magic…”

Someone sneered.

“Indeed, the Kingdom of Ballut has just joined, but in historical classics, our Kingdom has always been a member of the world government, and once held a high position.”

Salo responded indifferently.

“Yes, the Kingdom of Ballut was an ally of the world government fifty years ago. It was only after fifty years of loss of contact that they rejoined.”

The host nodded.

“Then, the representative of the Kingdom of Ballut, Wizard Salo, do you have any suggestions? Regarding these two issues!”

The host knew very well that in the historical records, in this kingdom, people who can have the title of a wizard in this kingdom have the strength of a Vice Admiral, so he didn’t dare to neglect him.

“The first one was not proposed by anyone.”

Salo said lightly.

In a word, some of the representatives present changed their colors and their eyes became a bit sullen.

In many countries, making huge profits through smuggling and trafficking of Fishmen every year is an important source of profits for their countries, and they are naturally unwilling to allow Fishmen to have rights.

“The second one is just a bit interesting, but it’s not enough!”

“My Kingdom believes that Fishmen are no different from humans and should be given all the rights they deserve. As for the dregs of secretly smuggling and the slave trade, the world government should eradicate them earlier.”

“This is simply discrediting our entire human race!”

Salo’s words were strict and mighty, and their directivity was extremely clear.

In an instant, in the meeting room, many eyes were locked at him, expressing gratitude with gentleness and excitement.

Salo responded, nodding politely, showing courtesy.

But at the same time, his words also made the representatives of many countries angry and stared at him gloomily.

However, Salo didn’t care about these people at all.

“You are talking nonsense! I think you don’t understand the rules of this world conference! “

“Be careful that misfortunes come out of your mouth and cause national disasters. Does your king know about your suggestions?”

Someone made a clear threat and his eyes were cold

“Don’t worry, good sir. My king knows exactly what are my intentions.”

Salo replied indifferently, and then, his eyes turned sharply to the speaker.

“It’s you who have the courage to talk to me like this!”

“Do you want to die?”

His tone was extremely strong that shocked everyone.

In the meeting room, all eyes were converged on Salo.


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