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S.P.P Chapter 347: sudden call

Salo’s performance at the World Conference exceeded all countries’ expectations. His toughness and determination, coupled with his aura, shocked the representatives of various countries.

It is not that there weren’t any powerful countries among them, but a mighty country does not mean that its representative has an unbreakable will. If they offend the wizard unintentionally or intentionally and make a fool of themselves in public, it would shake the image of the whole kingdom.

From the day the Kingdom of Balut joined the World Conference, its island re-existed on the map of the world, and its name was spreading rapidly.

The propositions that Salo supported during the meeting weren’t accepted by many countries, but it also received some well-intentioned support. After that, Salo’s mission was to contact these various countries in secret.

It can be said that the world conference is an important occasion for exchanges between countries while discussing their point of view.

The world is too big, and it’s difficult to communicate with each other. Sometimes, they don’t even know that the other party exists in such a part of the world. At this time, such a stage is provided here by the government itself.

“Sorcerer Salo, I have brought you an important person, which you will never expect.”

On the third day of the World Conference, a clan leader who was found of Salo and his king and said with a smile.

The other tribes are not much different from humans, they are only different from humans in some parts, or they have special capabilities, or they are somewhat different in appearance. For example, the angel clan on the sky island or the Mink tribe on the Mokomo Dukedom, they are all from other races.

“Oh? Who is it?”

Salo asked curiously.

The Kingdom of Balut wanted to gather some great allies, so it is natural they have to establish good diplomacy.

“You will never think of it!”

This leader was from a race different from humans in terms of arms. His hands are covered with scales and possess certain defensive capabilities. They are an unknown race. They call themselves the scale-armed tribe.

“Hmm? I don’t know, stop stalling, Obres! Or can’t you just say it directly because of our relationship?”

Salo shook his head and laughed.

Obres blinked mysteriously.

“No! This person is very sensitive and cannot be made public. I have prepared a suitable place for you to meet him, and he is there waiting for you.”

“When shall we go?”

Salo said directly.

“Anytime you want!”

Obres respected Salo very much.

“I’m free now, so let’s just go!”

Salo stood up, Obres was taken aback for a moment, and then reacted in a blink of an eye, and hurried to lead the way.

“I’ll take you there, I believe that distinguished guest is already tired of waiting.”


Nodding along the way, Salo asked Obres about the other party’s information, but Obres was very conservative, not mentioning a thing, just pursing his lips and smiling occasionally.

Now, Salo was even more curious.

The two went around and walked to the door of an ordinary house in a civilian area before stopping.

“You can go in, he is waiting inside.”

Obres smiled and knocked on the door.


Salo blinked, opened the door, and walked in.

After entering and seeing the person sitting in the room, Salo opened his mouth slightly, looking a little surprised.


The person sitting on the chair at the table has obvious characteristics of a mermaid, his body was huge, and his face revealed majesty vibes.

“Hello, I’m the king of Fish-Man Island, Neptune.”

Seeing Salo, the tall merman stood up, his head reached the roof, and his body was still bent.

“Oh? Hello, Your Majesty!”

Salo raised his eyebrows, and became so shocked.

But he was not surprised. When he put forward his ideas at the World Conference, he had already thought of the follow-up development.

“I’m sorry for disturbing you and reaching you in a mysterious way without a previous notice, please forgive me for my impoliteness.”

Neptune greeted him deeply, and said with an apologetic tone.

“It’s not a big of a deal your Majesty, you should sit down, it is a very inconvenient position…”

Salo said with a smile.

His figure was huge, which made Neptune move and speak uncomfortable like this.

“Well, I’ll get straight to the point, Lord Salo.”

Neptune sat down, nodded, and said.

“Thank you very much for supporting us at the World Conference. Although nothing changed at the end, your words were so kind, and your intention means a lot to our Fish-Man Island and the people live on it!”

“Although I still don’t really believe that humans and merfolk can coexist, this idea is the wish of the love of my life, my beloved wife, and I should naturally work hard to fulfill it for her!”

Hearing these two sentences, Salo was a little surprised.

“Don’t you believe that humans and merfolk can coexist?”

“Yes, all along, I thought it was just our ancestors who wanted to destroy this dream… but, for a long time, the bad behavior of mankind has proved their point!”

Neptune said coldly.

But in a blink of an eye, he became gentle again.

“However, my wife, Otohime, has been working hard for this dream. As her husband and the king of Fishman Island, I should work hard for them.”

“When I heard your remarks at the World Conference, I was moved.”

Salo listened carefully and gave a sigh.

“You are a good husband and a great king. Peaceful coexistence between merfolk and mankind can really solve too many problems, and it is also an important plan to ensure the safety of the people on both sides.”

“Yes, Otohime thinks so too, and she has been working hard for it.”

Neptune nodded.

“So, your Majesty, Neptune, what do you want to do now? At this world conference, the issue of the Fishman Island has ended, and I have not achieved this goal after all.”

Salo wondered.

His Majesty, the King set off in person, concealed his whereabouts, and used various methods to mobilize and be found by the right people. What an amazing event this is.

“I heard that you are not the only person behind this, the king of your country also supports your point of view?”

Neptune asked suddenly.

“Yes, it was what my king ordered, he told me to support this point of view out loud!”

Salo nodded.

Neptune took a deep breath, his face becoming very serious.

“I hope that I can meet with your king and discuss something. Can you arrange a meeting with him?”

Salo was stunned, Neptune wanted to discuss matters with the King directly?

This is indeed a great event, as Neptune said. It is conceivable that if Neptune met his king in person, the things they discussed would naturally not be small.

“Well, I have to contact my king first and ask his opinion before I can respond to you.”

Rogen was not in the country at the moment, so Salo answered cautiously.

“This is natural, I’ll wait for you.”

Neptune nodded.

“Okay, please give me a minute, Your Majesty.”

Salo smiled, turned, and walked out of the room.

Ignoring Obres’ surprised eyes, Salo found a quiet place by himself and dialed the call.

With the three beeps, the Den Den Mushi was connected.

“Your Majesty, I have something important to report to you.”

The Den Den Mushi was silent, and its expression seemed to be contemplative.

After five seconds, a voice came.

“Go ahead.”


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