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S.P.P Chapter 348: Life and Death Alliance

“His Majesty Neptune, the king of Fishman Island, wants to talk to you in person.”

After Salo gave a brief account of the matter, Rogen said softly.


The Den Den Mushi smiled when Rogen spoke, he nodded in agreement after a little thought.

“Yes, you give him the den den mushi.”

Salo obeyed naturally and walked into the room.

Neptune sat there in the chair with a meticulous expression. Seeing Salo coming back, there was no urgency in his eyes, but he looked calm.

“Your Majesty Neptune, my king has agreed to talk with you.”

He walked to the opposite side of Neptune and gently placed the Den den mushi on the table.

“That’s great!”

Hearing this result, Neptune smiled.

The strength of the Balut Kingdom, he naturally knew after inquiring these few days that it was a powerful kingdom. it can be said that he is the new King of the West blue. If they can really get each other’s support and speak at the world conference, then it will be a huge improvement for Fishman Island and for merfolk.

Perhaps, the desire of humans and merfolk to coexist peacefully can really be established!

He cast his gaze on the little den den mushi on the table in front of him, took a breath, and said solemnly.

“What should I call you, King of Balut?”

The den den mushi showed a smiling expression and opened his mouth softly.

“Just call me Nagato.”

“Your Majesty Nagato, first of all, thank you very much for your support to Fishman Island, and secondly, I would like to discuss some specific matters with you.”

Neptune went straight to the point, unwilling to waste time.

It is not easy for him to come here, because his identity is sensitive, and if he is discovered by bad people, he will inevitably usher in an unimaginable disaster.

“Merfolk and humans are a part of this world. We should naturally coexist peacefully. As for the specific matters you mentioned, can you tell me what is going on?”

His tone came very flat.

There is a reason for letting Salo speak out at the World Conference. Rogen himself supports the peaceful coexistence of merfolk and humans, but if he wants to truly speak out in the world, it can be said that the pressure on the Kingdom of Balut won’t be small.

After confirming the other party’s intention, it’s time for negotiation.

“If you want, the Fishman Island wants to establish a trading business with the Kingdom of Balut and form an alliance. I don’t know if it is possible, but this is my proposal!”

Neptune took a deep breath and said in a deep voice.

On the side, Salo was slightly startled. Because of the sensitive location and status of Fishman Island, they never interacted with outsiders. At this time, Neptune’s words really surprised Salo.

“Oh? An alliance?”

On the Den den Mushi, Rogen smiled.

“As far as I know, the Fishman Island should be one of the Whitebeard’s territories? The flag protecting your island is Whitebeard’s Jolly Roger, right?”

“Won’t it be a problem for your majesty to form an alliance with us on behalf of the island?”

Neptune’s expression stagnated, and then he quickly responded.

“The fisherman island is indeed under the protection of the Whitebeard Pirates. The new World is constantly turbulent. Only the Whitebeard can protect the safety of our island. It is precisely because of the support of the Whitebeard Pirates these years that the fisherman island can maintain its apparent stability.”

Neptune sighed.

“But I believe Oyaji will not object to the alliance between the Fishman Island and others.”


The den den Mushi’s expression became a bit playful.

He suddenly said again.

“What if I asked you to pull off the whitebeard flag and replace it with another one?”


Neptune was shocked and suddenly stood up, his huge body hit the table, causing the whole place to tremble violently.

“Why will I dare to do such a thing!?”

His voice in the call remained steady, but he felt that this is ridiculous.

“Your Majesty Nagato, do you know what you are talking about?”

Taking down the whitebeard’s flag… the meaning of which is too serious for the fisherman island, it was placed there to indicate that this island is under the protection of the whitebeard. At that time, those crazy pirates will tear their Fishman island to pieces, and the entire island will be destroyed.

“If you agree, the Kingdom of Balut can advance and retreat with you in any condition, forming a life and death alliance.”

“I think you know exactly what this means.”

The den den mushi answered calmly.

Neptune’s pupils contracted, and he naturally understood the meaning of these words.

Such an alliance means that the Kingdom of Balut and the fisherman island will have a solid connection. In the future, these two countries will be too close to each other as brothers. And more importantly, this will inevitably push the relationship between merfolk and humans a lot further.

Even on a small scale. They have completed a part of the peaceful coexistence of fishmen and humans.

This is of great significance across the times! And as long as this step is opened to prove to the world that merfolk and humans can truly stand together, then the proposal that is constantly discussed in the world conference will develop in a direction that is beneficial to Fishmen.

The merfolk will be able to freely go out to the outside world!


He was about to talk but he hesitated.

There is no doubt that this proposal is more attractive than the shelter of the whitebeard. After all, the Whitebeard is getting old, and no one knows how long the Whitebeard Pirates can last in this mad world. But if the two countries truly form a life-and-death alliance, it means that the fisherman island will maintain stability and security for a long period of time in the future. The safety of the fishmen can also be guaranteed.

Moreover, with Balut’s national power, even if the fisherman island is in danger, as the other side of the brotherly country, they will inevitably try their best to help them.

All they need to face is the whitebeard’s rage.

“Do you want to think about it?”

Rogen’s voice was very calm, with a light smile, and did not further force the other party.

“To be honest, Your Majesty Nagato, your proposal is too tempting… I really want to agree.”

Neptune smiled bitterly.

“However, the fisherman island really can’t go against the whitebeard overnight, I really need to consider it.”

“Moreover, what makes me wonder is, what benefits will this bring to your kingdom, forming such an alliance with us?”

He will not be so naive to think that the other party will help the merfolk without gaining something in return. Even if the two sides can establish some interests through alliance, the benefits that the Fishman island brings to the other party are far from their own huge gains.

“Neptune, it is an extremely huge benefit to establish friendship with Fishman Island first. I think you, as a king, should be able to understand as long as you have a long-term perspective.”

Rogen’s voice was calm.

Naturally, he will not enter a losing business. As a country, the Fishman Island has many strong people. They have never established diplomatic relations with the outside world. The benefits that can be derived from it are definitely not small.

The collision of economy and humanities can bring too many things.

Neptune was taken aback, he really didn’t understand, he was a bit confused.

What is he talking about?


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