One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 349: Headache

“There is no need to worry about the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries… Naturally, it is not so simple!”

The voice of The Den Den Mushi rang again.

Neptune was relieved when he heard this, if he was asked to answer now, he wouldn’t know what to do.

The alliance of the Balut Kingdom is too tempting, but at the same time, betraying Whitebeard is also a huge risk. Under the rage of the whitebeard, the Fishman island will be destroyed in an instant.

The strongest man in the world, these words are definitely more than just words.

After that sentence, Rogen hung up.

“It’s time, let’s wait for the day when the Wraith Pirates arrive at the Fishman Island.”

Neptune was in a daze. After thanking Salo, he quickly left.

This matter was too important that he must go back and think carefully, and then discuss it with his wife. In terms of diplomacy, Otohime is much better than him.

The two worlds whitebeard and Balut kept dangling in Neptune’s mind, making him distraught. He knows that this is an opportunity for Fishman Island, but it is also a risk. If it turns to be a bad deal, he will lose everything, and it will be the end of his race. But it is also possible that the entire island will reach new heights.

If so, Fishman Island can really take a step forward and participate in the World Conference. By then, everything will be different.

Turning back to the Wraith Pirates…

In the North Blue, in a small town.

The Wraith pirates were walking to the shore, behind them is a group of grateful and reluctant villagers.

“Are you leaving now? Stay a little longer so that we can repay your kindness.”

“That’s right, you saved our town, how can you leave like this?”

“Big brother Rogen, tell us more stories, please… When I grow up, I want to become a pirate like you.”

The shouts came one after another, and the Wraith Pirates smiled and shook their heads to refuse.

“We stayed for a long time, we should go and free more people.”

Rogen said with a smile.

“Where are you going now?”

The villagers asked.

“To the new world! There is a place that can truly change a lot in this world.”

Rogen jumped on the Logan and waved goodbye to the villagers.

The villagers tried their best to keep Rogen and his group a little longer. They can only do their best to express their gratitude. They filled their ship with a lot of valuable goods and fine wine.

“If you have time, you must come back again and visit us.”

“Don’t worry, we will definitely come back to see you, haha.”

Caros stood on the bow, waving his hands with tears in his eyes.

It was not until the Logan sailed far away from the port that Caros put down his arms.

“Damn it, why do we leave early every time after helping people, these villagers are still grateful to us!”

“I can’t bear leaving them like this, what a lovely group of people.”

He complained, with tears in his eyes.

During this period, the Wraith Pirates wandered in the four seas. Seeing the injustice behavior, they helped everyone on their way. For this, a lot of people’s gratitude has been gained. In these mutual interactions, the crew began to establish bonds with people from all over the world.

Caros, who was once a world noble, is still not used to it after experiencing so much sadness and unfairness… He will cry secretly every time.

“Oh, is this still the same arrogant noble, Caros? He is crying for the civilians.”

Daz Bonez whistled and said with a smile.

“Go away, you heartless piece of trash, what do you know?”

Caros cursed.

“Celestial Dragons are also humans, what! We are not allowed to have emotions… anger… sorrow… joy… wuuuu!” T-T

The thought of the two beautiful girls snuggling in his arms last night made him even sadder.

Compared with the previous forced demands, now through his deeds, helping others, gaining gratitude, and being rewarded with beautiful women, Caros has undoubtedly fallen in love with his current life.

The life of the Celestial Dragons? Eh, it was a life of a puppet?

“Come on, don’t be sad… I still don’t know what happened to you yet, but hurry up and go back to work.”

Trensu came over and kicked him, laughing and cursing.

This guy, Caros, who has been with Trensu for four years, has indeed suffered a lot and changed a lot. From being arrogant and domineering to being a humble fellow, he has experienced too much. Trensu has great trust in Caros.

The two have gone through so many things, they have been carrying each other through several dangerous times.

“Trensu, when I become an official crew member, I will deal with you, you piece of S!ht!”

Caros stood up swearing, picked up the broom, and started cleaning.

As for Daz, after mocking him, he already took up the watering can to irrigate the orange trees on the roof of Logan.

Seeing his crew arguing, Rogen shook his head and smiled.

The increase in personnel has made the ship livelier. None of the people present have a stable temperament, and each one of them has a different personality, which often gave him a headache.

For example, Robin and the young master were curiously watching Nanlin perform magic, and she never failed to amaze them, their eyes were shining a lot.

“Wow, this is amazing. When this cloud of smoke goes down, the fish will start jumping around!”

Robin exclaimed.

“This is a healing powder. It can heal primary injuries. It’s not magic.”

Nanlin explained with a smile.

“Do you have anything else?”

The young master asked curiously.

After a slight glance at the young master, Nanlin nodded in response.

“There is also antivirus powder, which can cure some mild poisons.”

No matter how much she showed them, Nanlin didn’t mention any of her top-notch spells. This is the secret of her potions and they can’t be disclosed at will.

At this time, Jason was fighting with Crocodile because of the battle to save the villagers just now. One scolded, the other sneered.


Rogen shook his head and went down to the warehouse to find the great wine from the North Blue.

During this time, they traveled all over the world, helped many islanders and villagers, and naturally received a lot of gratitude. Including souvenirs, drinks, food, and so on… all piled up in the warehouse.

And money, of course… By this time, besides the treasures piled up in the warehouse, Rogen’s system balance has 1.8 billion.

“Shall I add this?”

After hesitating, Rogen didn’t do it.

At this point, it seems that there was no need for the system’s help.

Moving the drinks to the deck, Rogen sat cross-legged in the bow position. On the bow of the Logan, they recently made a ferocious skull made of metal, which seems very domineering.

The top of the skull was flat, so that Rogen could sit on it.

He poured a cup, facing the sea breeze, Rogen drank it all in one gulp.

Looking at the sea in the distance, a big smile was drawn on his face.

“It’s time for the voyage to begin, the seeds have been sown… let’s just wait for the harvesting season.”

It took a long time for Rogen to plant a batch of good seeds in the four blues. Maybe next year, maybe many years later, he will have in hands a large number of great pirates.

“Now, it’s time to go to the Grand Line!”

“That’s our stage!”


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