One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 74: Broken Knife!

The Marines didn’t find Rouge. They didn’t even know her identity. And Rogen chose to say such questions at this moment just to paralyze the other side and to create a better escape environment for Jason.

Looking at the front, to Vice Admiral Moya, Rogen pressed at his waist slowly with his right hand.

His eyes sparkled fiercely, and his spirits rose sharply at this moment.

Bright eyes, tight muscles, he seemed to be like a spring, at this moment, Rogen has reached the limit of his power.

Suddenly, Rogen moved.

Like an arrow launched from a bow, like the flow of electricity.

“Boom! Boom!”

Just then, a lightning flashed across the sky.

In a flash, the two men’s bodies have been staggered.

I don’t know when the two swords at the Vice Admiral Moya’s waist have been sheathed and separated.

They were back to back, and they were silent.

It was a long time before Moya’s voice came.

“Very good, very powerful sword drawing!”

In that time, if it weren’t for his keen eye perception, he wouldn’t even know when his opponent had to strike his sword.

If he couldn’t know when his opponent would take the sword, it means that he can’t cope with it and he will fall into a disadvantage in an instant.

Quick, Rogen’s sword was too fast. After he passed him, the swords even entered its sheaths, and he didn’t even see Moya’s swords.

Rogen’s eyes became more and more serious.

For the first time, the Godspeed Sheathed Blade Technique has failed.

The strength of Vice Admiral Moya was indeed remarkable.

His battle versus Dragon wasn’t carried out in such a situation, he won it with the power of Itachi, not his own strength. At that time, he was still the weak Rogen.

But now, he’s ready to fight against Moya.

This proves that Rogen has made progress of his own. Not relying on the system, this was entirely the result of his own work. However, this wasn’t enough!

“It’s a bit interesting!”

The two swords collided with each other and made a “Ding” sound. Moya turned around slowly with an exciting smile on his face.

“I haven’t met an opponent like you for a long time, come on Rogen, let’s fight!”

“Let me see what kind of strength the guy who dares to be so arrogant in front of the Marines!”

Moya’s voice was full of excitement as if he had not fought against an enemy for a long time.

Rogen was silent, his hands were tight, and the next moment, his feet were on the ground, and his figure suddenly disappeared again.


Extremely fast, almost instantly, he has arrived in front of Moya.

Moya’s pupils contracted, and his face became very excited.

“Fast, too fast!”

Yeah! He was very fast. He has never fought a swordsman as fast as Rogen. He was like an electric light. At the moment he saw it, the sword has come to him, and it was very difficult to avoid it.


This attack was blocked by Moya.

Rogen’s sword entered the sheath again without success.

“Is this the strength of the Vice Admiral?”

Looking at each other silently, the rain became stronger and it ran down on their cheeks.

But at that moment, no one cared about this downpour, they only kept looking at each other in the eyes.

Their eyes glowed brighter and brighter. After a few breaths, they were even brighter than the lightning that struck from time to time.

“PiLi! PaLa!”

The lightning sounded and half the sky was brighter.

At this moment, the two collided again.

Rogen kept using his Godspeed Sheathed Blade Technique. His figure turned into a stream of light. And the moment of the sword appeared, it seemed that it had disappeared.

The marines in the distance were shocked to see the two men’s confrontation on the warship, and they were swallowing saliva from time to time.

They could clearly see that. Rogen, who was launching the attacks, seemed to disappear at the moment of the attack. 

His body shape seemed to be teleporting, a moment he appeared behind Moya, and in the next second, he disappeared again and appeared in another place.

The Vice admiral Moya, in front of this horrible fast swordsmanship, he was only waving his two swords repeatedly, blocking his opponent’s attack.

“Ha ha ha!”

“Fast, too fast, Rogen, your strength, surprised me!”

The Rear Admiral and the Vice Admiral weren’t just from the highest ranks in the Marines, but more because of the gap in strength between them.

Those strongmen of the marines elites, those Vice Admirals, wasn’t only familiar with the six powers (the Rokushiki techniques), but they also have the Haki, as well as a good swordsmanship, or guns. And Moya was a strong flow of the double short swords, plus the ability of the devil fruit, he even got the title of the dagger Moya.

With all of this, Moya was a master of Busoshoku Haki.

Rogen’s sword was very fast, quite fast, but Moya relies on his eyes to be able to insight his opponent’s next move, just like using Kenbunshoku Haki, expanding his perception.

With this in mind, Rogen’s Godspeed Sheathed Blade Technique was useless against him.

After a lot of attacks, Rogen’s breathing began to be a bit chaotic.

This Technique was powerful, also its speed was the peak that Rogen could achieve at this stage, but it also consumes a lot of his power.

“I can’t use it anymore.”

Rogen was very clear about his stamina, and his face immediately became very serious.

At the next moment, Vice Admiral Moya burst out laughing and rushed over.

“Haha, what’s wrong Rogen? Can you still use your Extraction technique?”

The weakness of the Sheathed Blade Technique, many people know that once a blow does not work, then the next thing to meet will be death.

Because concentrating on one thing, we must abandon a lot, so that we can gain the strength of this point.

The next moment, Rogen’s Yuan Hong sword came out of its sheath.


A bright rainbow was shining, and the rain curtain was torn open by the sharp blade of that sword. Then, the sword was spinning and went toward Moya at a very fast speed.

With the sword cut past Moya, his pupils shrank and his face was shocked.

“Is this!?”


The clear sound of sword ringing lasted for a short time, and Rogen said with a low voice.

“Broken Knife!” 

“Dang! Dang!”

Suddenly, the sound of iron clashing came out, which made Moya’s face changed and he stepped back.

He noticed the horror swordsmanship of his opponent. At the moment of contact, he had the feeling of disengaging the handle from his hands. Fortunately, his strength was astonishing and he firmly grasped the handle.

“What kind of swordsmanship is this?”

Moya asked loudly. He took a step back and paid more attention to Rogen.


After he breathed out heavily and calmed the boiling air that was coming from his body.

Moya was only shocked, which made Rogen felt that it was not going well.

“Lone Nine Swords!”

He whispered slowly.

What we have just used is the Broken Knife style of the Lone Nine Swords.

However, it has failed! In the mind of the Vice Admiral, This delicate Swordsmanship has failed unexpectedly.

Have to say that this guy in the Pirate’s world is really strong?

Comparing with the strength of this Vice admiral, it has reached the limit of the tenth of his power!

“Now, This is trouble!”

Rogen whispered away and his eyes shrank.