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S.P.P Chapter 73: Eyes of the Soul!

The rainstorms poured, lightning and thunder filling the sky, and the strong wind slanted the rain.



That guy with his black robe stood on the top of the warship, his robe was floating in the air. His voice spread clearly between the marines.




At this moment, all the marines were slightly stunned.




“He,,, he’s the mysterious man in the black robe!”




“It’s the guys who attacked us in these days. He,,, he’s so bold that he shows up.”




“This arrogant guy!”




After the marines were stunned, they became furious. They never imagined that this fellow was so bold and arrogant that he dared to appear in front of them. And what made them furious was what he has done.




After that palm, the Port of Baterilla, which was temporarily established by the marines, collapsed directly. Several warships could not be used anymore and dozens of them were injured and lost their consciousness.




But for a while, no one in the marines had acted rashly, because to be able to toss the marines on the island into such a situation, and he was still intact, this was enough to prove his strength, This is definitely not the enemy that they ordinary marines could fight.




“Wait a minute! Look at his face!”




Suddenly, a young major was stunned when he looked at his face and felt very familiar.




Gradually, his mouth grew bigger and bigger, and eventually, his whole body trembled.




“I remember, I remember!”




“He, he is!”




Then his voice has fainted away, so the marines around him turned their eyes to him.




“Who is he?”




The other team’s major asked loudly.








“Huh! Rogen!”




The Major’s voice was very loud and all the marines around him were stunned.




Rogen? Who is he?




Some marines were confused for a while but then shocked looks appeared on their faces.




“It’s him!”




At this moment, countless information emerged in the minds of many marines.




Rogen, Roger’s younger brother, was mysterious and powerful. He fought the Rear Admiral Dragon in Logan Town, and he was so strong that even Dragon had suffered heavy loss.




Currently his tentatively bounty was 110 million Belly.




Of course, this information was high-level information circulating in the marines, and many marines didn’t even know who was that person.




But this man, without any doubt, means a lot to the Marines!




“Surround him, don’t let him get away now!!!”




Immediately, a major shouted loudly.




“No matter how much it costs, arrest him!”




He made another loud scream, and in this torrential rain, it seemed more majestic and dignified.




At the same time, entering the rainy curtain, the vice admiral Moya came there with a calm expression.




He was followed by five Commodores, and their faces were dignified, looking at the figure above the warship.




“He, is Rogen?”




“The legendary brother of the Pirate King, Dragon was unable to arrest him and he escaped smoothly.”




Moya muttered.




“Admiral Kizaru’s goal of this trip seems to be this fellow, vice admiral Moya, Would you like to inform him?”




Behind him, a Commodore said.




“Notification naturally is what we need to do, though.”




Moya had a smirk on her face. He paused and said again.




“After I have seen his strength, it is not too late to inform.”




The Commodores looked at each other and smiled, they understood what Moya meant. The top officials of the Marines, in addition to the relationship between the wine and rice bowls, basically rely on their strength to fight hard. They climb up from the heap of dead pirates with countless battles of merit.




Such a level, in addition to being a decision maker, they were still strong men.




And they were very interested in the strength of their opponent.




Obviously, Rogen’s strength attracted the attention of the Vice Admiral.




“Let’s go, let me see, how strong he is, the younger brother of the Pirate King.”




Vice Admiral Moya said aloud and the crowd moved forward.




With the emergence of this elite group, the marines tacitly let that open a road, and the scene has changed from the heated atmosphere to become suddenly calm.




“Vice Admiral!”




At the same time, Rogen also saw the marines stationed on the island of Baterilla.




He saw in the other’s waist on both sides of the Vice Admiral, each one with a short sword, a strong body, a majestic face, and between their moves, the justice cloak was flapping behind, their momentum was very powerful.




His face became unsteady and so serious.




He fought and barely won against the Rear Admiral Dragon, but a Vice Admiral, what strength does he have?




Is he his opponent?




Vice Admiral Moya marched forward, passing the calm marines, and then stood in front the warship where Rogen was.




Looking at the scene that had been destroyed into ruins, Vice Admiral Moya’s eyes showed a trace of surprise.




“Are you responsible for this? Rogen! “




Rogen’s eyes flashed, he kept silent, just watching him quietly.




Moya didn’t care either. He stepped up to the warship and then went to the front of Rogen. They were only four or five steps away from each other.




The cloak of justice floating behind him, with the formation of sea breeze, heavy rain, and lightning, the tremor became more intense.




“Tell me what you’re trying to do, Rogen.”




“Suddenly appeared here, and attack us on our base, and even you are not hiding your identity, you put yourself in front of the marines!”




These two sentences made Rogen’s pupils contract.




What a keen intuition!




“What on earth do you want to do?”




In the latter sentence, Moya’s tone suddenly got serious.




That shocked Rogen’s heart. At this moment, he felt that Moya’s eyes were like deep whirlpools, attracting him and forcing him to tell the truth.








Grandmaster’s state of mind, Martial Arts Wizard, Ghost Valley Heart Law, Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū and other methods of spiritual cultivation, at this time, all of them gushed out, they did their role to make him wake up instantly.




“Devil fruit ability!”




Looking at Vice Admiral again, Rogen’s eyes were heavy.




“It’s really interesting to wake up from my ability.”




Moya’s face showed a smile. He ate the Devil Fruit called the Eyes of the Soul! 




This fruit ability is not very strong, but for those who are inferior to him, He can release pressure on their souls through his eyes, forcing them to tell the truth, and even make others yield to obey his orders.




For the strong will, this effect was not great. But for those who are weak, it’s enough to kill them in seconds.




“You, where did you hide her?”




Rogen’s voice suddenly came, and Moya looked at him again.




“So, your purpose is her?”




In his eyes thoughtfully, Moya’s face smiled even more.




“Beat me, and I’ll tell you!”




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