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S.P.P Chapter 72: Here I Am!

« Boom! »
In the sky, there was lightning and thunders, golden lightning was crossing between dark clouds like a dragon roaring and meandering.
Over Baterilla, the sky was changing.
Quietly looking at the marines patrolling back and forth, Rogen stood on the roof and his eyes gradually became sharper.
“Let’s get started!”
The storm is coming!
Once again, he looked deeply at the southern block, and with several jumps, he disappeared.
From the beginning, he planned for this. On this island, the Marine forces were balanced, four blocks, and the strength of each block was not much different. If he wanted to let Rouge and the others left safely and quickly, he must attract as many marines as he can to his position. However, if he wanted to do this, he had to sacrifice something.
There must be a pull of enmity, and it must attract the sight of all the marines.
In seven days, Rogen accomplished this goal with great fighting power. The marines thought that he was a pirate targeting them and wanted to destroy them. So they were very angry, they were preparing to fight him back and catch him.
However, there was no doubt about the result, the marines were getting a punch on the face until they were swollen.
Hidden in the dark, Rogen was moving like the wind, he was powerful. These young marines weren’t his opponents at all.
That day was the day that Rogen will be exposed to the sun to attract the marines of the entire island, in order to create an opportunity for Jason to escape.
There were a lot of marines in this huge sea area, including Baterilla Island. At this juncture, there must be a dazzling character, a person with the highest hatred value in the Marines, appearing there and turning all the marines sights around.
Only in this way, Rouge would have a chance to leave.
After jumping on the roof continuously, he stood near the port where the Marines were stationed.
Looking at the dozen warships moored in the port in front of him, and at the marines who were patrolling below, Rogen’s expression became calm like water.
“That’s where I should start!”
At the next moment, he bent his knees and his whole body suddenly rushed up into the air.
After three seconds, he was 30 meters away from the ground. Five seconds later, he got 100 meters high. Ten seconds more, he has reached 200 meters.
Suddenly the rain poured down, and the golden lightning struck behind Rogen high in the sky.
At that moment, he was standing high in the sky, with one hand on his chest and a solemn face, and looking down with anger.
Then, his head was facing down, stretching one hand, and Rogen started pressing down slowly.
The marines were surprised by the thunder and lightning and the sudden burst of weather.
In this turbulent rainy weather, besides the sound of rain and thunder, the marines at the coastal suddenly heard another strange sound.
“What is that sound?”
That kind of sounds was for something falling from the sky, it was very strange and hard to describe it.
“It seems that there’s something fallen from the sky!”
Some of the Marines lifted their heads, and the rain turned out to be thick lines, which were dropped heavily on the ground. Then, outside the dense rain, they saw a shadow.
“It’s a man!!!”
For a moment, all the Marines who saw the figure in the sky, their eyes shrank.
At this moment, the void began to tremble, and a huge wind pressure formed and pressed toward the ground.
Less than two seconds, the original continuous rain curtain suddenly twisted. The raindrops on the ground, at this moment, seemed to become more fragmented because of the strong pressure, and there was a tendency that because of this pressure, they are forced to bounce up and fly to the sky and become fragmented.
From the sky, a faint voice came, like God whispering.
All the marines heard that majestic voice, they immediately looked up.
The strange air pressure was even heavier and even twisted the air. Some marines overwhelmed to the ground and couldn’t stand up again.
“My God! Wha… What is this?”
The trembling sound came out from the marines, some of them saw in the continuous rain a huge shade of palm appeared from a high altitude, and it was constantly pressing down.
“It’s an enemy attack! ! !”
At this moment, the entire marine realized from where this strange phenomenon came from.
One by one, the marines were crushed by the pressure and fell to the ground, and then, no word could be heard from them.
A sharp alert sound began to spread throughout the port. The marines who had been quietly patrolling heard the sudden signal, and they immediately turned around and their faces changed.
In the air, Rogen’s palm suddenly pushed forward.
The imaginary Buddhist palm formed in the air accelerated and struck the ground.
After a while, a loud sound spread all over Baterilla.
Around the whole harbor, the ground collapsed completely with an area of about 200 meters, and a huge palm print appeared. Just like it was printed on it.
Hundreds of marines, under this palm, got a direct hit and lost their unconscious, including 15 majors, three commanders, and other higher vocational personnel.
From this divine palm, the Marines suffered heavy losses.
In addition to casualties, two warships were directly destroyed by this palm. After that hit, they were sinking to the bottom of the sea.
Inside the base, the vice admiral Moya suddenly stiffen his body, he stood up and looked out the window.
“What is this?!”
What he saw was a devastated landscape along the coast, with countless marines screaming in pain. At the same time, there were other marines who came to help their colleagues.
The scream of pain was incessant.
“An enemy attack!” 
At that moment, the vice admiral Moya reacted, his face was very angry while he was striding outside.
As soon as he stepped out of the office door, and all the troops in Baterilla were also coming to reinforce at a tremendous speed.
At this moment, almost all the marine forces were moved except for the person in charge of this area.
Along the port, the number of marines was increasing. From dozens at the beginning to hundreds now, and it kept increasing.
However, when all the marines arrived at the scene, they didn’t act on their own. Instead, they took their guns and stared nervously at the scene of the accident, the attacker was in a black robe standing on the top of a warship.
He was covering his whole body under the black robe and showing his head slightly so that people couldn’t recognize him.
“Who the hell are you?”
 A major shouted loudly.
Making them lose their prestige, the reason for the Marine shame appeared finally.
Who is he!?
Hearing this question, The guy raised his head slowly.
Then, reflected in the eyes of all the marines, a familiar young face but strange.
“You all have been always looking for me!”
“Now, here I am.”


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