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S.P.P Chapter 71: The Storm Is Coming!

It was the seventh day when Jason and others arrived at Baterilla Island and found Rouge. At the noon of that day, Jason, the little master, and Rouge were eating lunch around a small table.
Suddenly, Jason’s simple expression has changed to extremely serious for an instant.
Rouge was puzzled when she saw the look of the honest man.
“What’s wrong? Jason!”
At the same time, the little master who was drinking milk on his side raised her head and her eyes were serious.
“Puru! Puru! Puru!”
The Den Den Mushi rang. Jason, who was eating a lot with a full mouth, quickly put down his chopsticks and pulled the Den Den Mushi out of his pocket.
For seven days, the quiet Den Den Mushi finally rang.
Quickly picked up, Jason’s voice was heavy.
“Take action!”
Opposite the telephone call, a young voice came, which made Jason breathe a sigh of relief, but also made a big change in his mood too.
Over the past few days, he has seen the changes in the southern block of Baterilla Island. From the moment he arrived there, there was a marine’s patrol almost every ten meters in the southern block. However, that day, the number of marines has dropped sharply. Every day passes, he saw that the marines deployment was getting clear.
Jason knew clearly that this must be caused by Rogen.
In order to make it easier for them to leave, Rogen chose to face the Marines alone.
Jason was very aware of the danger.
“Are you still safe?”
Jason hurriedly asked.
“Huh, I’m fine.”
A laughing voice came from the telephone, followed by other words.
“Everything is alright, please both of you! Take her away from the South Blue. Your Destination!”
“Set it to the North Blue!”
Then, the Den Den Mushi hanged up.
Jason sat there, stunned for a moment, then carefully put the Den Den Mushi in his pocket, and the anxiety on his face has disappeared.
He looked at Rouge with a serious face, pondered for a while, and finally spoke.
“Miss Rouge, here we are.”
“It’s time to go.”
Rouge wasn’t surprised. She smiled and said: “Is it him? Your captain.”
Jason didn’t hide it.
“Alright, I’m listening!”
Rouge nodded
Then, the three of them packed up their belongings. The little master tied a small package around her neck and jumped on Jason’s shoulder.
The door closed, and they started walking along the street.
Mary, the pregnant woman next door, was walking outside the door at that moment. When she saw Jason and Rouge, she was surprised and asked with a smile.
“Rouge, are you taking a walk too?”
“Well, I haven’t been out for a long time, he is bored.”
Rouge’s face showed a kind of love, touching her belly.
“Haha, this time of conceiving a child is very difficult.”
Mary laughed too, and then she looked at Jason in confusion.
“Who is he?”
“This is my brother, he comes here to take care of me during this time.” Rouge looked calm.
Jason smiled awkwardly.
Mary nodded without a doubt.
Later, Rouge said goodbye to Mary, the three of them did not show any panic, then they turned left and circled along the street, after a quarter of an hour, came to a dirt road leading to the southern woods.
“There’s a marine’s group.”
Looking at the forest, a group of marines stationed in the woods, Rouge had a worried look on her face.
The little master pointed to Jason.
The latter nodded and said earnestly: “Leave it to me.”
They had never thought that they could get out of the island so easily, and forcing a breakthrough was one of the most important methods.
Stride forward, Jason walked quickly towards the stationed marines.
When they saw Jason, they immediately said.
“Who are you? It’s forbidden to come here. Go back quickly.”
Although they were shocked by Jason’s strong body, they still warned.
Instead of responding, Jason quickened his pace, only a few strides, he has reached the distance of ten meters ahead of them.
At this time, the marines finally realized what it was.
“Ka! Ka! ka!”
A series of Triggers sounded and all the marines pointed their guns at Jason.
“Stop, go one step further, and we’ll shoot!”
Jason paused.
The marines saw his cooperation, so they breathed a sigh of relief. But in a flash, they suddenly found that the ground shook a bit.
This vibration was so abrupt and heavy.
At the next moment, a huge shade shrouded in front of them.
The big burly man had come to them and stood face to face with them. There was a sharp-eyed marine, he was shocked to see a huge deep pit in the place where the big man was standing, and the nearby ground was blown apart as if a bomb exploded there.
The flustered voice immediately rushed up, but it was too late!
“Fall down!”
Jason screamed loudly and waved his hands violently.
His huge figure and his thick arm moved like bulldozers at this moment.
In an instant, the marines flew uncontrollably before they realized what had happened. After a breath, they hit the ground heavily and lost consciousness.
Every time Jason waved his stout arms, five marines standing in front of him flew away. After he waved his arms six times in a row, all the marines fell to the ground in silence.
The powerful force that hit the marines shocked them and made them unconsciousness.
And the officer who was responsible for them and for protecting the place was killed in the first wave of hits.
After following Rogen, Jason did not start many fights, but every time he did, it was almost a spike.
How strong is he? Perhaps as he said, even him did not know it!
That’s why Rogen was so confident about Jason. Perhaps his strength would be close to a vice admiral or even an admiral, but it was right to give him the rear to break out of the encirclement.
And in the face of battle, it’s up to him.
After solving the marines, Rouge and the little master quickly caught up with Jason, and the three looked back at the rear, then quickly entered the woods and disappeared.
Baterilla Island, the northern Block, on a roof.
The Sea breeze gusted, and a masked figure shrouded in a black robe slowly appeared there.
Looking ahead at the harbor, a group of marines patrolling, the guy in the black robe murmured.
“Man, it’s a bit too much!”
“But, what should I fear?”
“Those, just leave them to me!”
“Jason, little Lord, the rest is up to you two!”
Slowly, the black-robed figure took off the mask, revealing a young and handsome face. Rogen finally took off the mask. 
Suddenly, a strong wind blew, and his black robe began to shake and float.
The clouds were changing, and a dark cloud flew over the island of Baterilla.
Looking down with angry eyes, Rogen’s voice was so deep.
“The wind is blowing, the storm is coming!”
“This wind, come because of me!”
PS: The wind is rising, the clouds are coming, and the big battle will start! Let the fun begin!


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