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S.P.P Chapter 70: Shame!

Who is that mysterious guy? Even with such strength, their captain Lens was a strong guy. Even if there was someone stronger than him, the gap between them was not too big.



However, someone was easily able to defeat Lens and leave in such a short time.




Since they heard the gunshot, they came in place in a minute, they were very accurate and That’s what shocked them.




“That person who defeated Lens and his group, it didn’t take him more than a minute!”




A commander turned around the scene several times, and then his expression was heavy.




“Lens and the killer made only one move, but after that, Lens fell to the ground.”




Another officer said.




“There is no trace of blood on the ground of that person, but there’s a clear cut on the wall opposite Lens, which was caused by Rankyaku.”




“In other words, the mysterious guy was not hurt at all.”




“He is a sword user, a fast and powerful one.”




The marine, who bent over and observed the soldiers’ cuts, said.




In a few sentences, the officer has already restored the scene, demonstrating their professional level.




After that, the Marines cleared up the scene and left quickly to report to their superiors.




In the marine base, the Rear admiral was angrier, also the Lieutenant.




“Do you mean that a strong pirate sneaked to Baterilla Island? And retaliating against us?”




Vice admiral Moya raised his eyebrows and asked.




“Yes, vice admiral Moya!”




The Lieutenant took a deep breath and said.




“Officers, it’s just one pirate, couldn’t you solve it?”




Moya knocked on the table and glanced at the majors in the office.




The majors looked at each other for a few seconds and then bowed their heads in silence.




Looking at the silent marines, Moya shook his head helplessly.




“You make me doubt the quality of the marines’ students.”




When they heard this, all the majors gritted their teeth and they couldn’t utter a word.




“That mysterious guy is really strong!”




A major could not help defending them.




Moya’s eyes narrowed, and then he leaned forward and said.




“You know what! Major!”




The major looked up at Moya with no fear.




“Maybe you just got out of school, and you don’t know how the marines work!”




Moya was angry at the moment, and the major seemed to be extremely oppressed at the moment.




In fact, he seemed to be afraid, and even worse, he had a fear of the vice admiral in front of him.




“Well, I’ll tell you, and I’ll tell you all!”




His voice sounded like thunder, and the Major could no longer resist the pressure on his soul. Instead, he let out a “bang” and sat down on the ground, breathing heavily and looking pale.




“The Marines, all we ever want is results!”




The voice of the vice admiral got louder.




“And you, this time, the result of your first mission is nothing, your result is nothing!”












These words made all the young officers have a flash on their eyes, and became under a huge pressure.




“Maybe the other side is really strong!” Moya spoke again with a mocking smile on his face. “To be able to kill our people under the eyes of your elite marine officers and leave safely.”




“Of course he is strong!”




The majors bowed their heads, and their eyes were full of shame, the shame of failure was printed on them.




“Now, I’m too busy to argue with your recruits.”




“At this moment, immediately, rearrange your minds and get the hell out of here!”




“Look me in the eyes! Take good care of your injured friends and the bodies!”




“No matter from where you get the information, give me the identity of that guy as soon as possible and find him!”




Moya looked at everyone in front of him coldly and then said again.




“The marines are very busy, and I don’t have time to accompany your children and play any simulation training game.”




After he said that, Moya finally glanced at the colonel and then he got up and left.




The colonel touched his head and smiled awkwardly. Later, he turned his eyes to the new recruits.




“Now, I think you, you should know how to do it.”




The eyes of the younger generation at this moment were full of fighting spirit, anger, also the shame that was hurting deep in the bottom of their hearts.




Seeing such look, the Colonel smiled with satisfaction. Just last night, he saw these guys and they came back with fear in their eyes.




How can this be?




Soldiers, the future of all the marines, how could they be frightened by a pirate?




“That guy! I won’t let him go!”




“Damn! Lens should be awake now, I going to get useful news from him, that guy, I will catch him!”




“It’s a shame that should be washed away, the Marines never get defeated!”




A loud and powerful voice came out, which made the colonel’s face smile.




As a result, all the majors got up with great enthusiasm and in high spirits. They continued to carry out their tasks. Quietly, the Marines’ forces started their moves in the northern block on a large scale.




In a remote corner, the masked man was hidden in the dark, the fast pace of the marines made a faint smile on his face.




However, after a moment, he tightened his expression and muttered.




“Not enough, not enough.”




On the third day, the Marine strengthened its forces and spent a quiet day.




It was already one night and there was no attack against the marines, but they were so afraid that the attacker had escaped.




If he disappeared, then how they would wash this shame?




On the 4th day, the guy appeared again. But this time he happened during the daytime.




Bright and straight, shrouded in black robes, hidden under a mask, one person and one sword.




Then, he swept two teams of elite marines, and he still drifted away.




However, the marines weren’t afraid, they began to be bloody. Facts have proved that the guy did not escape. He had the delusion of facing the rigid marines and fighting them to the end.




After that, the 5th day.




The mysterious man reappeared, and three teams were beaten, and the marine’s casualties were heavy and he left again




On the 6th day also, the man appeared again.




Five teams of the Marines met him in the narrow lanes. They attacked him in anger.




Three minutes later, the masked man left the place safely, leaving a lake of blood behind him, the marines were seriously injured.




On the 7th day, the Marines deployed more troops to the northern block.




But on that day, Jason, who was protecting Rouge, suddenly shuddered.


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