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S.P.P Chapter 69: Panic!

The night quietly disappeared, the Marines patrolled overnight, but they didn’t find anything, there wasn’t any trace of who attacked them.



It was like someone suddenly appeared to attack him and disappeared.




Marine base, in the office.




The colonel was very serious, he was sitting in a chair and looking at the young men in front of him.




“Please, we can’t lose anymore!”




“Understand sir!”




All the young men raised their hands and shouted loudly.




These guys were all new students of the marine headquarters. They came here to practice with this base as they approach graduation. Their shoulders were also hung with lieutenant’s epaulets.




To put it simply, these students of 17 and 18 years old, were high-ranking children. They were the next generation of the sea. Their parents were basically officers and commanders of the marine headquarters. Under such circumstances, they have received the best marine education since birth, also their fighting skills were unusual, and they were only missing some experience.




However, the lack of experience doesn’t mean that these young Marines were not smart. Compared to marine officers, they were better than them.




After they came to this island, they were left idle, to let them see the complexity of the outside world. Then, they made them practice and use what they have learned from books in class.




But this time, the superiors decided to use them.




“Go down to the field, do your best make things better!”




 The colonel waved.




Nearly 40 of them saluted again and retreated.




After that, the officers left. In the above deployment, every officer left a group of 10 or 15 marines to patrol the island.




In that day, the entire island could feel the atmosphere of the marines alert. Even the villagers kept quite while they were outside.




The night came again, and the marines were more vigilant.




From 7 o’clock until 8 o’clock at night, the island of Baterilla was calm.




All the officers were serious, they followed their subordinates and patrolled every street. None of them has relaxed.




These high-ranking students, each one of them has good strength, if they were placed with pirates, then their average reward would be definitely around 50 million.




They were a huge force sent to that island, it can be said that the Marines have paid attention to a considerable degree for the inexplicable sneak attacker.




Another hour passed and they didn’t discover any trace.




From the sudden attack of yesterday to the present, as if the murderer became afraid.




“Continue to be vigilant, that guy is very strong!”




The colonel issued an order, and the marines still stick to their tasks.




Until about 10 o’clock, a team of the marines passed through a dark alley in the northern block of Baterilla Island.








Suddenly, a slight sound came out.




The officer immediately turned his face, and all the group under him raised their rifles and aimed in the dark alley.




“Who is it?”




The officer shouted loudly, but he didn’t go forward, he just held his weapon. He wanted to quickly inform his colleagues that what the Marines were teaching them, not individualism, but teamwork.




At this moment, a shadow appeared at the entrance.




The stranger was covered in a black robe with a strange mask. At first glance, a faint light in the lane sprinkled on the person, and it let his whole body emit a terrible mysterious atmosphere.




“Who are you?”




The officer asked loudly, and the group behind him raised their weapons nervously and clasped their fingers firmly on the trigger.




“Who am I?”




A voice under the mask came out, it was a young voice, which made the officer stunned.




“Aren’t you looking for me?”




After this sentence, the officer became angry and waved his hand.




“Shot him!”




Soldiers immediately pulled the trigger at almost the same time.




“Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang bang!”




A series of gunshots came from the night. At this moment, the group of the marine that was patrolling nearby was stunned, and their facial’s expression has changed.




“Hurry up, there’s something!”




“In our neighborhood, Hurry up!”




“Finally, I found him!”




In the dark laneway, the marine’s eyes suddenly shrank. He ordered the shooting at the first time, and his group followed his orders.




However, the shadow was gone.




“You are too slow!”




Until then, a voice came out, which did not contain any feelings.




The officer shivered and he slowly turned, then his eyes began to contract and expand.








The gun in the marine’s hands suddenly broke into two pieces at that moment. At the same time, a bright red blood mark appeared on their necks.




And in a second, every one of them fell softly on the ground.








The heart of the officer was beating hard, and his mind was in a rare state of fear.




“The coming Marines, if they are all weak and powerless like your group, I’m afraid that they will die like this!”




Under the mask, the voice of indifference came out, which plunged the officer into a nervous state of mind, and a trace of anger emerged again.




“Damn you!”




The officer whimpered and…








Suddenly, the figure has disappeared.




But at this time, the shadow’s hand has been firmly on his waist.




Suddenly, the two dark shadows approached in the dark tunnel at a very fast speed.












A sharp compressed air blade, the two figures passed by quickly and then stood.




There was a touch of shock and fear on the officer’s face. At the same time, on his left chest, a sharp red spot appeared which expanded quickly and strained the marine’s uniform.




“Is this blood?”




“He got hurt!”




The next second, the officer fell softly on the ground and his expression didn’t change at all.




Fast, very fast, he has never seen such a fast swordsmanship.




One hit put him down, with the mask of the dark shadow, glanced at him indifferently, and then walked away slowly. 




After a while, the rest of the Marines came.




When they saw the scene on the ground, all the marines were shocked.




“It’s only a minute from when we heard the sound of the guns.”




“But, how?! They all have been hit hard!”




The officer on the ground did not die, after all, he was different from the others casual marines. At the most dangerous, he lost some blood, and his body has damaged a little bit.




He was lucky that the group came and saved him.




“That guy! Where the hell is he!”




The officers looked at each other, there was a hint of fear among their soldiers.



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