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S.P.P Chapter 68: Want To Fight?

“Who’s knocking?”



The soft female voice came out quickly, she wanted to know who was outside the door before she opened it.




But Jason didn’t respond, he was calm at the moment and kept knocking the door.




“Dom! Dom! Dom!”




There was no sound behind the door and after 5 seconds.




“I came for the cat!”




Jason’s answered with a calm voice.




After that, she quickly opened the door.




“Who are you?”




Rouge looked at the burly mask man in front of her, with a doubtful look.




“Hello! You can call me Jason!”




Jason took off the mask and smiled.




“Meow! Meow! Meow!”




The little master waved her paws while she was standing on Rouge’s shoulder and looked arrogant as if she was telling him about how smart she was.




“Yeah, yeah, you are so clever, you found her so quickly.” Jason’s was helpless, when he understood what the little master wanted to say.




After a while, the little kitten gestured towards Rouge, as if he wanted to explain something.




Rouge nodded, and then she pulled Jason into the house and closed the door.




The house was very simple, it contains a bed, a table, a chair, a wardrobe, a table and a few pots of flower, nothing else.




Rouge was sitting on the bed, and then she apologetically said. 




”The room is small. I’m sorry you may not be able to sit comfortably.”




Sitting awkwardly in a small chair, Jason waved his hand and said:” I’m too big, it’s my fault, Hehe!”




The two kept looking at each other and didn’t speak for minutes.




“Your name is Jason?” After a while, Rouge asked hesitantly




“Yes, Jason Statham!” He answered honestly.




“I don’t know you!” Rouge wondered and then she paused and stared at Jason again, ”Do you know Roger?”








Jason glanced and shook his head.




“I don’t know Roger, my captain asked me to help you.”




“Your captain!”




Rouge was curious.




But, Jason didn’t explain.




“Before we leave this island, I’m responsible to protect you, oh yeah, and this little cat too!”




And then he pointed to the cat and said.




“Little master, her mane is the little master!”




“Excuse me, but are there only two of you?!”




Rouge hesitated before asking.




“Well, of course not!”




He shook his head and said again, “You should count the captain too. It’s the three of us!”




Rouge breathed a sigh of relief, if there were only one person and a cat, then the chance of escaping would be small.




“Is it convenient to tell me your captain’s identity?”




After a while of silence, she asked again.




She could see that this man and the cat weren’t malicious. Even she has a keen sense of that. She also saw that this man in front of her was very strong. And his respect to her made her curious.




Who was that person who knew about her and came to save her?








After A little hesitation, Jason said.




“The captain didn’t say whether we should tell you his identity or not. So I can answer this question. His name is…”




“Gol. “








After hearing that name, Rouge was stunned.








Quietly repeating that name, Rouge’s face burst out with a beautiful smile.




“It turned out to be him!?”




“Well, I am listening to you.”




Coming straight to the point without hesitation, Rouge made this decision.




She had heard that name before, her husband once told her about him.




“Rouge, I have a younger brother, his name is Rogen. If you meet him one day, you will recognize him at first sight!”




“Because, he looks like me a lot!”




“However, that kid is much more handsome than me, hahaha!”




She heard that name before, it was the brother of her husband who came to save her.








She muttered his name, she didn’t expect to meet the younger brother of her husband in her life.




Even in the heavy siege of the marines, her son could still come to this world and walks in front of her. It seems that his uncle was an unusual person.




Outside the door of Rouge’s house, in a corner, a figure hidden under a black robe was relieved.




“With Jason, they will be safe!”




Slowly taking off the mask, Rogen‘s eyes sharpened.




“The next step, It’s my turn to do it.!” 




His mission was different than his crew, Jason and the little master task was to stay close to Rouge and protect her, and his own task was to attract the attention of the marines and to create opportunities for them to escape.




All the marines, including soldiers, officers, also Vice Admiral, and even admirals!




This time, the general he would face has been figured out.




“Borsalino, is it Kizaru?”




Rogen’s heart felt heavy and he was serious at the moment.




If there were three admirals at that time, there was no doubt that Kizaru was the last one that Rogen wanted to fight.




When he was 30, he took the position of an Admiral. Kizaru was at his peak at that time. Compared to Rogen who started his plot when he became 20 years-old, Kizaru was undoubtedly more powerful at this time.




Maybe less experienced, but that sharp kid with his unimaginable energy, he would become the stronger by time.




Also, that Admiral was a devil fruit user “Pika Pika no Mi”. Its ability allows him to create, control, and transform into the light at will, which made Rogen feel the difficulty of what he was up to do.




He, however, has no Haki to restrain the abilities of that Logia Fruit.








“I hope that the 500 million Belly in the system balance can summon me a powerful soul.”




Rogen’s heart became heavy, and then he turned around and left.




Now, after he determined the safety of Rouge, all he has to do was pulling the attention of the marine to him.




The day passed quickly, and in a twinkling of an eye, the night has come.




The moon was bright in the first quarter, sending layers of silver frost on the ground.




A team of marines patrolled back and forth the island. The troops stationed in the marine continued to shift. Almost guaranteed that the Island was like an iron barrel.




Suddenly, a scream ripped open the night sky and caught the attention of all the marines.




“It’s from the north, near the warship port!”




“Hurry up, someone is attacking!”




In an instant, the Marines became nervous, and a lot of them headed toward the north streets where the warship port was located.




However, when the first group of the marines arrived at the site of the incident, they only saw dead bodies.




A patrol group of the marines, all dead, leaving the ground stained with blood.




“These soldiers were killed with a sword, they all died with just one cut and it is a sharp and clean cut!”




“What a strong swordsmanship!”




The captain came to the port, and he looked at the dead bodies on the ground.




“Such cut, it’s familiar, it’s the same as the last time!”




“He’s here again!”




The captain ordered the soldiers to clean the ground and bury the dead comrades.




“To all the marine division in Baterilla, and all strengthen forces in the northern block, that guy is here for revenge!”




“He wants to fight us!”




“Well, let’s see how strong he is!”




Keen intuition, made the captain determine that fellow, would inevitably attack this northern block.

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