One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 91: Ice Sculpture!

The fierce projectile was crushed by Jason’s punch in an instant.

Closely followed, his huge stature seemed like a small moving tower, roaring forward.

There was a horrible power fluctuation on his whole body, and with a roar, Jason’s fist was again swung.


This time, with the fist waving, the sound of an explosion came from the void, which was the sound of air being directly exploded.

Kuzan’s pupils contracted and even saw the ripples in the air ahead, which were generated by this powerful force, spreading outward in circles.


He also got angry and gave up using the power of his Devil Fruit, and fought with his own strength.

“Strength increases 20 times!”

With a low roar, Jason’s fist burst out like a shell.


The punch struck Kuzan firmly on both arms, causing him to tremble fiercely, and then his figure was actually swept back by the powerful force.

On the wooden deck, two long traces appeared directly.


After three seconds, Kuzan, who slowed down slightly, changed his face, and his whole body suddenly collapsed into ice debris.

Complete defeat!

The Rear Admiral, who has the Logia fruit capable of having the potential of the Admirals, ended up in a complete defeat in the face of the confrontation with Jason’s two or three attacks.

Whether it was ability or physical strength, in the face of this burly unidentified guy, Kuzan’s attacks or body ends in crushing.

This incredible result immediately made Kuzan’s pupils shrink.

The next moment, between the ice debris, his figure condensed again.

“Ice Saber!”

Slowly, in a low voice, revealing the face of the ice, a sword made of ice appeared in his right hand.

“I admire your strength very much.”

“I didn’t expect that there would be such a strong man as you in an ordinary wooden boat.”

“It really surprises me!”

There was some dignity in Kuzan’s voice.

“I am the person using the Logia abilities of the ice-ice fruit. Everything I touch will turn into ice in an instant!”

“Be careful!”

As a slight reminder, Kuzan moved on step by step.

Jason’s power goes far beyond him, and it doesn’t make him fearful.

His special performance is not a fight between pure close-up powers, that’s his Devil Fruit!

In a flash, a little bit of ice dots reflected the colorful light of the sunlight, particularly beautiful.


At this time, the little master screamed.

“Strength increases a hundred times!”

Jason’s face became more savage, and the violent power was so fierce that it affected the air around him. The deck beneath his feet sank down.

His innermost instinct could feel the strength of the fellow in front of him, so he will not be merciless and fight as hard as he can.


With a loud roar, Jason slammed his fist and hit it toward the rear.

At the same time, his waist was hard, twisted, and the whole body was moving fast.


Behind him, the air raged and ran irregularly, making a sharp sound.

The airflow was changing rapidly, this void, because Jason’s violent power has changed dramatically!

Kuzan’s face was more serious, and he found that the strength of the man in front of him far exceeded his expectations.

He has fought many enemies and seen all kinds of enemies. But this was his first time to come across with such a purely strong guy.

Yes, this guy is very pure!

He has no moves, all he has is the power of horror to despair.

He has only physical strength, but this power was enough to push him to a high peak.

When you reach the realm of Jason, you don’t even need any tricks. Any punch of Jason contains terrible potential energy, kinetic energy, and could break everything.


The air was suddenly tightened and then exploded.

Kuzan used Soru to go close to Jason’s back and was directly shattered by this fist.

His body was shattering, but the power of this punch has not yet ended.

His chest, abdomen, legs, middle and lower parts, everything was crushing.

But at this moment, Kuzan just marveled at Jason’s increased strength again, and his right hand, which was still intact, suddenly extended out.


His right hand holding the ice saber just came to Jason’s eyes in an instant, causing the latter’s pupils to shrink.   


He worthy of being an outstanding marines’ seed, and Kuzan’s experience was crisp.

Jason stepped back and avoided the ice saber by a millimeter. Only the tip of the blade did wipe Jason’s body.

“I got you!”

Kuzan’s expression was cold, and his tone was light.

Visible to the naked eye, Jason’s clothes had a terrible low temperature on its corner, but in an instant, the low temperature spread quickly and reached his entire abdomen and chest.

“Is this!”

Jason stepped back and looked shocked.

But the cold ice has not stopped spreading.

Kuzan stepped forward, and as he stepped forward, there was frost on the deck, and the temperature of the whole wooden ship dropped suddenly.

“Ka-Tik! TIk!”

Jason stepped three steps back, in which time the ice had spread to his neck.


After another step back, the ice had covered all Jason.

Jason, who was nearly 2.5 meters tall, was completely frozen after being touched by Kuzan’s saber in a few seconds.

“Very strong guy!”

With a sigh, Kuzan stepped over and stood next to Jason.

“It’s just that you are a little bit weaker.”

After fighting for such a short time, he naturally saw that the other side was a pure power user. As for Haki, it will not be used.

Even without using Haki, it has almost decided the outcome of this battle.

Any non-Haki user, or someone who does not have the ability to restrain the Logia power, facing the Logia users, he will be inherently suppressed.

“So, cute kitten, can you tell me where that woman is?”

Step by step, Kuzan slowly squatted down in front of the little master.

Behind him, an ice-blue sculpture, shining in the sunshine, was beautiful and charming.

Looking at this slightly dull blackface, the hair on the little master’s body was blown up.

Fear swept through her heart. How powerful Jason is, she naturally knew, but such a strong fellow, facing this person, did not even survive a minute.


Just then, the door of the bedroom on the wooden boat opened.

Kuzan’s body trembled, and his eyes became deep.

“So, she is here?”

Slowly, he turned his head and looked at the door.