One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 92: Memorial!

The door opened, and a woman’s figure slowly came out.

When she saw the frozen Jason and the frightened little master, she didn’t have much fear and no surprise on her face.

“Have you find her!?”

Rouge muttered while she was looking at Kuzan.

“I’ll go with you, don’t hurt them!”

Her voice was very soft, and the power contained in it made Kuzan’s eyes condensed.

After a careful look at Rouge, Kuzan’s head nodded a bit. This woman wasn’t shocked, even when she was in danger, the first thing she thought about wasn’t herself, but the person who was protecting her.

“Pregnant woman, escaping from the marine’s surveillance, you are very suspicious!”

With a smile in his eyes, Kuzan stood up and walked toward Rouge.

He did not make any dangerous moves, but his own powerful force was an invisible deterrent.

After three steps, Kuzan’s footsteps suddenly stopped, and his face became very serious.

His gaze suddenly rose.

“Chi! Chi! Chi!”

A blazing flame swept from the sky and went straight toward him.

His pupils shrank when he saw the flames, Kuzan immediately jumped and retreated toward the back.

Just a leap, Kuzan stood on the edge of the wooden boat.

The flame rushed down, and as it approached the deck, it turned sharply, crossing in a U-shaped arc and rushed toward Kuzan again.

His expression became serious. Instead of choosing to be elements, Kuzan’s figure flashed and escaped the flame once again.

Until then, Kuzan, who stood slowly on the edge of the ship, looked up to see the figure in the air.

“You are?”

With doubts, Kuzan looked up at the strange figure holding a long sword.

The young figure, which was standing quietly in the air, looked serious and indifferent and looked down at him lightly.

What made Kuzan’s heart shocked was that the person who came was able to stand in the air.

“Get out of here!”

“Otherwise, I don’t mind burning you!”

The indifference voice came out, and the person looked on the other side. After seeing the frozen Jason, his pupil narrowed slightly.

At this time, the sound of the cracking ice suddenly came out.

Kuzan’s eyes trembled and he turned his sight.

On the deck, Jason who was frozen into an ice sculpture suddenly collapsed and burst open.

“Oh, Cold! Cold! Cold!”

Jason shouted, and his whole body was shivering.

And then, he stared at Kuzan.

“Hey marine, our battle isn’t over yet!”

“This time, I’ll show you no mercy!”

Jason’s voice was still shaking, and the cold almost made him ill.

Kuzan was stunned, he looked at Jason and at the strange man in the air.

“Ah, Captain! You are back!”

At this moment, Jason laughed.


The man standing in the air nodded, and in a moment, his body flashed and came to Jason.

This time, the two stood beside each other and kept looking at Kuzan.

“Oh! He called you captain, so you are Rogen!?”

Kuzan finally realized it.

He isn’t a fool. He usually is just too lazy to use his mind. At this time, he didn’t understand what just he saw.

“I’ve heard that Admiral Kizaru is chasing you!”

Kuzan’s eyes condensed and asked curiously.

“Kizaru! Perhaps you should go and see him!”

Rogen smiled.

In a shock, Kuzan stared at Rogen. Kizaru went after this kid, with his strength, it was impossible to escape from him.


Unless this kid was stronger than Kizaru!

However, how is that possible?

“I’ll give you three seconds, and you have to decide whether you leave the ship or stay and have the same fate of Kizaru!”

Rogen’s words were fierce.

The sparks of fire ignited from the blade of his Zanpakutō and made a “Tsetse” sound.

Carefully looked at the two people in front of him, Kuzan was a little hesitant and then relaxed.

“Tell me your name, big guy!”

He said this to Jason.

I’m afraid there are not many people in the world who can stand up to his strength and break free of his ice.

“My name is Jason Statham!”

Jason was loud.

Jason has a straightforward character, honest and acts directly just like the way of his attacks, simply and domineering.

“You are very strong!”

With a low voice, Kuzan jumped slightly into the sea.

He actually chose to retire.

Two versus one, the first was so powerful and was able to break out from his elements captured by a horrible force, and the second has an unknown power, but Kizaru was sure that Rogen wasn’t weaker than him. Kuzan was a troublesome person, directly chose to give up.

This was consistent with his character, but also a wise choice.

What’s more, Kizaru was commissioned by the stubborn old man.

“Garp-Sensei, maybe, you can rest assured.”

Step by step on the sea, Kuzan whispered.

Looking at Kuzan’s departure from afar, Rogen squinted and then turned around.

“Jason, set sail, let’s leave this place!”

Jason rubbed his body and kept shaking, but after hearing this sentence, he shouted loudly.

“Ok, Captain!”

The Dragon Root set sail again.

On the deck, Rogen slowly walked towards the woman with a soft face.


With a smile, Rogen whispered.

“Are you Rogen?”

Rouge asked with a beautiful smile.   

“It’s me!” Rogen nodded.

“Sure enough, what Roger said is correct, you could be recognized at a glance.” Rouge smiled “You look just like him.”

“But I’m much more handsome than him.”

Rogen’s mouth curled up.

“Even the character, your brothers are very close.”

Rouge shook her head helplessly.

“Is he alright?”

Suddenly, Rogen looked at Rouge’s belly, where the tenacious life was bred.

“Very well, I can feel that he is kicking me!” Rouge smiled and touched her belly. Then she looked at Rogen and said. “Thank you, Rogen!”

“You helped us a lot and kept us safe, thank you!”

Rogen’s eyes were complicated, and he whispered.

“It’s God’s will to rescue you!”

His sword was still on fire, and Rogen once again looked at Rouge’s belly.

“What is his name?”


Rouge looked down at her stomach and affirmed.

“It’s providence!”

Looking at the vast sea, Rogen muttered.

“Meeting you with the flame, bring it to you, bring you hope!”

“Does this please you?”

Walking gently to the center of the ship, Rogen inserted the blade into the deck.

Then, he brought a huge Sake jar and slammed it into the floor, while he made Jason look at it.


The flame rose from the katana, but it didn’t burn the deck.

“Rest in peace!”

“Old brother!”

A bowl of wine fell, spilled on the deck, and dripped into the sea. Take the flame as a sacrifice and Take the bowl of wine as a foundation!

This was a memorial to that person!

Unconsciously, Rogen had tears on his face, but he was still smiling.