One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 93: Fleet!

The flame was bursting on the Zanpakutō, and the high temperature made the air twist slightly.

Rogen picked up the half-man-high Sake jar, and then put it on his mouth, with a sharp look to the sky.

“Guang, Guang, Guang!”

The pungent feeling filled the throat, the Sake keeps falling down, but Rogen’s eyes were more and more sober.

The Dragon Root was sailing fast, and under Jason’s control, its speed had soared to the limit.

Half an hour later, Rogen stood up. The tall Sake jar, when he went and grasped the Zanpakutō in his hand, made a squeaked sound, but no liquor flowed out.

Unconsciously, he had already finished drinking the whole jar of Sake.

“Are you alright, captain?”

Jason scratched his head and asked when he saw Rogen coming.

“I’m all right.”

Rogen nodded and looked forward.

“Don’t lower your guard. There was no marine on the way now, but when they get here, you don’t have to.”

The Dragon Root sailed for about six hours, and most of the marines were attracted by Rogen, so the area where he is located now, was a blank spot of the marines.


Jason gave a low cry and looked much more serious.

Rogen was walking towards Rouge with a faint smile on his face.

“Sister-in-law, go in and take a good rest, leave everything to me!”

His voice was plain, but he was full of endless self-confidence.

The sea is boundless, as long as they got away from the closed circle under the Marines’ siege, then they will be relieved in the vast sea.

Then, there won’t be any other problem!

“This speed is still a bit slow!”

Stepped up and walked to the stern position, Rogen frowned and whispered.

In the rear of the Dragon Root, no marines’ pursuers were seen, only the ripple marks left by his boats crossing the sea.

But Rogen’s heart still has a hidden uneasiness, the time of attachment is limited. Despite his strength now, there is only less than half an hour left.

If the marines catch up, then the results won’t be the same.

“We must speed up!”

“As long as we go out of the Sea area, we will be safer.”

Looking at the calm sea behind, Rogen slowly pulled out the flaming blade from his waist.

“Chi! Chi! Chi!”

A little spark of fire ignited, and in the twinkling of an eye, the whole blade of the Zanpakutō was on fire.

“With the help of the counter-impact force of the flame, that will speed up the Dragon Root!”

His eyes narrowed, and Rogen suddenly pulled out his katana and swung the fire towards the rear.

“Weng! Weng! Weng!”

Instantly, the sprawling flames seemed like a shell shot straight out.

“Jason, little master, Rouge, hold on to the boat, we!”

There was a slight smile on his face, and then he paused.



In an instant, the flames burst into the sea, the entire tail of the Dragon Root trembled, followed by the middle. Finally, the whole boat buzzed and trembled, and a powerful force was generated in an instant. Then, the Dragon Root flared up.

It roared, roared, and turned into a long arrow that was thrown from a bow, It went so straight, and it shot out at high speed.

The canvas had already bulged high in the strong wind generated by this impact, and even the mast was slightly distorted.

Quickly, the Dragon Root seemed to turn into a streamer at this moment and sprinted unscrupulously on the sea.

Along the way, the power of the flame was almost endless, and a lot of white fog was produced. The sea was continually boiling, and the ship’s tail seemed to be on fire.

In just five minutes, Jason and others had seen dozens of warships sailing side by side in a dense fleet.

Suddenly, the eyes of all the people on board were serious.

They thought that the marines must have laid heavy troops on the edge of this sea area, but such forces still made them a little shocked.

Although these dozens of warships were small vessels, their number was very unusual. That was almost a third of the ship used in the Buster Call attack.

“Captain! Marines! “

Jason shouted, and his expression was a little nervous.

His strength was good, his attack power was superb, but in the face of such a huge fleet, it won’t be the same.

Rogen, standing at the stern of the boat, heard the voice and slowly retracted his Zanpakutō and his eyes became fierce.

“Go ahead and leave them to me!”

A faint voice came into Jason’s ear, but Luo Chen’s figure had already passed him and stood at the bow of the boat.

“Is this the final part?”

Once a ship starts sailing in the sea, it is difficult to find it. Then, as long as they sail past these fleets, this plan will be a perfect success!

“There’s still a short period of time. That’s enough!”

Muttering, Rogen stood at the bow of the boat, holding the Zanpakutō in his hand.

A black robe, he was wearing a leather coat, at this moment, there seems to be a kind of overwhelming hegemony.

Four thousand and five hundred meters away, on one of the dozens of warships at the center of the fleet.

A colonel’s face was sweaty, and he looked nervously at the Den Den Mushi in his hand.

“It’s vice-admiral Noah. I’m listening!”

Just when he found the fast-sailing wooden boat, which nearly split the sea in half, the colonel had called the Marines Headquarters, and it was vice admiral Noah who answered the call.

The news has already spread, saying that the guy on the wooden boat was able to fight the admiral and escaped from the impenetrable encirclement around the island of Baterilla.

He’s not a fool. Naturally, he knows what it means.

“These guys have terrible strength!”

When he heard the news, the colonel trembled, and then he called the headquarters.

He did not want to rush up and command the marines to intercept the other side, let alone to reap any credit.

At this moment, he heard this voice from the Den Den Mushi, and his heart was inexplicably relieved.

“Great, it’s through. I don’t need to carry the pot at last.”

The colonel had no confidence in stopping the other side. Once the other side fled, the pot would surely be his.

The colonel was unwilling to do silly things and been blames for.

Even if it had a one percent chance, he was reluctant to try.

“Listen to my command, get ready to fire!”

In the Den Den Mushi, Noah’s majestic voice came out again.

“Yes, sir!”

With a loud cry, the Colonel immediately ordered the ships to be ready.

At this moment, nearly twenty warships’ hulls rumbled, and Black cannons were quickly protruding from the shell, and then turned their muzzles, all aimed at the Dragon Root.

“No.1 warship is in place!”

“No.4 is in place!”

“No.5 is ready!”

A series of loud shouts came, and the colonel was relieved.