One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 94: Reduce All Creation to Ash!

« Captain, they started! »

Jason’s face changed when there was an unknown number of muzzles pointed at them.

The Dragon Root was the target of all the cannons, their fate was clear inevitably.

Suddenly, the atmosphere became severe and cold, cloudy air seemed to sweep behind everyone on board.

At this moment, Rouge walked out of the bedroom and looked at the distant fleet of warships, she immediately became very serious.

On the sea, it is not people but ships that are dangerous in many cases.

Most of One piece’s world is sea water, and the ships were the only useful way to travel between islands.

The ship was made to carry people on the sea, if it damaged or sank, the danger you face above the sea will be unimaginable.

Initially, the calm sea will become your greatest enemy.

“Don’t worry, keep sailing! Jason! “

Rogen’s voice was still calm.

With his back to the crew, his coat was shaking in the sea breeze, and a hot red airflow wrapped his whole body at that moment, It made him look as if his entire body was shining red.

“Leave them to me!”

Jason nodded heavily, he clenched the rudder with both hands, looked at the dense warships ahead, and kept moving forward.

At that moment, Rouge and the little master became nervous.

Only Rogen, his face was indifferent, and his eyes became deep.

“Enough time!”

“Enough power!”

He muttered a few words, and his voice became fierce. Also, his right hand clenched the Zanpakutō on his waist.

When the system gave him Yamamoto at random, Rogen was relieved.

The randomness of the system was very large, which he already knew for a long time, after all, it was higher than spending double the price to make a specific category call.

He tried this when he practiced swordsmanship.

In the same price range, among the souls of the same rank, such characteristics were more visible.

For example, he could randomly summon with 10,000 Berries, which the soul would be from the red category. It is possible, then, that he will summon ten thousand or twenty thousand values of possessed souls, but at the same time, he may summon the strongest soul of 90,000 souls.

This time, he spent 500 million Berries so the summoned soul would come to between 100 million and 900 million Berries.

The randomness is great. Of course, the more money, the more the summoned soul, will be more in line with the price paid. For example, if he calls for 500 million Berries soul, the possibility of summoning 500 million souls or more will be relatively greater.

But it is not impossible to summon a hundred million soul.

So, this time, Rogen said that this was God’s will.

According to this estimation, the Old man Yamamoto was at the top level in Shinigami’s world, such status was similar to the whitebeard in One Piece world. How can he be called by less than 900 million people? Or even a billion?

Knocked out such a strong Admiral in this short period, it can be said that he was so lucky when the system gave him such a powerful soul.

There is no doubt that if Captain Yamamoto was exerting all his strength, it would definitely be the same as the power of the four emperors!

Looking at the Manga, the white beard when he fought the admirals, he was like adult bullying children, and now, Yamamoto appeared, then this plan has been more than half successful.

The only thing to worry about was time!

But when the Dragon Root sailed already, this problem has been solved.

This plan, we can say, has been successful!

Among the sea, the distance between them and the marine’s warships was getting closer and closer.

Rogen held his Zanpakutō in his right hand, and the flames were burning fiercely, and his eyes were getting more and more dangerous.

In the middle warship, the captain was very nervous. He took his Den Den Mushi and said.

“Vice Admiral Noah, the distance between Rogen and us is two kilometers!”

“Keep waiting!”

Noah’s voice was steady.

“1.5 kilometers!”


Compared to the calm voice of Noah, the captain was very nervous.

“Noah-Sama, it’s 1 kilometer!”

Seeing the wooden boat getting closer and closer, there was a hint of dread came to the captain’s heart.

Because he clearly saw the face of the young man in the black robe on the bow.

“It’s…. It’s Rogen!”

His heart trembled and his whole body was shaking.

Who is Rogen? Maybe others didn’t know about him, but he already knows what Rogen could do!

The younger brother of the pirate king, Roger, as soon as he thought of that kid, the captain couldn’t hide his fear.

In the era when the influence of the Pirate King has not yet experienced plummeted, it is legendary to have a slight connection with Roger.

How could the Colonel not be shocked and frightened when a living legend appeared before him?

“Literally, we are f*cked! The marines are really arresting him!”

“The Admirals couldn’t deal with him!”

Just thinking about this fact, the captain couldn’t help but take a breath.

Unconsciously, the distance has reached 800 meters.

“Captain, distance!”

Suddenly a voice came from the Den Den Mushi and woke up the captain.

“800 meters sir!”

The captain answered quickly in shock.

“Prepare yourselves, and listen to my instruction!”

“You have only one attack!”

The voice of Noah was very serious.

“Yes, sir!”

The captain was nervous and stared at the approaching of the ordinary wooden boat.

The eyes of the captain were full of endless fear.

He didn’t know how long it took and the captain suddenly heard the thick voice of Noah.


Like a reflex, the colonel raised his head to the sky and screamed.


Suddenly, the sea was seemed static.

“Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!”

The pungent smell of smoke, the thunder in the sky, and the flickering spark, in an instant, all of them sounded in the air, bursting and erupting.

“Whoo-hoo, Whoo-hoo!”

Dark lines quickly formed over the sea, staggered, and then drew a parabola and went toward the Dragon Root.

Meanwhile on the Dragon Root.

Jason’s face became even tenser, he clenched his fist and made a loud roar.

“Captain, they fired!”

On the bow, the wind seemed more urgent, Rogen’s eyes suddenly magnified.

“I heard them!”

Rogen muttered.

In the next moment, Rogen took out his sword.


Like the sound of matches rubbing and burning, a tiny flame suddenly appeared in Jason’s eyes.

Then, in less than a time of breath, the flames suddenly grew bigger and bigger, as if the peacock had opened and spread its wings.

In an instant, the flame swelled, and in a blink of an eye, it was swept over 100 meters. After a breath, it rose again.

“Voom, Voom, Voom!”

The void was twisted by this hot flame, followed by it, The fire turned into a red chopper and burst out.

“All Things of this World Turn to Ashes.”

An indifferent voice, like a deity, rang in the hearts of countless people.