One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 95: I Quit!

The blazing flames began to erupt from a small fire. Only after three seconds, it had risen to about a kilometer. It was so beautiful, ardor and intense, but it released a high degree of heat and energy.

Like a meteor, in the eyes of countless marines, this flame slammed fiercely into the dense black shells ahead.

Instantly, the air boiled!


The first layer of the splendid fireworks began to explode and then followed by the second and the third.

Just like the autumn wind sweeping the leaves, this huge flame chopped up and smashed the black cannonball curtain in front of it into a red flame.

“Chi! Chi! Chi!”

This high temperature, in an instant, made the whole sea burn up into endless white smoke, and then the seawater start boiling in a second, many bubbles has emerged and turned into steam rolling up.

After three instant, the thunder in the sky continued, countless shells were directly smashed into a continuous bursting sound.

At this moment, looking up at the sky, the Marines, waiting in hope, were frightened and desperate.

“Oh my god!

“It’s over, it’s over!”

“What beautiful fireworks!”

“Run, the flames are coming!”

Numerous voices sounded in the marines, facing the scenery in the sky at this moment, they were stunned.

No one could have imagined that the marines’ powerful shell attacks will actually fail, and in turn, they will be crushed by the enemy.

In the sky, the huge flame was impacted by the shells, but it did not dissipate. Instead, the fire became more fierce. It expanded again, reaching a length of 1,500 meters. It was as if the high heat energy surged by the explosion of the many black shells, and then they were absorbed and fused into the flames.

“Run, jump!”

When the Colonel saw the huge flame projectile approaching, his original amazed look changed dramatically. He could not even bear to respond to the scream of the vice admiral in the Den Den Mushi. He looked up at the sky and shouted loudly.

“Everyone jump! Damn it! Don’t look at it! Do you want to die?”

His roar spread all over the sea, waking up the marines who were shocked by scenes in the sky.


The first dive appeared, and then the marines rushed toward the sea.

The huge flame in the sky, though not yet come down, but its power can be imagined from a distance. Near a hundred meters from the sea level, the water beneath it was boiling, they saw countless fish, flipping on their stomachs, and floating on the surface of the sea.

“Jump! Jump! Jump!”

In the face of Rogen’s attack, the Marines’ formation was completely chaotic.

They did not have the courage to face this horrible blow, and no one could stop this fear of a natural disaster.

“Chi! Chi! Chi!”

As the high-temperature flame approached, some Marines saw that the air was twisting and that the blaze was burning the surrounding air in folds.

Fear was extending from the depths of their souls and then spread all over their bodies.

In front of this large flame, they were powerless.


The Colonel sprinted, kicking the stunned marines with one foot straight into the sea,

Is it useful to jump into the water? Look at the sea where the flames pass. All the marines are fine.

But who cares! As long as there is a little hope, they can’t give up!

“Chi! Chi! Chi!”

The sound of the blazing flame was getting closer and closer. However, the marines were still not all evacuated. At this moment, countless marines were staring up, and they were frightened.

“Ah, ah! Damn it!”

The Colonel roared and jumped into the sea at the last minute.


This blow cut directly across the warships.

The calm sea, at the next moment, was lit by an ignited ship.

The flame, rising from nothingness, burning unceasingly.

The Marines were at a big disadvantage, their entire weapon was destroyed. At this moment, facing this flame, facing this unstoppable blow, they became in a fragile mess.

“Ah ah!”

“Ah, help, somebody saves me!”

“The sea, the sea, is burning!”

Countless marines stared in horror at their lifetime that had turned into flames, with pale expressions.

This flame was inextinguishable, and even the seawater seemed to become a medium of combustion in front of it.

On the Dragon Root, Jason and others opened their mouths and could not speak.


At the bow, Rogen did not turn back and said indifferently.

“Oh, yes!”

Jason reacted and steered the ship forward.

Breaking through the sea, the Dragon Root came closer and closer to the flame area ahead.

Strangely, when the Dragon Root entered the flame zone, the flames magically extinguished, and even the temperature of the seawater dropped.

By the time the Dragon Root strolled across the ships, the flames were almost disappeared across the entire sea.

Five minutes later, the Dragon Root got farther and farther away, gradually leaving the marines behind.

Floating on the sea, the colonel looked ahead in a complicated way and was still in a state of panic. The marines who their clothes were burning wanted to say something, but they could not express it out.

Dozens of warships were still burning and sinking slowly into the deep sea. Numerous marines, more or less, have mild, or severe, burns on their bodies.

But strangely, none of the present marines died!

Yes, the terrible flames that can evaporate the seawater into a white fog in two or three seconds, but it didn’t cause any case of death.

The only thing that they lost was their commons, their ability to fight back.


He murmured softly, the Colonel believed that the young man, who cut across the flames, would never forget him for the rest of his life.

Because, he, no, all the marines floating on the sea at this moment owed him their lives!

There has never been any mercy in the confrontation between the two sides. However, the other side, obviously capable of harvesting them easily, but he chose to let them go.

“Colonel, Colonel, Colonel!”

“Are you still here?”


At this time, the Den Den Mushi in his hand, the loud voice of vice admiral Noah kept coming.

Silently watching the Dragon Root disappearing in front of him, the Colonel closed his eyes and seemed to be making a decision.

After a while, he took out the phone with a serious and heavy voice.

“Hello, this is Colonel Glenn.”

At this moment, his voice was no longer afraid of the high ranks officers.

“Tell me the situation, what are you doing?”

“What about Rogen? Did the blow succeed?”

Noah had not finished yet, but Colonel Glenn had interrupted his words with direct indifference.

“Sorry, have nothing to say.”

“I quit!”