One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 96: Big Deal!

“What did you say?”

The marines next to Colonel Glenn could clearly hear the sound from the Den Den Mushi.

They looked confused and didn’t say anything.

Glenn didn’t respond, and he hung up the Den Den Mushi directly.

Then he looked around and took a deep breath.

“Brothers, I’m leaving the Marines, goodbye!”

His voice was so sure and powerful.

When a real man made such a decision, he would never regret or change it.

Knowing clearly the reasons behind this incident and after he experienced Rogen’s mercy, his heart changed inexplicably.

He couldn’t imagine that the reason behind blocking this whole sea area by the marines was just because of one pregnant woman.

Also, Glenn, who was only a branch colonel, no one knows that he used to be a rear admiral of the headquarters. His future was bright in front of him, he was a strong marine, and his combat power was remarkable, just because of one mistake, he was punished and prevented.

He could not forget that incident in his whole life.

Young children, who were less than ten years old, was almost killed because he was on the road of the Celestial Dragons.

It was him, who saved his child, but at the same time, he had a whip on his cheek that was difficult to erase, and he lost his potential for development in the Marines forever.

He was a kind marine and a true marine who believes in marines’ justice. Therefore, he devoted his life to the marines. By this year, he was 30 years old.

If there was no child, or if he did not follow his inner guidance to save the child, facing up to the Celestial Dragons, He may have been a vice admiral at this moment.

But, it’s only if.

He was dismissed and placed on a closed island in the south blue, which was uninhabited all the year round and had few things to do.

He was exiled, and he knew it very well.

But he still did not give up the justice of the marine.

Until this moment, Glenn was awake.

If this is justice, why should he be punished for doing the right thing? Why do the desperate Celestial Dragons do nothing but enjoy all these high positions?

Is this the marines’ Justice?

His beliefs were shaken and doubted, and the pillars of the past began to crumble.

For a pregnant woman in a district and a teenager who has not done any bad deeds at all. The Marines, ha-ha, ready did a hard work!

Before that, who knew who Rogen was? Who knows who this woman is?

“Be punished for being related to or friendly with someone dangerous! That’s ridiculous!”

For a long time, Glenn may have been full of complaints about the marines, which has accumulated to the extreme.

Since the marines didn’t apply justice, then why don’t I fight for it myself?

With a firm eye, Glenn had decided to abandon all that was on him.

“Colonel Glenn!”


All the marines were confused, and they stared at Glenn with hesitation.

After a while, the group behind Glen stood up with firm eyes.

“You saved us! We are going with you!”

“We know the inside story of this incident and have been dissatisfied for a long time.”

“Yes, we are marines, not robbers. We can’t do something against civilians who haven’t done anything bad.”

One hot-blooded young man shouted loudly, one by one joined, and shouted with him.

The noise there alarmed the other marines on the sea, and they started wondering. Immediately, the cause of that incident was known to all of them.

Like a gunpowder barrel, immediately the marines exploded.

According to the regulations, sometimes the superiors will completely conceal the reasons why the marine underneath carries out tasks. Some tasks are classified as highly confidential and must be sealed. This time, nature is also among them.

But Glenn has decided to quit the marines.

The inside topic of that incident was already announced by him, which immediately made the marines angry.

That kind of marines, they weren’t like pirates at all, they only want justice, hot blood, hormone surplus, sense of justice burst out of these guys.

“We won’t stay either!”

“The Marines disappointed me!”

Someone of them even cried out.

“Wu, wu, wu, marines, the marines in my mind, how could it be like that?”

Glenn glanced around with solemn eyes.

“There are a lot of corruption and decadent officers in the marines, we can not deny that there are also many good leaders dedicated to help and protect people!”

“All I can say is that it’s an institution has both good and bad!”

“I don’t want to delay you, today, we must quit the marines, and we must all gather together and start to pursue our own justice!”

“If you don’t want to, you can stay in the marines!”

His words made the marines think for a while.

It has to be said that Glenn was a very clever guy, for him. Everything has two sides, Nothing must be good or bad.

The same is true for the marines, and he couldn’t stand the marines from now on.

For a pregnant woman and unrelated civilians, this was beyond the bottom line of his justice.

After a while, many marines began to make decisions.

Finally, the number of people who opted out of the marines and joined Glenn’s team were about four thousand.

This was an astonishing number. It was important to know that these guys weren’t civilians, but they were a well-trained army, they were all elite marines that have fought many times, and they were useful in the most dangerous situation.

Taking a deep breath, Glenn looked at the marines floating in the sea, and he felt somewhat stressed.

From then on, he had to be responsible for these guys.

But then, Glenn became a high-spirited, with a feeling that the wide sea was filled with jumping fishes and the sky was good enough for birds to fly.

“Brothers, listen to me, we must find navigable warships, and we’ll leave right away!”

With a single command, the four thousand marines quickly took action, and indeed, they found some warships that could barely navigate.

Finally, all the marines got on board and set off. They pulled out the marine flag and replaced it with some black clothes.

“Now that the day goes into darkness, so let the night lead to the dawn!”

Standing in the front of the warship, Glen’s eyes were deep and muttered.

“From now on, we will be called Night!”

In an unknown place behind Glen and his team, Noah stared at the Den Den Mushi that was suddenly hung up, somewhat confused.


Then, he was furious.

Surprisingly, someone dared to hang up his call!

“Tell me his name!”

Noah shouted loudly.

Rogen was a man of great importance, but the guys in these departments were so uncooperative that they dare to throw off their temper because of him!

At this time, Kizaru glimpsed, he came over and stopped him.

“Maybe something big has happened!”