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S.P.P Chapter 97: He Is an Ordinary Person!?

Kizaru could hear the voice just coming out of the Den Den Mushi very clearly.

He was shocked by this tone, the firmness revealed in his words, and the spirit of determination.

The Major whose name was unknown across the street, what he said, was true!

“Quickly, dispatch warships to inspect.”


Vice Admiral Noah had to say something, but he was immediately interrupted by Kizaru.

“Don’t talk too much. If you go to the soldiers over there, you won’t get any useful information.”

Noah’s face was shocked, and there was a bad foreboding in his heart.

After half an hour, the Marines sent back the information in a shocked tone, telling them about the situation in that sea area. Above the warship, an Admiral and five vice admirals went silent for a long time.

They didn’t know what to say or what to do at the moment.

“The beginning and end of this incident must be understood as soon as possible.”

“In addition.”

After a pause, Kizaru looked helpless.

“Report the news to the marine headquarters.”

He could already imagine the look on the faces of the superiors in the marines’ Department. In short, it would not be a good result.

Nearly 4,000 marines have been convicted the marines. If this matter is spread out, its influence on the marines’ majesty, this impact of the world, will be turned upside down.

The situation on the island of Baterilla was probably over. Rogen’s group who escaped from the Marines’ blockade and traveled in the dark are hard to find.

In the vast sea, to find someone, that kind of difficulty is simply unimaginable. If you want to have another action, you have to wait for him to go ashore. According to Rogen, when he was on Baterilla Island, showing almost the ability of the Devil Fruit, Kizaru had a little expectation.

Marine headquarters.


The hard-knocking sounded, and all the generals looked up at the cold-faced marine at the edge of the long table.

“The principal offender escaped, beating Kizaru seriously before he escaped.”

“Roger’s wife was also rescued.”

“Besides, the 4,000 marines led by Glenn collectively left the Marines, holding four warships, and their location is unknown!”

A blank expression of all this information spit out, and Kong took out all of his anger.

The generals were silent, and no one spoke.

“Are the marines too incompetent, or is the enemy too powerful?”

It seemed that he was asking himself, Kong’s face was a bit weird.

Still silent, such a problem, he really does not know how to carry on.

“It’s unexpected that such a thing will happen a moment before the thousands of offices leaves. It really makes me speechless.”

In the twinkling of an eye, Kong’s expression was somewhat helpless, and he shook his head.

“Sengoku, Tsuru, combine your information, analyze it, and then explain it to all of us here.”

“I really don’t know whether to be angry or to be amused!”

Showing a strange smile, he sighed and sat down.

Hearing Kong’s command, Sengoku nodded seriously, and then quickly analyzed the information on the table.

These data were collected in the fastest time and reported by the marines of each branch. Among them, there were many things that seemed strange for Sengoku.

For about ten minutes, Sengoku was flipping over the information, frowning, smiling or nodding.

Eventually, he sorted out the information and became serious.

“Fleet Admiral, I’m ready.”

Sengoku got up and whispered.

“What did you find?” asked Kong.

“I didn’t quite understand the last time. But this time, there are some clues.” Sengoku nodded.

“Very good.” Kong was satisfied.

There is nothing to complain about when Sengoku will take over the position of Fleet Admiral. This marine is wise, intelligent and has both wrists. At the same time, he has more courage than an Admiral.

“First of all, the plan for this time can be said to be seamless and without any mistakes.”

“Wrong, not in the marines.”

“Secondly, the rebellion of the four thousand marines, I can only say.”

Shaking his head, Sengoku sighed.

“I’m sorry.”

Yes, he can only express his regret that, in the quickest intelligence gathered, he also had a clear look at the history of Colonel Glenn. What happened to him is even more obvious.

Originally, he was an excellent marine seedling, but unfortunately, he had too many frustrations on his way to justice.

In terms of justice, Glenn was not wrong. He was just wrong about the difference in camp.

Yes, the Marines and the Pirates, in addition to justice and evil, they have more team factors because of their different camps.

Rogen because of the involvement with the Pirate King, so the Marines have chosen to deal with him, Rouge, of course.

This is not justice, kindness, fairness, and explanatory. In this position, some things have to be done, uncontrollably.


At this point, Sengoku looked more serious, and his voice was low.

“It is about Rogen’s own intelligence.”

A picture of a thin teenager dressed in black was extracted from the data of Sengoku and then pushed in the center of the long table so that every officer could see it.

It was Rogen, but in this picture, Rogen looks innocent and younger.

“Let’s look at a picture first.”

“This is a picture we collected before Roger’s execution. Obviously, Rogen’s temperament in this period is an ordinary teenager.”

Glancing at the faces of all the officers present, Sengoku’s eyes narrowed.

“Yes, you are right. Rogen is only a teenager at this time.”

“He can neither do martial arts nor swordsmanship nor possess the power of Devil Fruit!”

“In a real fight, he can’t even defeat a bully in Loguetown.”

In a word, the officers present were in an uproar, and Kong’s eyes shrank, and a touch of surprise appeared in Garp’s eyes.

“How is that possible? It’s impossible to defeat Dragon and Kizaru, such power, without years of training, it is impossible!”
A middle-aged vice admiral questioned loudly.

“Yes, you’re right. Without years of practice, such a force is impossible!”

“And here comes the problem!”

“Even the most outstanding talent of the Marines, in his twenties, could not possibly have half of Rogen’s strength at this time!”

“What seems to shock you, it is precisely the biggest problem!”

“He can’t have such power!”

“And the truth, indeed, is that he has no such power!”

Sengoku smiled and laughed very mysteriously.