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P.A.S Chap 204: Green bit

In Green bit, north of Dresrosa, it took about a week to build the new Albares Guild base.

Originally, it was estimated two weeks to finish the job. However, the working ability of the Dwarves race was completely beyond expectations. They were extremely good at handling heavy objects and meticulous operation with their huge power far surpassing human beings despite their extremely small bodies.

Coupled with the magic abilities of Robin and the others, although they just put in place the necessities, reaching this step in one week was truly magnificent.

“…The construction of the new base is completed.”

Nami stretched her hands as she looked at the base in front of her. She grinned and high-fived the little dwarf who had jumped over… The dwarves actually volunteered to help with the construction as a token of appreciation for saving their people and their country, which made Nami so happy, saving money.

Robin also greeted the dwarves with a smile not far away.

Not everyone was satisfied, Perona was setting a bit far away muttering, she really wanted the base to look like a ghastly castle… But her proposal was rejected by everyone.

“It’s done here.”

At that moment, Ron flew over from a distance.

Robin looked up at Ron, smiled, and nodded: “Well, what about you, President?”

“The fifty wizard towers have been built.”

Ron smiled.

The resources of the Don Quixote family were far beyond his expectation, the number of collected sea stones was huge enough to make Ron grinning all day long.

Most of the found pieces were small, not suitable for the construction of wizard towers since they need to be spliced assembled, which makes them easily broken by any external impact.

But even so, relying just on the medium-sized sea stones and above, Ron could easily gather the required material to build sixty or seventy wizard towers, and this was just the inventory of Dressrosa.

If he continues to collect resources from all over the world, enough material to build one hundred and fifty wizard towers will be gathered in no time.

Ron’s preliminary plan was to secure Green bit with a total of fifty wizard towers to guard the central base, while Dresrosa will be guarded with a total of one hundred wizard towers.

These wizard towers wouldn’t occupy much space, also after some added modifications, they could be used as street lights. The placed 50 wizard towers in Green bit were already a sight not to miss.

Green bit was the home of the dwarves, the Tontatta Kingdom. It was like a magical world, and after the addition of the fifty wizard towers, it became more charming. Looking down from the sky at night, the entire island was shining with various lights.

“Next is Dressrosa’s side. Is there a design?”

Robin looked at Ron who was flying down.

Ron nodded and said with a smile: “Just follow the streets’ architecture, since we will be using them as street lamps, we shouldn’t have a problem installing them.”

There were fifty wizard towers in Green Bit and 100 in Dressrosa. Although they were separate islands, thanks to his tremendous spiritual power, even if Ron was based in Green bit, he could control the magic tower on the side of Dressrosa remotely.

Of course.

At that time, only he and Miss GoldenWeek could do that.

Others, such as Nami or Robin, have not yet exceeded 100 points in mental power, and they could control several magic towers at most, let alone control hundreds remotely.

Even the fast-improving Perona, who has just broken through the 100-mental-power barrier, couldn’t do the long-distance control.

Although the difference in spiritual attributes doesn’t that big between the guild members, it didn’t show the difference in abilities.

For instance, those with a mental attribute of more than 100 points, compared with those over 50 points, didn’t just have double the number of attributes, but they have reached a higher level! They could crush them instantly.

Even with 99 points of spiritual attributes, since the 100 points barrier was not reached, a magician wouldn’t have a chance against someone who went through the 100-points transformation.

Ron felt that it would be easier to use levels to show the capabilities of a member than using the raw number of spiritual attributes. So, with a spiritual attribute of 20 points or more, the guild member should be regarded as a magic apprentice, with 30 points, novice magician, 50 points, intermediate magicians, 100 points, advanced magician, 200 points, holy magician…

It shows how important the transformations are at each stage. Although sometimes the difference in mental power was not that great between the two levels, it was a leap in terms of ‘quality’, which was like turning soil into stones and stones into metal.

This is why, if the spiritual attribute does not reach a certain level, high-level magic cannot be mastered. It is not that the total amount of spiritual power is not enough to support the release of high-level magic, but that the strength of spirit cannot withstand the impact of high-level magic.

For instance, Perona, actually had the qualifications to release the 4th level magic, but if she tries to releases it, the cost will be great, and her spirit may be severely damaged!

Only by reaching 200 points or more, a magician will have the requirement to control 4th level magic.

Similarly, only magicians with 500 points can use the 5th level magic!

“It is so beautiful…”

Robin and the others had the ability to fly. They flew into the air with Ron and saw that the fifty wizard towers shining above Green Bit.

“All thanks to your hard work!” Ron said with a smile.

Ron was basically focusing on exploring high-level magics. The construction and use of wizard towers, the combination of energy source runes, etc., were all studied by Nami, Robin, and the others.

Speaking of which, Ron has been looking for the recipient of the remaining magic mark, but he did not find a suitable person until he came to Dressrosa.

The former special officer of the Donquixote Pirates’ Trebol Army, Sugar! (T/N: Here we go again…)

Sugar appears to be a ten-year-old girl, but she was much older. It was a secondary side effect of her devil fruit, the Hobby-Hobby Fruit, eternal youth. Sugar had more than 50 mental power. Although she was not as good as GoldenWeek, she was not much worse than Perona when she first joined the guild.

But the problem was that she was loyal to Doflamingo. Also, she took great pride in turning the many citizens into toys and subjugating them into slavery, leaving them forgotten by anyone who knew them, and she was angry at Ron when the toys returned to their original forms. She even intended to exact her revenge.

If Ron wanted her to become a magician, he had to settle this problem first… Ron originally planned to use the same trick he used on Perona, brainwash her, but all his attempts were in vain. Ron failed to break into her spirit again and again.

With his current mental power, Ron could easily force his way in, but by doing, irreversible damage could be caused, and Sugar could even lose her self-consciousness.

Ron needs a magician who would help him in his magic explorations, not a dummy carrying a magic mark.

Ron felt a bit helpless about the matter, but he never gave up.

Doing several trials every day, as time goes by, that kind of resistance will gradually weaken, and as it reaches a certain level, he should be able to break through the blockade without damaging the soul of Sugar.

“This time, even if Big Mom recklessly attack us, she won’t have it her way as last time.”

Nami sensed the spiritual energy brewing in the fifty wizard towers and said to Ron.

Ron nodded and said: “I am still a bit concerned, relying on these fifty towers only, but as soon as we complete installing the other one hundred towers on Dressrosa’s side, we will completely safe.”

Speaking of this, Ron smiled and looked at Nami and the others: “If you improve your mental power, not only the weakened Big Mom Pirates won’t have a chance to attack us… but even the other Four Emperors!”

“Rest assured!”

Nami said confidently: “That was the plan all along, I won’t be surpassed by some freak playing with ghosts.”

” Horo-Horo-Horo-Horo-Horo, there is no way in hell, a violent woman like you would reach my level…”

“What are you talking about?! Ghost bastard!”

Perona and Nami still couldn’t get along, and they were about to fight in the air.

Ron and Robin looked at each other and shrugged helplessly.

It would be great if Nami and Perona could get along like Ron and Robin, but then again, the guild will be like a stagnant pool without their fights.

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