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P.A.S Chapter 107: Rage

Division T-72.

The warship sent by the headquarters to transfer the Fire Fist Ace arrived, and it also brought a huge rough sea stone to Ron.

For Ron, the bigger the sea stone, the better. At that time, his mental strength could barely control two cores.


The second wizard tower core was made.

It was almost at the same time that news came from the marine headquarters that surprised Ron a little, but it was not that unexpected.

“Fire Fist Ace escaped?”

Ron listened to the information reported by Puka and couldn’t help looking strange.

Ace wore sea stone shackles and was escorted by a vice-admiral of the headquarters.

[How did manage to escape…? Something fishy here…otherwise, this is not Fire Fist Ace, it is Beast Ace!]


Puka also said a little speechless: “It is said that the warship carrying him was hit by a large Sea king, and Fire Fist took advantage of the mess and got the key, opened the shackles and escaped.”


[How lucky he is…]

Well, Ron already predicted that Ace would not die that easily, and capturing him wouldn’t be the end of his story. Even if he was imprisoned in impel down, something would definitely happen soon, but Ron didn’t expect him to escape before he was escorted to the underwater prison.

“Leave it to the headquarters, he is so troublesome. It’s not our business anymore.”

Said Ron casually.


Puka actually wanted to express how disappointed he was…that the headquarters had only one job, but they still screwed it u. Ron did the hardest part and easily captured Ace, but these idiots failed to just to escort him… Puka was pissed off.

“Anything else happened lately?”

Ron said ignoring Ace’s affairs and turned his head to look at Nami next to him.

Nami and Ron glanced at each other, and when their eyes met, they comprehended each other. Soon Nami handed him an intelligence document saying: “In the past year, hundreds of reports of missing ships were received. All the missing vessels disappeared around the area called the Florian Triangle… The day before yesterday, contact was lost with a merchant ship from the merchants’ association, and the association requested to send troops to investigate and rescue.”

“Hundreds of missing ships?”

Ron frowned suddenly: “No one dealt with the matter? What the T-72 branch was doing before I came here?”


Rear admiral Puka stood aside, hesitated, and then said: ” the Florian Triangle is under the control of one of the Shichibukai…Gecko Moria, so we haven’t been able to intervene there.”


Ron snorted, slammed the table, and stood up, saying: “Can a Shichibukai do whatever he wants? The merchants’ association is in charge of the transactions in a dozen countries…Even if it was am area under the command of a Shichibukai …How could the marines ignore their calls?!”

As the voice fell, Ron walked directly outside and said: “The T-72 third fleet will accompany me! We are going to the Florian Triangle!”

“This…Hai captain.”

Puka hesitated for a moment but seeing Ron’s angry face, and a cold faint flash in his eyes, Puka was terrified and his soul was trembling, unable to say another world.

Although the marines could not fight against a Shichibukai, there was no problem to just go to his turf, to search for a missing ship. Moreover, the association also spent a lot of money asking the marines to send troops.

What surprised Puka was that half a month ago, he reported to Ron in person that a merchant ship was intercepted by pirates and the people on board were all slaughtered, but Ron just hummed and said he knew, and that he would take the necessary action, however, there was no movement.

Probably because he was busy practicing at that time…

Puka thought so.

The sky.

Ron and Nami stood above the wizard tower made of two huge seafloor stones flew towards the port.

“I said, did you make your mind to fight one of the Shichibukai?”

Nami grunted at Ron.

The business of the merchants’ association happened by chance at the right moment. Even if there was no missing ship, Ron would find another reason to go to the Florian Triangle, because his purpose was to take Gecko Moria down, and Nami was aware of such a thing. As for what happened in the office, it was just a play to justify Ron’s cause and make Puka and the other soldiers more cooperative.

“Of course.”

Ron shrugged and said: “It’s not decided yet.”

Nami looked at Ron and said: “Aside from the fact that Moria is one of the Shichibukai, and should be really strong. Once you attack one of the Shichibukai, you wouldn’t be able to be a marine anymore.”

Ron smiled and said: “Let me put it this way, what do you think about seizing Moria’s territory and assets? Or do you want to stay in the marines and fiddle with their poor salary?”

“You want to be a Shichibukai?”

Nami opened her eyes in surprise.

Ron thought: “This is just one of the possible outcomes. It all depends on the attitude and the reaction of the world government and the marines.”

Becoming one of the Shichibukai was also one of the achievements, but Killing a Shichibukai as a marine would make a huge impact, and it would be difficult to predict the development of the events.

“But still, you have to kill Moria…”

Nami looked at Ron and said: “I checked Moria’s information. The guy once challenged the beast Kaido and survived…”

“Kaido spare his life.”

Ron looked at the sky in the distance and said quietly: ” Many years ago, Moria was indeed one of the few people who could challenge the four emperors, but he was defeated by Kaido.”

“He wasn’t just defeated… He was the sole survivor of his crew. All his companions were killed by Kaido. Shell-shocked and traumatized by the horrific event, Moria immediately departed from the New World and hid in the area of the Florian Triangle. Since that time, he was nothing but a broken soul, a walking corpse.”

Moria was actually quite strong.

Ron once thought that Moria challenging Kaido was too exaggerated, but if when he thought about it carefully, maybe it was true.

Before being defeated by Kaido, Moria’s firm will, strong spirit and self-confidence was not inferior to that of the Yonko. With a thousand shadows absorbed, Moria could smash an entire island with one punch, even if he was not as good as Kaido in terms of pure power, the gap between them wasn’t that large!

But Moria was beaten by Kaido and his mentality was broken.

The most important thing that he hasn’t just lost his companions, but his will and self-confidence, that he could no longer control the power of a thousand shadows, and had flaws everywhere. He was defeated by Luffy, and became no more known as Kaido rival…but as the weakest Shichibukai.

In this world, willpower is essential. In other words, only those with impressive willpower will be able to get stronger and step on countless powerful enemies during their journey to ascend to the pinnacle of the sea.

Once a warrior breaks down, he wouldn’t just fail to improve…He will lose everything!