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P.A.S Chapter 109: The Loser


Absalom was a bit shocked.

As a subordinate of Gecko Moria, one of the Shichibukai, he almost forgot about the existence of the marines, after all, it’s been a long time since he encountered them.

The Shichibukai worked directly under the world government. Thus, as an organization, the Shichibukai held the same rank as the marines, that even a marine admiral can’t go against the Shichibukai without the consent of the world government.

But at that time… the marines broke into the wall and rushed in!

Absalom was confused and didn’t understand the situation, but the director of the merchants’ association was delighted by the turn of events that he started jumping out of the broken cabin and yelling in the direction of the warship.

“Save me! Save me! I’m the director of the merchants’ association!!”

He waved and shouted, then he jumped into the water without hesitation. He was a skinny old man, but his life was on the line that he started swimming like a shark going after his prey.

Seeing this, Absalom’s face suddenly chilled. He had no f*** idea about what was going on, but his prey was trying to run away, and that’s something that he won’t permit.

Absalom opened his hands at the old man in the sea.

“Hands of the dead!”


A blast of energy! Suddenly, a burst wave of air was released, targeting the old man’s back.

But before the visible impact fell on the old man’s back, a translucent light curtain suddenly opened on the sea, blocking the blow.

“WTF? What do you want f**** marine?!”

Seeing this scene, although Absalom eyes were cold and he did not understand the ability that blocked his strike, he still sneered in the direction of the warship: “This is a Shichibukai’s affair! you still going to intervene marines?”

On the deck of the warship, Ron looked at Absalom faintly and did not respond, instead, he said casually to Puka standing next to him: “The Shichibukai’s subordinates are really arrogant. “


Puka was a little embarrassed and didn’t know how to respond.

The marines cannot go against the Shichibukai, they were considered allies of the government, and Ron’s involvement, saving the people of the merchants’ association, was actually against the regulations.

However, the attitude of Absalom really annoyed Puka and most of the marines on the warships also looked uncomfortable. There was a marine warship in the scene and still, the other party dared to continue killing people in front of them.


The old man continued to swim towards the warship. Absalom snorted, knowing that the marines came to save the old man, ignoring the regulations! They dared to go against one of the Shichibukai. Absalom shot coldly: “It is against the rules of the world government to save people from our hands, marines.”

“You intervened in our plunder, then according to the agreement, we can shoot you! If you don’t want to be wiped out…send me the old man!”

As Absalom finished his speech, several boats lined up, filled with wobbly zombies, as for Shimotsuki Ryuma he put his hand on the hilt of his sword, ready to engage.

Absalom’s words made the marine furious.

They were angry, but everyone had a sense of powerlessness, especially Puka. Everyone knew that Absalom was right. They intervened in the Shichibukai’s affairs without government permission, which was a violation of Regulations, and would justify the actions of the pirates. They could indeed kill them.

“Don’t listen to him!”

Said the old man, who was dragged out of the sea by Ron’s energy and thrown onto the deck.

“You just need to protect me! Help me leave this area and I will settle it with the government, I will pay the price that will satisfy the government!”

The Shichibukai was not interested in money, but the government was a different case. Even CP0 could be hired, if the right amount of money was paid!

As the director of the merchants’ association, as long as he didn’t die there, he could provide such amount of money easily!

“Turn! We are leaving!”

Hearing the director’s words, Puka was relieved and immediately started to command the warship.

If the director could pay the necessary money to rectify the problems on the government side, the marines actions wouldn’t be considered a violation of the regulations, and they may even get some military merit.

As a proud marine, if he had the chance to choose, Puka would definitely save the director, even if it meant going against one of the Shichibukai, and since he got a green light to do what he wanted, he was more than ready to fight the arrogant pirate Absalom and even arrest him on the spot.


The marine soldiers responded and immediately began to turn the sail.

Seeing this scene, Absalom was finally enraged, and his fists creaked, and it was at the same time that a group of negative ghosts emerged from the sea.

“Absalom, Lord Moria said, you can transform these marine soldiers into zombies.”

Perona said to Absalom through the controlled negative ghost.

“I know.”

After receiving the order from Moria, Absalom’s hesitation disappeared. Without Moria’s orders, he would not dare to attack the marines easily, but since he got the orders to do so, he could go all out without flinching!

He looked coldly at the warship, said: “Catch these bastards! No one shall leave this place!”


Following Absalom’s order, several small boats hurried towards the warship.

Holding diverse weapons, as the zombies approached the warship, they started jumping up trying to reach the warship’s deck.


Before they could set foot on the warship’s deck, a cold wave burst out from the deck of the warship, sweeping across the zombies jumping in the air, turning them into ice status!

They were all frozen in an instant and immediately fell on the sea surface, making the sea surface nearly 100 meters round instantly condense into ice.


The zombie corps were instantly destroyed!

Absalom ‘s expression came to an abrupt halt, and the whole person was frozen in the ice, and there was a look of horror on his face, everything solidified there.

The many marine soldiers, who were preparing for the battle were standing there stupefied, looking at Ron at the front of the deck.

In silence.

Ron squeezed the dragon wand and floated tens of meters high in the air. He did not look at the frozen zombie below, instead, he looked far away at the central castle.

“You have the courage to go against me, Moria?… No, the biggest loser of the grand line! do you think you can do it?”

Ron’s voice was not loud, but under the guidance of his spirit, it was heard clearly, and passed into the castle in the center, resounding.

Inside the room at the top of the castle.

Moria was sitting on his throne, with eyes glowing red with anger.


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