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P.A.S Chapter 110: Ron vs. Moria

“The biggest loser of the grand line”, Ron shouted.

Moria was indeed a loser, even if he was one of the Shichibukai, among the strongest pirates in this world, he wouldn’t be able to erase his disgrace from being defeated by Kaido and fleeing back to the paradise with his tail between his legs!

It was Moria’s deepest shame. He created the zombie regiment, to form a large army, and to get his revenge on Kaido’s Beast Corps.


Moria was furious, and at the moment he lost it to rage, his shadow split instantly, and turned into countless bats flying out of the castle, towards the coast.

“You insulted me, moron! And you will pay the price, marine!”

With the movement of Moria, the thriller bark seemed to be awake, and a large number of zombies crawled out of the graveyard, and the huge hull began to move forward.

It was like the island was moving towards the warship, and it rammed over unstoppably.

“It seems that he really intends to keep us here.”

Nami stood on the deck, her two small hands folded on her chest, and holding the elf wand on her right, and said as she looked at the huge island gradually approaching.

She was frightened when she saw the zombies at first, but when she understood that the zombies were controlled by Moria, the fear gradually subsided and was replaced with nausea.

“Quick! Turn! Turn!”

Many marines on the warship were in action, trying to turn around and escape from the frightening three-masted ship.

Ron flew in the air, calmly watching the warship slowly changing its course, and the enemy ship crashing over.


When the warship turned its course, the land within the inner circle of the giant ship was already less than two hundred meters apart. A large number of zombies were gathered on the shore holding weapons such as guns and artillery in their hands, aiming at the warship.

“This is bad……”

Puka looked at this scene, and his forehead overflowed with cold sweat. It wasn’t an ordinary island that they could escape from, it was a giant ship, and it wouldn’t be a simple task to flee away from the fangs of this approaching horrible ship.

It was at this time that the zombies on the shore launched an attack.

Gun and artillery fired at the warship.

Shimotsuki Ryuma also waved his sword from afar, releasing a flying slash attack, headed directly towards the mast of the warship.


Rear admiral Puka, who was also a swordsman, flew in the air and blocked the flying slash of Ryuma in mid-air.

“Hum, it doesn’t look that we can leave easily, without putting a fight.”

Ron looked at the scene whispering. He swept gently the wand in his right hand, and the huge sea stone placed on the top of the warship flew up and came to his feet, carrying him to the shore.

At that time, Moria reached the area and he was a short distance away from Ron. He looked at Ron in the sky, his eyes gleaming with killing intent, then spread his hands open.

“Shadow Box!”

Moria’s shadow instantly turned into a black bat and flew towards Ron in the sky.

Poof! Poof!

The black bat approached Ron, but before it could transform into a shadow box, it exploded like a bubble.

This shadow bat relied on pure spiritual power. And facing such kind of abilities, Ron didn’t even use his magic, he could nullify the attack with just his spiritual power.

Moria didn’t know how Ron broke his shadow bat, but looking at him flying in the air that way, he was sure that Ron was a devil fruit user.

“Damn it… The Horn Blade Shadow!”

Moria’s open hands suddenly clenched.


The bats in the sky quickly flew down, gathered in front of Moria, turned into a large shadow spear, then flew through the sky, and came to Ron’s feet in an instant.

However, as the shadow gun reached Ron and touched the thing under his feet, Moria’s pupils shrunk. His spear failed to crush it and just made a ding sound, pushing the stone and making Ron fly higher.

Not only he failed to smash it, but he couldn’t even scratch it!

“Impossible… my shadow blade can penetrate through even steel…”

Moria stared, looking at the core of the wizard tower under Ron’s feet incredulously, a thought flashed in his mind, and the look on his face changed drastically.

“Unless… that’s made of kairoseki stone!”

Moria couldn’t think of anything else! The only explication that he could come up with was that the stone under Ron’s feet was made of kairoseki, it was the only material that his shadow gun wouldn’t be able to penetrate!

However, if it was made out of kairoseki stone, how in hell Ron could stand on the top of it? He was obviously a devil fruit user! How he wasn’t affected in any way?!

While Moria was lost in his thought, in dismay, Ron stepped on the core of the wizard tower and fell from the sky. With a bang, it fell in the center of a group of zombies, smashing two zombies directly, and the after-wave instantly took more than ten others, sending them flying away.

Six Rods Light Prison!

The core of the wizard tower landed on the shore, but Ron was still floating in the air. He waved the wand in his hand, and the six beams of light instantly imprisoned Moria in the center.

Sealed in place, Moria twisted his neck and struggled, but he couldn’t break free, thus he became so furious.

“What kind of ability is this?!”

“This is…magic.”

Ron responded faintly. When the words fell, Ron’s eyes flashed slightly, aimed his wand down, and a torrent of flames tilted from the sky striking down.

Seeing the flame wash down, Moria suddenly shrank.

“Shadow Warrior!”

He screamed, and the whole person disappeared instantly, swapping positions with a shadow avatar, a copy.

Ron’s eyebrows flicked, but he did not stop the magic, poured the flames of torrents, and bombarded the zombies on the shore, turning the edge of the courtyard into a sea of fire.

“Hum, it seems that the six-rods light prison is not omnipotent imprisonment, spatial abilities and alike abilities could be used to escape it.”

Ron ignored the massive destruction resulted from the third-level fire magic and turned his head to look at Gecko Moria, which appeared hundreds of meters away.

Narrowing his eyes slightly, Ron could see Moria’s body appearing not far away, but impressively he was still imprisoned by the six rods light prison!

The ability of the shadow warrior was similar to Law’s ability, he was able to instantly switch himself with his shadow copy, but the six-rods light prison will also follow the original casted-on body.

In other words, Moria still didn’t get rid of the imprisonment, and he wouldn’t be able to move unless he used his Shadow Warrior!

Moria also was aware of this and had a horrified look on his face.

He thought it was just a group of ordinary marines, but he didn’t expect Ron, an unknown marine, to be this capable!

“Where did this guy come from! Who is he?!”

“His ability is absurd…”

Before Moria could figure out what hit him, what imprisoned him, another ability was released by Ron.

Third-level magic, vortex storm!

Moria couldn’t use his Shadow Warrior technique continuously. He had no other option but to resist Ron’s second strike.

“Shadow Ball!”

Moria groaned, and the flock of bats instantly formed a spherical orb covering Moria’s body.


The vortex storm exploded directly as soon as it touched the black sphere.


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