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P.A.S Chapter 111: Lurking Vergo

“He’s already fighting… yes.”

Vergo, wearing sunglasses, was standing there on the outer wall of the Thriller Bark, holding a Den Den Mushi in his hand, and murmured at the other side.

On the other side of the phone was the highest office in the marine Headquarters.

At that time, the fleet admiral, Sengoku, was leaning on his desk, massaging his temples to ease his Headache, then said: “How could he go to the Florian Triangle and clash with a Shichibukai…”

With a Shichibukai involved, such matter was a sure pain in the ass for Sengoku, after all, he didn’t have the power to make any direct decisions and had to report to the government first. Well, as a fleet admiral, he could suggest, propose a solution for the matter…

If an ordinary marine officer would go against one of the Shichibukai without government consent, it could result in massive troubles for the marines…let alone one of its elite officers like Ron.

Sengoku hung up the Den Den Mushi and immediately contacted the world government to report the situation.

However, he was surprised by the fact that the government was aware of this situation and even had more details about the matter than that received by him, including the information about the merchants’ association director, who was willing to spend huge sums of money to request government protection.

With such an offer on the table, the government was supporting Ron’s action and even wanted him to take the Shichibikai down.

After all, according to the agreement, the marines broke the agreement first, and it was impossible to stop Moria’s actions against them. He wouldn’t listen, nor follow the government orders. The marines broke the signed treaty between the government and these pirates, so It was impossible to stop him with just words.

“The merchants’ association is willing to pay a huge amount of money, thus we cannot let Moria touch the director.”

“If we stop him, we will break the agreement.”

“It’s troublesome to remove Moria from the Shichibukai and eliminate him. Also, we need to think about his replacement.”

The five elders, the rulers of the entire world, were sitting around a coffee table, where the Den Den Mushi connecting to fleet admiral Sengoku was placed.

One of the elders looked at the Den Den Mushi and said: “In addition to the base chief of the T-72 branch, there seems to be a vice-admiral there…Hum…what about the other troops?”

“Vice-admiral Vergo took only a small team with him.”

Sengoku reported: “The troops of the other G8 branch has not been mobilized. Even if we dispatch troops immediately from the headquarters, it will take them at least a few days to arrive and It would be too late.”

The five elders said, frowning:

“With such a small force… It is no longer a matter of getting rid of Moria…but whether they can evacuate the director safely.”

“How about putting some pressure on Moria? We discuss compromises with him, he will take this opportunity to make some requests.”

“He will listen.”

However, when the elders reached a consensus, Sengoku hesitated for a moment, then said: “Elders, the forces on the place may not be enough to defeat Moria, but he wouldn’t be able to do whatever he pleases. Rear admiral Ron has more power than most of our vice admirals, and also there is vice admiral Vergo, one of our most competent officers.”


The Five elders were slightly surprised.

They thought that Ron was just an ordinary rear admiral and base chief, which would lose the will to fight at any time in front of Moria. They didn’t expect that the rear admiral had such strength.

He surpassed most of the vice admirals?!, that was to say, that he could be comparable to the marine admirals! Even if he couldn’t win against Moria, he could at least hold his grounds against him. He won’t be easily defeated.

Besides, vice-admiral Vergo was there. He possessed extraordinary strength and record. They could make it happen and secure the director!

“If this is the case, the situation is better than expected.”

“If those two can withstand the pressure of Moria, there is no need to negotiate with him, and there is no need to grant him any offers.”

The reason why Moria attacked the marines was that they broke the agreement first. But if Moria could not do a thing and let them withdraw safely, then he had nothing to complain about.

The elders weren’t so sure about removing Moria from the Shichibukai. On the one hand, he was very troublesome to kill. On the other hand, it was not easy to find a replacement.

If the marines manage to evacuate safely, then Moria would just swallow the bitter pill and that would be the best outcome.

“Sengoku, pay close attention to the situation, let vice-admiral Vergo join the battle, assist the T-72 branch, and protect the evacuation of the director of the merchants’ association… If they managed to evacuate safely, then no further reports are needed, however, if it wasn’t the case, the government will negotiate with Moria.”

“I see.”

Sengoku nodded on the other side, then hung up.

Ron and Vergo should be able to execute the task without problems and even if things went south, Moria would not easily give up his title as a Shichibukai and break up with the government, the government would take advantage of such desire and grant Moria some of his request to ensure the safety of the director.

After he hung up, Sengoku immediately gave instructions to Vergo.

“Roger that.”

Vergo listened to the instructions given by Sengoku and responded without question.

But after hanging up the Den Den Mushi, he looked at the distant battlefield and had a weird look on his face.

[Assist Ron to evacuate the director…]

Looking at the scene, Vergo was sure that Moria was the one who needed assistance. It was clear that Ron had the upper hand!

Ron’s attack range was too large, although he didn’t manage to deliver a decisive blow to Moria, his attacks were obliterating the Zombie Corps.

At that moment, if Vergo was to assist Ron, it wouldn’t be a matter of evacuation, it would be a massacre of the zombie corps and the elimination of Moria!

“He is a Shichibukai like Dovi, but is he so weak?”

Vergo’s face was a bit gloomy. The Don Quixote and Moria had no conflict, and Doflamingo had no interest in Moria. Vergo came here just to find a chance to kill Ron.

[Should I attack Ron suddenly while pretending to support him?]

Vergo thought that he was capable of killing Ron with one surprising blow… But

if he did that, unless he kills all the people on the scene, his identity would be exposed. Moria wouldn’t be easily killed. Plus, all the marine troops would be dead except him and it would be troublesome to explain later.

As an undercover, he climbed to the position of vice admiral step by step and it took him more than ten years. He spent too much effort to reach this rank and he wouldn’t easily reveal his identity.

“Moria…I bet he still didn’t go all out yet.” Vergo looked at the battlefield from afar.

He felt that Moria didn’t show all his abilities, otherwise, with the performance he just witnessed, Moria was too weak and not worthy of the title of Shichibukai.

Hence, Vergo thought to wait a little longer before he intervenes.

If Moria somehow managed to kill Ron, it would be the perfect outcome.

Moria, who was hit hard, wouldn’t be able to go against Vergo afterward, thus the latter would be able to protect the warship, secure the director of the merchants’ association. So, on top of achieving his ultimate objective of eliminating Ron, without revealing his identity, he would be able to get extra military points!


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