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P.A.S Chapter 112: Ultimate Move


The earth crumbled and shattered.

Moria’s figure emerged from countless shadow bats. His right shoulder was broken, his chest and neck had scars, and there was a trace of blood on the corner of his mouth.

“Damn marines!”

“He dared to attack me… Did the government decide to abandon the Shichibukai Treaty?!”

Ron held the dragon wand, floating above Moria, then said indifferently: “We just wanted to evacuate… you went after us, It was your fault for not giving up, Moria.”


Moria looked at Ron fiercely, and screamed: “What did you say, bastard!? You people invaded my territory and you are trying to save someone from my hands! None of you f*cking marines will escape!!!”

Ron snorted, and a six rods light prison fell on his backhand.

“Damn it! Not again!”

Moria was imprisoned again, and could only grit his teeth. From the beginning of the fight to the current moment, he was already imprisoned by this ability three times. Even with his shadow warrior, he could only exchange positions with his shadow, but that didn’t mean that he broke free from his imprisonment. He had bear Ron’s violent attacks afterward!

Ron’s attacks were not that strong for Moria, but there were not that weak either. While being imprisoned, Moria could only use his shadow bat to resist Ron’s attacks, but he was barely blocking them. Although the damage taken from each ability was not serious, but it was also accumulating…

“This should be enough to deal with you.”

Ron spoke lightly, holding the wand in his hand. Then, without delay, he released his third-level magic again.

Taking advantage of the existence of the two magic towers, except for the third-level ice magic, Ron could almost release all his other abilities without paying attention to consumption.

Imprisoned by the six-rods of light, and then being smashed with consecutive third-level magic elemental magics, was the easiest way to take Moria down without unnecessary fights.

“Lord Moria… He is in trouble…I need to do something”

On the marine’s warships, a cluster of small ghosts shuttled around. The marine soldiers, one after the other, fell into a negative state and started daydreaming, as the ghosts went through them.

Perona, who took its ghost form, looked up at Ron in the sky. After hesitating, she split into a large ghost and flew towards Ron, from behind.


Before the ghost could reach him, Ron turned around and gave the ghost a quick glance.

Using his god mode, Ron could almost perceive and cover the entire thriller bark, let alone Perona who wanted to sneak from behind. She didn’t have a chance!

Ron estimated that Vergo won’t make a move for the moment, but of course, he wouldn’t support him either. He was sure that Virgo was enjoying the show while waiting for the best opportunity to strike.

Ron was aware of Vergo’s existence, but he was too lazy to bother and call him out.

He could make some pressure on Vergo to force him to help, but there was no need. Ron thought that if Vergo wanted to hide, so let him be. He just needed to take care of Moria first, then he would deal with Vergo later.


Perona released a large ghost, but when she saw the look on Ron’s face, her heart jumped, and was so frightened.

When Ron’s turned suddenly and glanced at her, he released some of his spiritual energy that directly hit the negative ghost.


Perona was hit with the energy wave!

As Perona being in her ghost form, she basically existed in the spiritual world. After getting directly hit by Ron’s mental wave, she was petrified. The impact of the energy wave was even stronger than that of ordinary Haoshoku Haki (Conqueror’s Haki).

“Wow wow wow wow!!!”

The large ghost instantly went blank, and the negative ghosts shattered instantly.

In a room in the Horror Castle, Perona, who was sitting on the bed, suddenly started foaming and fainted on the bed.

Ron casually withdrew his gaze.

Perona’s mental strength was quite strong. It seemed that it was because of her devil fruit ability and regular exercise of mental strength. She had around or even 50 points… If her spirit and devil fruit ability were not completely combined, she should have been able to release similar abilities to the one that Ron used. However, her pure mental power was not strong enough.

Ron wondered, what would happen if Perona possessed magic.

Perona’s spiritual talent should be higher than Nami.

But at that time, as he was trying to kill Moria, Perona’s would be extremely hostile towards him. He was afraid that it would be difficult to convince her… to train her…

If she agrees to join him and to put her faith in magic, she would be then more suitable to hold the magic mark and become the second magician under his command.

“Perona’s negative ghost… What did you just do?”

Ron defeated Perona’s negative ghost easily under Moria’s eyes. The latter got more furious, but he could only grit his teeth till blood emerged…

Interrupted by Perona, Ron’s third-level magic release was terminated, and soon as the rune construction was restarted, he looked at the imprisoned Moria and said: “She did what she had to do… But don’t worry she just lost consciousness, thus her control over the ghost.”

“Damn you…”

Moria’s eyes were red with rage, and he was extremely angry.

Absalom was frozen by Ron’s weird ability, and no one knew if he was even still alive… Perona was defeated by inexplicable means. Two of the Mysterious were already lost!

Even Moria himself was a complete mess at that time.

This was something Moria had never thought of. He had never thought that an ordinary marine warship could cause him such great trouble, without the presence of even one of the admirals…

And most importantly, he saw the indifference in Ron’s eyes. How long has he not seen this kind of eyes?!

He could remember only one case, that damned day…many years ago when he faced the Beast Kaido…He had a similar look on his face!

“F*cking marines.”

“Don’t look at me…!”

Moria roared, pressed both his hands against the ground suddenly, and the power of the shadow fruit swung away, and all the zombies on the island stopped suddenly.

“The zombie stopped!”

“What’s going on?!”

“A shadow came out!”

The marine soldiers, who were fighting with the zombie regiment, watched the scene in amazement. All the zombies who invaded the warship stopped suddenly and it seemed as if their souls were extracted.

Rear admiral Puka, who was fighting the legendary samurai zombie, Shimotsuki Ryuma, was confused as the zombie stopped moving, suddenly lost his power and fell.

“Is Moria defeated? No, no! I have a bad feeling about this! What happened?”

Under the watch of Puka and countless marines, shadows that emerged from the falling zombies rushed towards the shore, towards Moria’s position.

Ordinary tricks wouldn’t work against Ron, Moria finally chose to use his ultimate move!

Shadow’s Asgard!


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