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P.A.S Chapter 113: Farewell

Flame Roar!

Ron waved his wand, and a torrent of hot flames fell from the sky.

Countless shadows kept converging towards Moria’s position, as he swallowed them. Soon, he raised his arms and shouted: “Shadow Shield!”


A gigantic black shadow bat flew up towards the torrent of flames. The flames and shadows intertwined for a while, just like the decisive battle between the gods of flames and the demons in hell. The scorching heatwave and the dark mist clash made all the marine soldiers looking at the scene palpitated.

Slowly, the torrent of flames continued to tear Moria’s shadow bat. The shield could only delay the inevitable and shortly the flames penetrated Moria’s ability.

But it seemed that was Moria’s real objective. He just wanted to gain some time.

Click! Click!

As he continued absorbing the shadows, his body began to grow thicker. The six-rods light prison that bound him was also overwhelmed and started making clicking sounds until finally, a dense crack appeared and Bang! Moria forced his way out and broke the seal!

But that didn’t make Moria stop, after breaking free, he continued to devour the shadows, swallowing nearly eight hundred shadows, almost clearing all the shadows on the island!


The blazing torrent of fire devoured the shadow shield and poured down.

However, Moria did not dodge. He had a fierce look on his face, with blazing eyes. He raised his arm, which had become several times thicker, clenched into a fist, and slammed Ron’s ability with a punch.


With one punch, the torrent of flames exploded!


Vergo’s pupils shrunk slightly, looking at this scene in the distance.

In the beginning, he felt that Moria was too weak to be a Shichibukai, but witnessing such a scene changed Moria’s image in his mind. He could see how terrifying Moria could be! He possessed tremendous powers at that time!

The wind resulted from his punch was alone more than enough to wipe out the torrent of flame released by Ron, penetrated the flames, heading towards the sky, forming a wind current visible by the naked eye. Such current could easily destroy a marine warship!

With a slight shock in his heart, Vergo looked at Ron and sneered again.

He recognized Moria’s strength, nodded his head, then said.

“It seems it’s about time I support him…”

If he didn’t intervene, it would be harder to explain afterward! Moria was ready to tear Ron apart, and that was fine for Vergo, but he had to at least pretend that he tried his best to support him.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Vergo rushed to the battlefield, appeared, and said coldly in the direction of the warship: ” Quickly, proceed with the evacuation of the director of the merchants’ association, I will handle things here with Rear Admiral Ron!”

“You are… Vice-admiral Vergo! Understood!”

Many marine soldiers who heard Vergo’s words, didn’t know how to react first, but soon they started moving in a harry, steering the warship away from the massive island.

After giving orders, Vergo looked back at Moria on the battlefield.

“A vice-admiral…”

Moria’s eyes were full of scarlet blood. After swallowing more than eight hundred shadows, he had some difficulty maintaining his normal consciousness, and his thoughts became a little confused.

“Useless marines, you appear one after the other! You dare to go against me, morons! I will make sure to make you a part of my zombies’ collection!”

Moria growled, and the black bats rushed towards Ron.

Ron’s skimmed towards the sky, as he waved his wand, and second-level wind magic was released, blocking the shadow bat’s attack.


Vergo with a kick, released a wind sickle towards Moria standing not far away.

Moria didn’t pay attention to Virgo’s attack. He stared at Ron in the sky, seeing that the shadow bat reached a close position to Ron, his eyes flashed coldly.

“Shadow Warrior!”

In a flash, the shadow bats all over the sky gathered together to form Moria’s shadow. Then, with a click, they suddenly exchanged positions with Moria’s real figure.

Moria, who had devoured more than eight hundred shadows, came directly under Ron. Without delay, he waved his giant hand and punched him.


Ron’s expression was still calm as if he already was expecting such a move.

As he continued flying towards the sky, the dragon wand flashed, and the elf orb was released, wrapping his body.

It was true that Moria lost some of his agility after absorbing the shadows, but for sure he figured a way to cover that lacking, otherwise, he wouldn’t dare to go to the new world to face Kaido. Well, the solution he came up with was to use his Shadow warrior, but he already was forced to reveal such ability earlier to avoid Ron’s abilities.

He used his shadow avatars to swap places to compensate for some of the lack of his flexibility, however, Ron already took all of that into consideration.


Moria hit the surface of the elven orb with his punch.

The unbridled eruption of the terror force slammed the orb surface, resulting in the emerging of a massive dark fog and mist swaying in all directions.

The elf orb withstood the strike and absorbed the shock, but in a flash, it started cracking and finally shattered.

Click! Click!

The ball of elves shattered, and the magical barrier released by Ron also instantly shattered. That wasn’t it! The aftershock even destroyed the ice shield that Ron released at a close distance.

Three layers of defense were broken by one punch!


Ron’s body flew higher in the sky and blood-spattered from the corner of his mouth.

“That was dangerous…”

The three layers of defense, coupled with the mental power coat, were not enough to completely block Moria’s full blow.

Moria’s power in that state was indeed terrifying!

But unfortunately, these forces not Moria’s own after all.

Manipulating these powers obtained from the shadows made Moria’s consciousness a bit confused and also, he became slow to act…Maybe Moria, who was strong and confident in the past, could control these forces easily, but after being defeated by Kaido, Moria lost the ability to do so.


Moria broke Ron’s defense with a single punch, but as soon as his punch landed, he could not stay in the sky and fell towards the ground below.

“The next exchange will be decisive…”

Ron looked at Moria who was falling, gently wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth with his fingers, holding his wand lightly.

When Moria used his Shadow Warrior, swapped positions with his shadow, and came to the sky to punch him with all strength, the battle was over.

That was the scenario that Ron expected! To block Moria’s last attempt with all his might, then that’s it! To be more precise, from the beginning of this battle, Ron was waiting for this moment.

It was mandatory to put himself in danger to make his opponent make his move…and then opportunities to finish the fight would eventually appear.

“Farewell, Moria.”

Before Moria reached the ground, a radius of 100 meters of the ground under him suddenly was bombarded by some kind of force, making a giant whole!

Thriller bark was a giant ship, not an island. It was a boat carrying part of the land, floating on the sea.

And of course, below any ship, there was the sea.


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