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P.A.S Chapter 114: A Hard Decision


Moria slammed into the already cracked ground, and the whole person fell uncontrollably downward.


Moria was panicking, his eyes glared, and he waved his arms wildly, trying to free himself from the muddy ground.

But in the swamp, struggling made things only worse for him, sinking deeper and deeper, not to mention it wasn’t just an ordinary swamp, it was Ron’s doing. He used his earth magic as Moria started falling!

The black shadow bat surged and tried to pull Moria out of the huge hole, but it was in vain, it was struggling to even to stop him from falling, let alone pull him up.


Another shock, the already cracked earth, busted into countless small pieces, and the shadow bat that wrapped Moria was fragmented by the shock.


After the last shock, a hundred meters of ground collapsed.

As the heavy rocks fell into the sea, it surged out, submerging Moria’s body.

“No… no…”

Moria reached out and grabbed the air, in an attempt to catch something, but the seawater already submerged his body, making his body that contained endless power stiffen down, and gradually he became thinner and thinner.

Moria looked at Ron in the sky and wanted to say something, but his body had sunk into the sea with the stones, and the water was gushing into his mouth.

Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

With the influx and submergence of seawater, countless shadows poured out of Moria’s mouth, flew in all directions, and gradually disappeared.

Moria’s swollen body quickly shrank and changed back to its original form, with white eyes, losing consciousness, and gradually sinking until it disappeared.

Not far away.

Vergo fell silent.

Earlier, when he anticipated Moria’s shadow warrior, he launched an attack that broke one of Ron’s layers of defense. He thought that his attack combined with Moria’s monstrous power should be enough to wipe out Ron…However, he managed to escape his doom…with some blood at the corner of his mouth…As for Moria, he fell into the sea at the next moment and was completely defeated!

As if he had just awakened from a dream, Vergo was standing there stupefied.

Moria was a devil fruit user and falling into the sea like that if no one saves him, it would be his end undoubtedly.

[what should I do now?]

[Save Moria? No, no, even if I rescued him, he wouldn’t be able to do much…he was completely defeated.]

[Should I go after Ron?]

It was also very difficult. He didn’t know whether Ron’s injury was serious or not. He had enough power to finish Moria using his fatal weakness with a single blow.

If he decided to act against Ron, it should be instantaneous! Otherwise, the warship that didn’t leave Thriller bark yet, would definitely react and immediately report to the headquarters.

His identity would be completely exposed!

Looking at the gradually calming sea surface, the muscles on Vergo’s face could not help twitching.

[Useless piece of shit, how did he become a Shichibukai!]


Ron in the sky, watching Moria sink into the sea, exhaled softly.

He didn’t use his most powerful ability, the third-level ice magic, because it would freeze the sea surface, and it would surely affect the performance of his plan to earth magic to sink the bastard.

The most powerful attack was not necessarily the most suitable, at least to deal with Moria, especially fighting in an environment like thriller bark, a sailboat, where he could use the seawater against Moria, the one unable to fly.

As long as he keeps his distance in the air, it was difficult for Moria to effectively attack him unless he uses his Shadow to exchange positions with his shadow avatar. However, as the body flashes into the air, it will be completely exposed.

The Shadow Warrior could only be used once in a short period of time. After using it, Moria will be defenseless in midair with no way to dodge Ron’s abilities.

If Moria had been holding on to the ability of the shadow warrior, Ron would have some difficulties and would be caught in a long procrastination battle, to see if Ron would drain his mental strength first, or Moria would lose control over his Shadow’s Asgard before that.

Anyway, Ron would still win.

After being defeated by Kaido, Ron was sure that Moria, didn’t have such a strong will anymore to maintain his shadow’s Asgard form and fight with him in a stalemate. Once he loses his form, Ron with a six-rods light prison followed by Ice dragons would be more than enough to finish the battle.


Ron flew down from the sky and fell not far from Vergo. He coughed violently! He coughed up a little blood, and his face looked pale and weak: “I didn’t expect vice-admiral Vergo to be able to support him in the right moment, but Moria was indeed very strong. It was really dangerous just now.”

Looking at Ron who was pale and weak in tone, Vergo’s eyes under the dark sunglasses were uncertain, he was looking at Ron for a moment and glancing at the warship behind at another.

The warship was about to leave Thriller bark, but when they saw that Ron managed to defeat Moria, they stopped again.

[Should I attack him!?]

Ron’s injury seemed to be more serious than he had imagined. Moria’s punch was quite extraordinary and stronger than he expected.

But if he made a move at that moment, it would be exposed. Even if Ron was killed in an instant, he wouldn’t be able to stop the marines on the warship from reporting to the headquarters.

He lurked in the marines for more than ten years!

He reached his current position, step by step, his records were clean, and no one in the marines would doubt him. The information provided to the Don Quixote family every year was of no value.

[Is it worth to waste all my hard work on someone like Ron?]

The original Vergo wouldn’t even think about doing such a thing, but after he witnessed Ron’s abilities in person, after killing Moria, he thought that Ron was a real threat!

It was the perfect opportunity to kill him…otherwise, he will become big trouble in the future!

Vergo gathered his fingers and gradually clenched his fists.

But just when he could no longer hold himself and wanted to strike Ron, the words of Doflamingo appeared again in his mind.

“You have already reached the rank of a vice-admiral, and a few years later, there is hope that you will be promoted to be an admiral candidate and have access to the highest-level decisions and information within the marines. The value of your identity is much greater than you think. Make sure you don’t expose it.”

Ron was just an enemy of the Don Quixote family. The family started so many years ago, and it got enemies all over the world, so what?

Their purpose was not to avenge the enemy, but to control the dark underground world step by step and manipulate the pattern of the entire world according to Doflamingo’s plan!

Even if Ron could become a marine admiral in the future, then what?

The family will deal with him when the time comes!

The information and intelligence that he will be able to provide to the family in the future will be too valuable. Coupled with Doflamingo’s identity as a former world noble, he could develop almost unscrupulously.

A few years later, the family would be able to control the decisive battle between the four emperors and the marines, manipulate the major forces to break up with the government, and ascend to the position of “king”!

The ten-year plan cannot be destroyed for the sake of a temporary enemy.


Vergo’s clenched fists slowly loosened again. He nodded at Ron and said: “I received the information that the ship of the director of the merchants’ association was lost in the Florian Triangle and that you went out for its rescue. I was worried that you could encounter the Shichibukai during the mission, so I came to support.”

“I didn’t expect rear admiral Ron’s strength to greater than I’ve heard, and even a Shichibukai was not your opponent… But even if it was an emergency, killing a Shichibukai would surely shake the world. Rear admiral Ron, if possible, report to the headquarters as soon as possible.”

At that time, many marine soldiers on the warships not far away also woke up from their daydreaming, and could not help but reveal a bit of shock.

“He died?!

“Was Gecko Moria, one of the Shichibukai, defeated and killed by rear admiral Ron?!”


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