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P.A.S Chapter 115: The Report

Marine headquarters.

Sengoku was pacing back and forth at the office looking at the Den Den Mushi placed on his desk! There were two, one connected to Vergo and the warship where Ron was located, and another one linked to the world government.

In the case of Ron’s defeat, he must immediately contact the five elders and use the Den Den Mushi on the warship side to allow the government to talk to Moria.

“No news yet…”

After a few steps, he stopped and glanced at the phones on the table, eyes full of anxiety.

As the fleet admiral, standing at the apex of marine power, only a few things could make him anxious, and this incident was undoubtedly one of them.

Not only the issue of the director of the merchant’s association but also the clash between one of the Shichibukai and the most promising marine newcomer, Ron.

No matter was the outcome of this situation, the impact would be huge!

“It’s useless to be anxious, Sengoku-San.”

Said Kizaru casually while sitting on the sofa beside him, holding a cup of tea in his hand and took a sip then said calmly: “Whether it is the headquarters or the G8 branch, the reinforcements were too late. It is all up to rear admiral Ron and vice-admiral Vergo and how they handled the matter.”

“This issue won’t end well, Kizaru…”

Sengoku snorted softly, saying: “The government will also intervene in this matter. Even if Ron and Virgo were able to evacuate safely, if the director of the merchant’s association was killed by Moria, it would affect us marines badly.”

“Ah, that is, the merchant’s association is one of the most contributors to the marines every year. They provide quite a lot of funds… If they decide to stop supporting us, the government will be very troubled.”

Aokiji chuckled and said: “But Moria was one of the most terrifying newcomers many years ago, breaking into the new world all the way. Later, after fighting with the Beast Kaido, he managed to stay alive and became a Shichibukai by the invitation of the government…”

“I know.”

Sengoku said with a deep voice, and he was naturally aware of Moria’s history. Although Moria had lost all his men and crew, he was able to survive from the beast Kaido, which was enough to prove how strong he was!

It was for this reason that the government invited him to become a Shichibukai.

Ron was also very strong, stronger than most of the vice-admirals, but Moria was cleaver and unpredictable, and the most important thing was that Rod had to protect the director of the merchant’s association.

The area of the Florian Triangle was Moria’s territory, which would make Moria more dangerous. Even with the support of Vergo, it was extremely difficult to ensure the safe evacuation and protection of the director of the merchant’s association.

The greatest concern of Sengoku was that the director of the merchant’s association could get caught in the mess and get killed.

In that case, the conflict with Moria would be meaningless.

“Borsalino is right, it is useless to be anxious, Sengoku.”

Tsuru, the chief of staff of the Headquarters was also in the Fleet admiral’s office, sitting at the table, with a pair of wise eyes, she said: “And I think the outcome of this situation can be beyond our expectations. “

She had seen Ron once.

At that time, Ron was still unable to match the achievements to that of the vice-admiral, but the chief immediately expected great things from him, because the confidence and temperament shown in his eyes were not revealed by many vice admirals.

Among all the vice admirals in the headquarters, how many felt that they could become admirals in the future, and had no fear standing to an admiral? How many had their own will and attitude?

It was the case of Ron.

Ron’s eyes revealed that he was not at all obsessed with the present, he stood his ground in front of her, the chief of staff of the headquarters, and stayed calm in front of the marine hero Garp! He was at ease.

If the attitude of ordinary people was like this, it could only be seen as arrogance. But Ron already had the strength comparable to the vice admirals, then it was not arrogance, but self-confidence! He believed that he would not be inferior to others, whether it was the chief of staff or admiral of the marines!

Such characters would not be easily defeated by a Shichibukai!

It was even safe to say that he would be able to repel his opponent and escape safely!

“Tsuru, you are very optimistic about Ron.”

Hearing Tsuru’s words, Sengoku looked at her slightly surprised.

He also felt that Ron could be an impressive admiral in the future, but that’s in the future, at the current time, he was fighting a Shichibukai!

The Yonko, the Shichibukai, and the marines were the three forces that balance the sea. Although the Shichibukai were the weakest, they were the strongest pirates in this world.

“Did Ron reach that level?”

“Another thing, you can’t sense his judgment to justice… He joined the marine for a short time, maybe he hasn’t found an answer to that yet.”

Every marine admiral, or even before they became one, already had their understanding of justice, and they acted for justice in their hearts.

Ron didn’t.

Maybe Ron had no sense of belonging to the marines and did not regard justice as his idea.

Which one was the answer? Tsuru wasn’t sure yet, after all, she had little contact with Ron.

“Is this…”

Sengoku also pondered, and he remembered that Ron took the initiative to apply to serve as the base chief. Since that time, he felt something strange, he felt like Ron was not like trying to work for justice, but more like wanting to become the leader of a certain sea area.

Of course, there were many people like Ron in the marines, and they all went to various branches. This type of officers, most of the time didn’t cause any bad effects, and they could successfully manage the sea areas under their command peacefully.

And just as Sengoku was lost in his thoughts, the Den Den Mushi on the table rang.

Sengoku’s eyes flashed, and the Den Den Mushi was immediately connected.

“Sengoku with you, what’s the situation there?”

“Reporting to fleet admiral Sengoku, we successfully rescued the director of the merchant’s association, and took three of the Mysterious Four into custody: Absalom, Hogback, and Perona…We are waiting for the orders on whether to bring them back to the HQ or not.”

Hearing the news about the director of the merchant’s association, Sengoku was immediately relieved. That was his ultimate concern.

After hearing the reports concerning the three of the Mysterious Four being under control, Sengoku had a wide smile on his face. He thought that Ron was in danger and used Moria subordinates for negotiation. He did a great job, this way, perhaps the marines would not have to pay anything.

“Are you safe now? where are rear admiral Ron and vice-admiral Vergo?”

The soldier on the other side of the Den Den Mushi remained silent for a moment, then reported: ” Rear admiral Ron and vice-admiral Vergo are sweeping the battlefield. They are checking the different areas of thriller bark…and trying to retrieve Moria.”

“Retrieve Moria?”

Sengoku was slightly stunned.

“Yes… The Shichibukai Gecko Moria was shot down into the sea by Ron base chief. At present, it is unknown if he is dead. Moria is a devil fruit user. If he falls into the sea, he may have been…”


Devil fruit users would not be able to escape the depth of see waters on their own unless they were fish-men who could breathe underwater, otherwise, they would definitely die!

Sengoku’s expression froze. Tsuru and Kizaru had an unbelievable look on their face too. The faces of the other officers standing not far away also changed drastically at that moment.

Ron defeated a Shichibukai!

The Shichibukai was dead and buried in the sea!

Such an outcome was unexpected, even for Tsuru, she just thought that Ron might be able to repel or defeat Moria, bur never thought that Ron could kill him!

“The world will turn upside down…”

Kizaru sipped his tea and slowly put down the teacup. He said: ” Tsuru-san is right, this is indeed a development beyond our expectations.”


June 19th, the age of pirates.

Rear Admiral Ron clashed with Gecko Moria, one of the Shichibukai, and after a fierce battle, Moria was killed in the Florian Triangle. Thus, the government removed its name from the Shichibukai.

The news spread across the world! Shaking the crowds!


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