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P.A.S Chapter 116: Remember this Name

Wano Country.

“Moria was killed? That brat was interesting…”

Beast Kaido sat by the campfire and looked at the newspaper, vaguely remembering his fight with Moria. The newcomer Moria was so strong, he even thought of recruiting him as a subordinate, but the latter escaped.

“It looks I overestimated him.”

Kaido was lost in his thought for a moment, then suddenly he threw away the newspaper and picked up the Sake gourd and grunted.

He had some tolerance for people with strength, even if they were his enemy, as long as they were willing to submit to him, he would instantly forget about their past, but since Moria was killed, it meant that he wasn’t strong enough! Not qualified to be his subordinate!

Somewhere in the sea.

“One of the Shichibukai was killed? A Rear Admiral? Did the marine broke the Shichibukai treaty?!”

Lucky Roux one of the officers of red hair pirates held a newspaper, and said with a grunt: “Can you believe that the government had no more use of the Shichibukai? I bet there is some kind of a nasty scheme behind this fake news!”

“No, it’s not that simple.”

Beckman took the newspaper and narrowed his eyes, while smoking a cigarette, then said: “This rear admiral Ron, not long ago, he killed one the cadre under Bigmom. He should be the best newcomer that the marines had in all these recent years. It may be true! There is a huge chance that this Ron really killed Moria.”

“This ……”

“No matter what, the other Shichibukai won’t stay quiet and will make their move soon.”

“Hehe, yup!”

Everyone smiled at each other, but they all kept the name of “Rear admiral Ron” in their minds.

After all, it was a Shichibukai who got killed and by the hands of a mere rear admiral!


“The name sounds familiar! I can’t recall when I heard this name before…”

Cake Island.

Bigmom was holding the newspaper, frowned as she saw the news.

Charlotte Katakuri, one of the three sweet commanders, stood next to her, and said with a low voice: “It was this guy, Mom, the one who killed Baron Tamago not long ago.”


Remembering such an accident, she Immediately got irritated.

She got furious but could do nothing about it. She had the power to kill a Shichbuaki easily, but targeting Ron who was with the marines would result in unnecessary large-scale conflict with the marines and the government.

If one of the other emperors had a conflict with the marines, she wouldn’t mind intervening, stabbing Ron from behind, but to start a war against the marines, it was out of the table.

“A Shichibukai was killed!”

“Gula La La… It looks like the marines found themselves a new monster.”

WhiteBeard took the latest newspaper, grinned, and said in a funny way.

Marco next to him smiled and said: “He managed to kill a Shichibukai at this age. Maybe it won’t take him long before becoming one of the admirals. He is indeed a threat.”

“It is a threat, but the most shocked people at this time should be the other Shichibukai.”

Vista touched his mustaches and said: “One of them was stabbed from behind. They will panic for sure, I bet they started having a bit of a chill on their necks.”

Many captains noted the name “Ron”. They weren’t particularly concerned, Moria was no longer himself after his will got crashed by Kaido, as for Ron, he won’t be a real threat until he becomes a marine admiral.

This way, the seas will finally be balanced and no one would dare to start a hassle!

Once the marine forces become large enough, such as the appearance of five or even six capable marine admirals, then the four emperors will become more careful and cautious, they won’t easily fight each other, and they will be highly prepared for the marines.

By that time, even the Shichibukai would betray the government and stand on the side of the four emperors, because they all knew that once the marines became able to kill the four emperors, it will be their turn next.

Therefore, it would be difficult for the marines to deal with the four emperors, even with additional admirals.

Even If there was a slight chance that two of the emperors would cooperate to suppress the marines, it was almost impossible that one of the emperors would side with the marines to take the others out.

So, Ron, the newcomer who defeated a Shichibukai, was not a threat in their eyes. Even if he became a marine admiral in the future, it would not affect the sea balance.

After the news that Moria, one of the Shichibukai was killed and delisted by the government, countless people thought that the other members would be shaken for this. But it wasn’t really the case.

Somewhere in the kingdom of Alabasta.

The desert king, Crocodile glanced at the newspaper, then threw it on the table, picked up the glass in front of him, and took a sip of wine.

Somewhere at sea, Mihawk glanced at the newspaper, his eyes flashed for a second, memorized the name Ron, then threw the newspaper aside.

The remaining Shichibukai had basically the same attitudes, but without exception, they all wrote down the name Ron. After all, he managed to kill Moria! A Shichibukai!

Among the Shichibukai, the only one with a relatively big reaction was Doflamingo.

Somewhere in the dark underground world, Doflamingo wearing a black cloak held a Den Den Mushi and listened to Vergo’s report on the Moria incident.

“Furfurfurfuro…Moria was killed by him like this?”

“As the government said, he was indeed too weak to be Shichibukai. I thought about working with him, but he was already done.”

Doflamingo was surprised by Ron’s strength. He was stronger than he had imagined, but that was all, and like the other Shichibukai, he actually didn’t give a f*ck.

Not to mention that the relationship between the Shichibukai and the government was originally based on using each other. As long as they respect the treaty, they would do whatever they want. It wasn’t surprising that the government got rid of the weakest Shichibukai. Such rank was made for kings! And weakling would definitely be eliminated.

Strength was the most important.

“No, Moria was not weak, Ron was that strong, that I myself didn’t know if I could kill him easily even in his bad state.”

Vergo listened to Doflamingo’s words and said quietly in a calm voice.

“Really? Ron was that strong?! Stronger than expected that even Vergo was hesitant to deal with him.”

Trebol was a little surprised, and said to Doflamingo: “If we find a chance, we need to strike him down before he becomes a pain in the ass.”

“I will pay close attention.”

Vergo murmured on the other side of the phone bug: “In case I find an opportunity, I will inform you.”

As Ron’s boss, he had too many ways to kill Ron. As long as Ron’s travel information was handed over to Doflamingo, whether it was the Bigmom Pirates or Domingo personally leading the team to ambush him, Vergo’s identity wouldn’t be exposed.

Either way, it was much safer than directly attacking Ron. At that moment, Vergo was relieved that he didn’t try to kill Ron during his fight with Moria. When Ron killed Moria, he panicked a bit that he almost made an unrecoverable mistake.

Thinking about it afterward, the risk wasn’t necessary and there were other ways to get rid of him.


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