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P.A.S Chapter 117: Perona

Marine T-72 branch base.

In the living room of a house, a few small transparent ghosts were floating around.

“I want to become a fish…”

“I can’t become a great navigator…”

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have yelled at you…”

“Should I call you master?”

As a group of negative ghosts passed through Nami’s body, who was originally screaming at Perona, exuded a very negative aura, and kneeled in front of Perona.

“Oh, oh… that’s right…”

Perona snickered with her mouth covered, but before she could finish talking, Nami glitched her fist and slammed her on the head, which swelled instantly.

“That’s enough! You bastard!!!”

Nami growled at Perona with her fist.

Ron, who was lying on the bed next door, woke up suddenly, revealing a bit of a headache, and covering his head, then snorted: ” You two are too noisy!”


The door was pushed open.

Perona floated in, crying in tears: “I just wanted some pudding. Such a simple request was cruelly rejected, boo…”

“I didn’t even have the luxury to eat that kind of thing! And why should I do it for you!? You are just a prisoner!!!”, said Nami, as she slammed her fist at Perona like a demon.

Ron’s head was spinning.

This mess was beyond his expectations.

In his previous battle with Moria, Perona attempted attacking him from behind, but she was beaten by his mental shock before she could reach him. When she fainted, he thought that it would take her at least a few days before she wakes up from her coma, but unexpectedly, she regained her consciousness so soon. The thing was that she lost all her memories!

Ron was stunned by this. His spiritual impact on Perona was greater than he expected, he actually broke a part of her spirit. He estimated that it was mostly due to the direct attack of the spiritual body.

After realizing that Perona had lost her memory, Ron thought for a while, and instead of letting the marine imprison her in one of their facilities with sea stone shackles, he took her back to the marine base under his command.

In Perona’s eyes, Ron rescued her from the marine hands, the ferocious marine soldiers who wanted to shackle her. She didn’t remember anything about her past and followed Ron obediently.

Ron was a little interested in Perona’s ability to use the negative ghosts, as well as her memory loss, so he erased her status as a prisoner and brought her to the T-72 base for a while, wondering whether her damaged spirit could recover as well as her memory.

There was also a problem with her staying around, that was, Perona and Nami were very incompatible.

These two lolis were extremely lively that there was no doubt that it was impossible for them to get along peacefully.

Although Perona possessed a devil fruit ability, Nami didn’t back down. Both of them had a strong spirit and kept clashing all day. It was hard to tell who was losing or winning.

“This is enough…my head…”

Ron ignored their quarrel, after all, if he took said with one of them, the sky could turn upside down. From a spiritual perspective, Nami and Perona’s souls were in conflict and Ron could see that clearly.


Perona continued to look at Ron grievously. The swollen Bump on her small head looked indeed pitiful. Nami glared at Perona and waved her sturdy fist again at her.

Perona dodged and hid behind Ron.

“Perona, come here!”

With a stern voice, Ron stopped the two’s quarrel and dragged Perona in front of him. From a spiritual perspective, he glared at Perona, observing her shadow-like soul carefully.

It has been a week since the battle with Moria. After things calmed down, Ron gave Perona the second magic mark, but he was worried that with the increased mental strength granted by the magic mark, Perona’s spirit could somehow get repaired. In other words, there was a possibility that she could regain her lost memories.

And in that case, the second magic mark would be wasted…

Although the enchanted magic mark could be withdrawn, it was a troublesome process and it could take some time. Plus, Ron was glad to find someone worthy to bear the magic mark.

It was true that Perona’s spirit was slowly recovering during the last week, but there was no sign of memory recovery.

“Don’t resist.”

Ron maintained a spiritual perspective, whispered in Perona’s ear, and then extended his spiritual power, sending a small group of spiritual energy to Perona’s spiritual body.

Although Perona has lost her memory and had no hatred for Ron, and such treatment would benefit her, it was impossible for her to not resist this kind of spiritual touch. Such resistance came from instinct. It was normal for a spirit to resist the interference of external will after all.

However, this wasn’t the first time, and Ron was consistently helping Perona to repair her damaged spirit in recent days, hence, her resistance was getting smaller and smaller, and this time it was very small, that was almost unnoticeable.


Perceiving that Perona’s spiritual resistance was extremely weak when Ron sent that group of spiritual energy, he also actively opened a little door, more like a path. Ron’s thoughts flashed, and some of his spirit energy was released, following the granted spiritual energy, rushing in.

It was the first time that Ron has invaded other people’s spirits. He didn’t even try this with Nami.

At the moment of invasion, Perona’s resistance abruptly increased, but it was too late. Ron’s spirit was much stronger than hers, and after he pushed that door open and followed that path towards her soul, she could no longer expel him.

After establishing such a link, Ron could destroy Perona’s spirit from the inside at will. If he wanted, he could mess with her spirit, making her completely lose any self-consciousness or awareness.

But, of course, that wasn’t Ron’s objective.

He spent so many days trying to repair her spirit and hurting her, making her a soulless creature was just out of question.

“This is the interior of the spiritual body…”

It was impossible to describe the spiritual body like we usually do with the physical one! It was impossible to describe it with words! Everything there was abstract.

Ron could sense all emotions such as joy, anger, sadness, and so on, as well as the deepest group of Perona’s own core consciousness.

After a short observation, Ron gradually understood the current situation and what he could do for Perona. His heart was shocked.

It was terrible!

It was very scary!

Invading another being spirit was more terrible than he thought!

Destroying the spirit was the most trivial thing to do. In fact, once the inner part of the spiritual body was invaded, he could completely control everything in the spirit. He could stimulate Perona’s joyful feelings, make her happy for a moment, or stimulate anger and make her fall into anger.

Except for the deepest core of consciousness, which was the personality itself, which cannot be changed, at this spiritual level, everything else could be rewritten, whether it was memory, emotion, or anything else.

In other words, all of Perona’s emotions and memories were under control!


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