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P.A.S Chapter 118: Future Goals

Ron pondered for a while, and then finally made the decision to not make any changes to Perona’s emotions. Although he could brush Perona’s favorability and loyalty to a full value in an instant, it was not necessary, he just needed to change her memories.


Ron found Perona’s memory, which was indeed in a mess. All of her memories were fragmented, shattered into pieces, which started slowly aggregating over time.

Ron thought for a moment, and his spiritual power was released, wrapping and tying up the broken pieces one by one, and finally pulled them out.

After collecting the shattered pieces, Ron drove the broken memory completely out Perona’s body, and fortunately, it did not affect Perona.

It might seem like Ron spent quite a time in the spiritual realm, but in reality, it was just a few seconds in the physical one.

“What are you doing, staring narrowly at her!?”

When Ron withdrew from his spiritual perspective and returned to his normal state, he heard a loud voice coming from Nami’s side. Looking up, he found Nami Staring at him a bit irritated.

At that time, Nami couldn’t see what was happening in the spiritual world. From her perspective, she just saw Ron putting Perona in front of him, then stared at her face with a squint for a few seconds.

Ron let go of Perona and said: “I was just observing her injury.”

“It doesn’t have to be so disgusting.”

Nami snorted lightly.

Ron innocently spread his hands and said: “Are you there?”

” Yes.”

Looking at Nami’s irritated face, Ron tilted his head and said: “It seems that after two months, you will be sixteen. “

Nami pouted.

“It’s quite clear.”

Ron said with a smile. Solving Perona’s problems made him in a good mood. He walked to the door and said: “Let’s go eat something, and let’s see if the materials from this headquarters have been delivered.”

After killing Moria, although Ron did not resign directly, he already decided to do so soon.

As him being a marine, many achievements couldn’t be achieved, and at that time, he already could protect himself on the grand line. In other words, he no longer needed to stay in the marines.

Of course.

The marine’s identity was quite useful, such as being able to access the marine’s internal intelligence network and possess Log Poses guiding to most islands of the grand line, that’s why he wasn’t in hurry to leave at that moment.

Sailing, food…These are troublesome stuff to do. Ron didn’t need to rely on his men in combat, but at least he had them taking care of all the trivial things, such as making money and getting intelligence, which could take too much time.

Therefore, after quitting the marines, he would also need a force under his command.

It would be very troublesome to form a new force. He will have to recruit people and so on, but Ron had no interest in wasting his time doing this kind of thing. He planned to defeat one of the known leaders and make the troops, under his command, serving him.

The Don Quixote family members were very good, plus, they had intelligence networks and dark transactions all over the world. They had a complete and perfect system that any leader would dream of, but for the moment it was a bit too early to seize Doflamingo powers.

At that time, the most suitable target for Ron was the Baroque Works, created by Crocodile. The Baroque Works was an organization with an intelligence network and a relatively large number of subordinates. Baroque Works agents often function as bounty hunters and takedown pirates to earn more money to aid their operations. For Ron, who has been a pirate hunter for a while, it was the perfect organization to target.

Moreover, the Baroque works were under the leadership of Crocodile, infiltrating the Kingdom of Alabasta, in an attempt to take over the kingdom, which was also a very suitable opportunity for Ron.

After all, in the achievement interface, there were such achievements as protecting a country from invasion and becoming a king of a certain country.

Save Alabasta from the great devil Crocodile, and marry Princess Vivi and become the king of Alabasta. This is a very orthodox plot of Western warriors.

The only problem was that Vivi was two years younger than Nami. Collecting one after another… Is this going to evolve into some kind of harem, loli developing game?!


Ron was lost in thought.

There was another point, defeating Moria was not enough to obtain the rank of a Shichibukai, because Moria was labeled as weak in the eyes of the government, and he was not worthy of the Shichibukai title.

If he manages to defeat Crocodile and had the record of defeating two Shichibukai, Ron was sure, if he chose to resign from the marines, then most likely the world government will invite him to become a Shichibukai. Ron didn’t care much about the title. He was doing all this just to complete the system achievements.

After completing the achievement series related to the Shichibukai, his total achievement points could reach more than 100 points. By that time, his strength will be further improved, and the Dolamingo and Don Quixote families would be his next target!

Defeat Doflamingo and gain the power of the Don Quixote family. Ron would be able to instantly get hold of a huge number of assets, and the achievements of the money department could be almost swept away!

As for the Don Quixote family’s intelligence and trading, networks could be used to collect the devil’s fruit all over the world… It could be said that Ron has planned everything afterward. This may not be the easiest path to choose, but it would benefit Ron a lot.

A few days later.

A small boat braved the wind and waves and broke into the calm belts.

There was only Ron on the boat. He stood at the forefront of the boat. The sea breeze blew the sails and drove him towards the inside of the Calm belts.

Although the next goal has been determined to be Crocodile, Ron did not immediately rush to Alabasta. On the one hand, it was too early. On the other hand, he wanted to complete some accomplishments that would be better done as a marine.

At the moment, Ron’s total achievement point has reached 85 points.

Before defeating Gecko Moria, a total of three achievements were achieved.

Among them, “Captain IV” was the last achievement of the Captain series. The condition was to obtain a giant sailboat, and thriller Bark should be the only giant sailboat in the world and this achievement brought Ron 3 achievement points.

Besides, the “Shichibukai’s Enemy” brought Ron 2 achievement points, with the condition was to kill one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. Plus, the achievement “Explorer III”, which had the condition to reach the deepest part of the Florian Triangle. Ron scored a total of 6 achievement points after killing Gecko Moria.

After doing so, Ron became 15 points away from the 100 achievement points.

For the purpose to collect more points, and reach his goal, Ron headed towards the calm belt, trying to achieve as much as possible in the series of hunting the Sea kings. He was not sure about the large and giant Sea kings, but he was confident that he could handle the medium and small-sized ones easily.

At least 2 achievement points! it was worth the trip!


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