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P.A.S Chapter 119: Hunting Sea kings

The main purpose of the trip was to hunt Sea kings, that’s why Ron did not bring Nami and Perona with him, or to be more precise neither of them was willing to come.

[Wanna go Fishing, Nami ?!]


[Um…yeah, in the calm belts.]

[It’s the lair of sea kings!!!]

[Yeah, that what I am after]


The conversation with Perona was basically the same. Hearing about hunting the Sea kings, Perona’s horrified expression was still lingering in Ron’s mind.

Well, it wasn’t dangerous to go out and hunt the Sea Kings, but maybe some people would take the opportunity to strike, after all, Vergo and Doflaming were still roaming free in the seas and could make a move anytime.

Ron himself was not afraid, but if he took Nami and Perona with him, and they encountered enemies at sea, it would be more troublesome to fight with their presence, plus if he felt that his life was in danger, he wouldn’t be able to fly away easily.

During the fight with Moria, Ron tried to make Vergo help him out. He actually pretended that he was seriously injured to lure Vergo and make him lend a hand, but the latter didn’t attack in the end.

Of course.

After his battle with Moria, although the latter was killed by virtue of the terrain, Ron released high-level magic abilities many times. Even if there was a wizard tower to provide energy, Ron’s spirit was already a little tired, and Vergo was known for his strong defense, which would be troublesome to deal with, and it could take time to settle things with him. So, If Ron faced him at that time, there was no assurance for winning.

However, Vergo didn’t make a move, and Ron pretended that he was unaware of his intentions.

For a small fry, it was not worth taking any risks. He did not regard Vergo as an enemy who needed special attention. He was just some dust that Ron had to clean it up when he has the right opportunity.

“Sea king…”

Ron left Nami and Perona behind and went to sea alone. Soon, he entered his spiritual perspective, looking through the sea and looking at the world under the sea.

At that time, Ron, from a spiritual perspective, could cover a much larger space than before. He could oversee hundreds of meters.

But, of course.

Hundreds of meters were still nothing compared to the vast sea, even compared to the calm belts area.

However, the Sea kings were very large, which made Ron task easier to search for them.


The first Sea king appeared in Ron’s field of vision. He only got a glimpse of his tail, but this sea king’s size was obviously more than 1000 meters in!

Large Sea king!

Those with a body of more than one kilometer are considered as large Sea kings. The ones over three kilometers are giant Sea kings. There are also super giant Sea kings with more than five kilometers size, they are comparable to the New World elephant Zunesha, the one carrying Zou island on his back! Island-level presence!

With Ron’s current strength, if he faced a kilometer-long large sea king, he could grind the other side to death, but this type of Sea King had high wisdom, and they won’t attack like wild animals. They fight smartly and most of them would dive into the depth of the sea after receiving one of Ron’s magic abilities.

It was impossible to chase after these creatures underwater. Although Ron could dive into the sea, his magic would be greatly restricted, so once they escaped, he wouldn’t be able to chase them down.

“Well, I can try to take it down with a single blow…”

Ron steered the boat, following the large Sea king under the sea.

The achievements of Sea King hunting, either small, medium, large, or giant were all different, promoted in turn.

Ron was confident that he would easily hunt both small and medium-sized Sea kings basically hunted, as for large ones, they were not that easy to kill. So, his bottom line was to complete the first two achievements and try his best to accomplish the third one.

Ron steered the boat and remained above the large sea king, but the creature never noticed the boat existence.

“He didn’t spot me yet? Hum, the sea stone floor is preventing him from noticing the boat.”

Ron glanced at the bottom of the boat’s sail, where a huge sea stone floor was placed. It was the core of the wizard tower he made.

After killing Moria, Ron exchanged the seized materials found on the Thriller bark with three huge sea stones floors from the HQ. With a total of eight cores, Ron took this trip out without being concerned about losing one of the cores.

Unexpectedly, the sea stone floor placed on the boat still had the effect of confusing the Sea king, that he couldn’t find the boat on the sea.


Ron narrowed his eyes and concentrated on the core of the wizard tower. Ron’s spiritual power poured out, wrapped the core of the wizard tower, and isolating it from the outside world.

As soon as Ron made his move, in the sea, about two hundred meters deep, the large sea king with a body size of nearly 1,000 meters stopped moving, and his huge eyeball moved upwards, looking over the top of his head. Staring at the boat.


After a short pause, the large sea king rushed out of the sea. He was staring at Ron’s boat placed on his nose.

Ron remained calm, then suddenly his figure flickered and flew in front of the sea king’s nose. With the wave of the Dragon wand in his hand, the blazing flames poured out.

“… Roaring flames!”

Ordinary magic was obviously meaningless to such large sea king. Ron did not use the third-level ice magic, instead, he released his third-level fire magic to attack the Sea king’s nostrils. The roaring flames were undoubtedly more suitable than the slow ice dragon spell.

The crimson fire flew like magma and poured into the nostrils of the large sea king. In a flash, the sea king’s nose was roasted.


The large sea king made a roar that shook sea. Two streams of water burst out from his nostrils. At soon, his head went down into the sea with a puff.

“It is alright!?”

Ron looked at this scene while twitching his mouth. It seemed that it was more appropriate to use the third-level wind magic. Unfortunately, he didn’t have explosive third-level wind magic. There was an explosion delay in both his storm vortex and ice dragon dance.

Both of these abilities had a certain degree of control buffs. The vortex storm would devour its surroundings by pulling them in, as for the ice dragon dance, it was great restriction magic. However, in the face of large sea kings with a size of more than thousands of meters, such control was obviously not enough to restrict the other party.

The Six rods light prison was also difficult to seal such a large Sea king.

Looking at the turbulent sea, Ron shook his head and his mental power gushed out. He straightened the overturned boat, and salvaged the core of the wizard tower and threw it back on the ship.

At that moment, a thought suddenly emerged in Ron’s mind.

What would happen if his magic was released inside the king’s body?!

It seemed feasible!

He could release the elf orb instantly, that was to say, after third-level magic, he could immediately use his defense magic to resist any attacks and he wouldn’t have to escape from the Sea king’s attack range.

Thinking of this, Ron felt that not only the large Sea kings could be killed, but even the giant one! He was eager to try it out!


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