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P.A.S Chapter 120: The Horizon

Ron had an idea on how to hunt large sea kings, however, since that moment, he did not encounter his target prey, instead, he met a group of small and medium-sized Sea kings.

Ron glanced at it from afar, and then without hesitation, he decided to shot.

“Ice Dragon Dance!”

For medium-sized and small sea kings, there was no need to use defense magic to get closer to the enemy. The third-level ice magic could cover an area of three or four hundred meters. Even if it didn’t finish the sea king, it would restrict his movement and another spell would be more than enough to take it down.

Ron target one of the sea king, one with a size less than 200 meters. It was frozen together with the seawater in an instant. Although it struggled and shattered the ice, it was too late to dive into the depths of the sea.


The three ice dragons wrapped around the center and strangled it, completely freezing the small sea king, transforming it into an ice sculpture.

As for the remaining sea kings, without delay, after witnessing that scene, they plunged into the sea.

[Tip: You completed the achievement “What a big Fish”, and got 1 achievement point]

There was a clear prompt sound in Ron’s ear.

“It could struggle a little bit… The medium-sized sea king may be able to break out of the ice of the Dragon Dance and escape the attack.”

Ron looked thoughtfully at the frozen sea king on the sea.

It seemed that it would be more difficult to deal with the larger sea kings than expected, and the ice dragon dance may not be enough to take the medium-sized sea king.

“Well, let’s test it out.”

Ron didn’t stay long and soon steered the boat in another direction.

For sea kings, there wasn’t a clear dividing line to group the creature into small, medium, or large-sized, but the condition for the achievement of the ” What a big Fish ” was to hunt a small sea king, then his previous prey was judged as a small one.

Ron didn’t want to kill indiscriminately, after all, it was quite troublesome to hunt sea kings. When he met a small sea king class again, he passed by directly.

Those below 300 meters in size were excluded from the hunting range by Ron. His current targets are medium-sized sea kings with a size above 300 meters or large-scale ones with a size around one kilometer.

About ten minutes later.

“Found it.”

Ron found his desired target. It was a sea-king with a body size of about 400 meters, which should meet the standards for medium-sized sea king.

It was a hundred meters below the sea on the left side of the boat. Ron quietly releases his spiritual power, cutting off the breath emitted by the core of the wizard tower.


This medium-sized sea king instantly became aware of Ron’s ship, with a pair of glowing eyes staring. However, it did not observe as the boat as the first sea king did, it opened its bloody mouth directly, in an attempt to swallow the ship instantly.

This time Ron didn’t use his third-level ice magic.

He snorted, holding the dragon wand, and with his backhand, a roaring flame fell and slammed into the medium-sized sea king.

“Oh Sh*t!”

The medium-sized Sea king swallowed the entire roaring flames in one bite, like eating a hell pepper. But, soon his two huge eyes seemed to be on fire and started making a roar of tremor.

“It’s not dead yet…it is too tenacious…”

Ron’s eyebrows trembled. He pointed his dragon wand at the creature, but by the time he was about to release his magic, his expression suddenly froze.


Almost without any hesitation, Ron’s mental energy surged out, and he directly took the wizard tower core from the boat and flew to the sky.

When Ron soared into the sky, a huge round sea area water started boiling in an instant, and soon a huge black shadow appeared below. It was a colossus mouth, with nearly one km depth!

The medium-sized sea king, who was struggling to stay alive, and Ron’s boat were swallowed by this abyss-like giant mouth in an instant. As for Ron, he barely managed to avoid it, but a part of the wizard tower was damaged!

It was a giant sea king!


It was a supergiant sea king!

Ron flew in the air, and could not see the whole figure of this huge monster under the sea. He could only see his shadow, like a small island gradually disappeared in the bottom of the sea.


Ron was speechless.

It was a bit too ridiculous. For this type of sea kings, unless he enters the other party’s brain to release magic, he may not be able to take it down, even after releasing consecutive abilities, until he drains all his mental energy.

At that moment, Ron remembered that Garp could knock such creatures with one blow, he couldn’t help biting his lips. He estimated that even the fourth-level magic wouldn’t be enough to one-shot that monster and fifth-level magic would be needed to do so.

When the sea gradually calmed down, Ron stepped on the core of the magic tower and fell to the sea.

The boat was gone and it was a bit troublesome.

It was a bit difficult to support this large wizard tower core with just mental power. He would be fine for a short time, but it would quite troublesome for a long period.

Just when Ron was depressed, a prompt sound rang in his ear.

[Tip: You completed the achievement “Shipwreck” and got 1 achievement point]

The achievement of the shipwreck was unexpectedly achieved. It was activated after the ship was eaten by the giant sea king, which swept away Ron’s depression in an instant. He was really surprised!

Because before he joined the marine headquarters, his ship was destroyed in the calm belts, and at that time, he did not accomplish any achievement. Ron pondered for a while, then came up with an explanation. It seemed that Last time, the system judged that the after wave of Garp’s punch broke his ship, so that’s why the achievement wasn’t triggered last time.

Well, it didn’t matter, after all, Ron was just happy that he completed an achievement.

As for the gone ship, Luffy could deter sea beasts with his Haki, which means that Ron should be able to deter a small sea king himself to use it as temporary transportation.

It was a pity that the medium-sized sea king was eaten before he could finish it. But since he got another achievement, it was alright. He could find other prey after all.

[Let’s find a small sea king first]

Ron started looking at the sea, but suddenly he snorted and turned his head, glancing west, and revealing a trace of surprise.

He could see a dark shadow, not far away, approaching. While looking closely, it was not a sea king, but it was a boat.


Ron was slightly surprised, and after thinking about it, he flew in the direction of the ship.

However, after crossing a certain distance, Ron found that it was not a marine warship, but pirates! It was a pirate ship that had a little impression in his memory.

“That’s… The Kuja Pirates’ ship?!”

After recognizing the Pirate Ship and its Flag, Ron recalled a name!

The Snake Princess!

Boa Hancock.

“I didn’t expect to meet her at such a time.”

Ron stopped and looked at the pirate ship, revealing a deep thought.

He knew everything about Boa Hancock. However, he would be so naïve to think that he could fly over to her ship and casually have an affair. He would be pushing his luck and he would get himself petrified and turned into a stone statue.

Speaking of it.

There was an achievement with the condition to rule over the Kuja tribe, over the Amazon Lily island.

How to rule Amazon Lilly island? Either get rid of the emperor’s suppression of the Island or just conquer the emperor, there was no other way.

While Ron looked at The Kuja Pirates’ ship, uncertain about his next move, his eyes flashed suddenly, turning his head to look in the other direction of the sky.

“What the hell!?”

“Everyone is gathered here!”

Looking at the figure gradually approaching from the horizon, Ron snorted, then his expression and eyes gradually calmed down.

Another Shichibukai!

It was an unexpected thing to meet the Snake princess Boa Hancock, one of the Shichibukai, but to meet two of them at the same time?! That was something Ron would never expect!

It was the Heavenly Yaksha.

Don quixote Doflamingo!


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