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P.A.S Chapter 121: No Hesitation

“Snake Princess, Snake Princess!”

Somewhere in a luxuriously decorated room, a female warrior from the Kuja tribe rushed in quickly, and said in a panic: “Not far away! A boat! People appeared in the sea! Snake Princess!”


Responded to the snake princess with a cold tone.

The voice was dull, with no charm, but only a glance at its owner would be enough to make anyone lose his mind.

At the moment, Hancock was sitting on a chair covered with bright red blankets. She wore a revealing red blouse that showed much of her chest and a loose sarong that exposed her long, slender legs with the green symbol of the Kuja adorned on it. There was a trace of indifference and arrogance.

She glanced at the female warrior who came in to report and turned her head randomly to look out the window.

They were in the middle of the calm belt, and it was weird that someone was using a small boat to cross over the most dangerous sea in this world. Hancock was stunned a bit, but she acted indifferently.


The female warrior said slightly nervously: “There were two people, both flying on the surface of the sea, it seems that they are devil fruit users, and it looks that one of them is one of the Shichibukai, like yourself, snake princess. It is Doflamingo!”


Hancock frowned slightly, stood up, and walked outside.

If there were ordinary people, she would have ignored them, but a Shichibukai? That was another story. A Shichibukai, especially Doflamingo, wouldn’t be roaming in such an area meaninglessly. Something was happening!

When Hancock came to the deck, almost all the Kuja female warriors were already lined up on the deck, looking nervously at the two figures on the sea in the distance.

They didn’t know Ron, but they knew about the other person.

The Shichibukai!


As the subordinates of Hancock, they were brave warriors, that wouldn’t get nervous easily, but Doflamingo was a big man with an equal rank with their princess! A Shichibukai!

“Even here in the calm belt, you will also meet ugly men…”

Hancock walked up to the deck, looking far away at Ron and Doflamingo. She looked a little irritated. Neither an ordinary man nor a Shichibukai was what she wanted to meet.

“What should we do, elder sister, should we attack them?!”

Hancock’s sister Sandersonia stood next to her, whispering.

The other sister, Marigold, interrupted: “It doesn’t look that they are here for us, it would be better to leave them be, that man out there is a Shichibukai like sis…”

Hancock frowned.

If Ron and Doflamingo were closer to the ship, that would probably exceed her tolerance limit, and she would not hesitate to strike them down, even if the other party was another Shichibukai.

But they were a little far away and both of them seemed to have a certain flying ability, but she didn’t, and long-range attacks wouldn’t be efficient.

And just as Hancock frowned at Ron and Doflamingo, the latter finally came right in front of Ron. He was floating in the air, looking down at Ron.

“A Shichibukai is looking for me…what can I do for you?”

Ron didn’t care that Doflamingo held the higher ground. He looked up at him indifferently. They finally met! After more than a year since they had the first conflict over the devil fruit.

Doflamingo was very strong, way stronger than Moria, far stronger than the marine vice-admirals. He had the strength that could match the elite subordinates under the Yonko.

But Ron did not intend to escape immediately.

One of the major things that made Doflamingo this strong, that he awakened his devil fruit true powers. He was able to change everything around him into thread and control them at will…but they were in the middle of nowhere, surrounded only by sea!

There was no room for Doflamingo to use his fruit awakening ability there.

“I didn’t expect to meet the legendary Pirate Empress here, Fuffuffuffuffu”

Doframingo glanced at the ship of The Kuja pirates in the distance, then turned his eyes to Ron and said: “Have you forgotten? You took something from me that shouldn’t have.”

Ron said lightly: “Oh that’s a pity…but since I took it, it became mine, no!?”

“I’m a little curious about how you found me.”

Ron knew that Vergo must have secretly reported to Doflamingo, but at most, he could just report that Ron entered the calm belt. He didn’t possess something like Vivre card so that Doflamingo could find him accurately. It was weird that made Ron a bit curious.

Doframing’s right finger was bent, and there was a thin transparent thread invisible in his fingertips. He looked at Ron below and said: “You will pay for what you did insolent brat, Fuffuffuffuffu! As for how I found you, you will get the answer once I send you to hell! “

As the voice fell.

Doflamingo’s fingers flicked open.

” Goshikito (Five Color Strings)!”

Five thin lines that were nearly transparent to the naked eye appeared. Doflamingo swiped his right hand towards Ron, in an attempt to slash him with the five strings coming out from his fingers

Ron remained calm and as soon as Doflamingo’s threads reached him, he fell downwards, and the core of the wizard tower under his feet flew upward.


The five thin silk threads were blocked by the core of the wizard tower in an instant, making a deafening sound like some steel being scratched.

Ron was constantly using his spiritual force to keep the large sea stone floating, although it was a burden to Ron, it was a great shield to be used against devil fruit users like Doflamingo, and unless he uses Armament Haki, Dofi wouldn’t be able to even leave a trace on the stone.


The attack was completely blocked by the huge stone under Ron’s feet, which made Doflamingo look a little surprised, then said as he frowned: ” kairoseki Stone?”

Although his Goshikito was not considered as a strong attack, it should have left some impact on ordinary steel and since it didn’t…That stone under Ron’s feet was definitely made out of kairoseki stone.

“That’s right.”

Ron said casually, as he waved his wand.

Suddenly, six golden beams of light bound Dolomingo’s body confined him in the air.

“Imprisonment: Six-Rods Light Prison!”

“This ability…”

Doflamingo murmured as he looked at the golden beams.

In fact, he heard from Vergo about Ron’s general abilities, that’s why since the beginning of the fight, he was using his observation Haki to predict Ron’s moves and dodge his attacks, but unexpectedly, even with his Haki he couldn’t cancel nor dodge the sealing technique.

Ron just pointed his wand at Doflamingo. There was no trace, no delay…

‘’An unavoidable attack?”

Just after one move from Ron, Doflamingo realized the frustration of the Baron Tamago and Moria who died in Ron’s hands.

Even with the ability to predict Ron’s next move, there was no way to dodge! He was sealed by the six-rods light prison! There was no such thing as evasion!

Even if he possessed space-like abilities, he would only change his position, without breaking free out of the sealing! And his actions will always be limited.

Originally intending to evade Ron’s ability, unexpectedly, Doframingo failed to break the six-rods light prisoner.

Ron watched Doflamingo, as he prepared his second magic, and inexplicably recalled something that his grandfather used to tell him in his late life.

[Hesitation leads to defeat]


As Ron waved his wand in his hand, a terrifying cold air shrouded the world, and the sea surface, hundreds of meters were frozen in an instant.

The three pillars of cold air with a height of 100 meters were strangled with Doramingo at the center, imprisoned by the six-rods light.

Ice Dragon Dance!


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