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P.A.S Chapter 122: Mental Shock Wave

It was really bad!

Doflamingo couldn’t instantly break free from his imprisonment! At that moment, he felt that temperature in the atmosphere dropped sharply, and soon three monstrous cold currents started strangling him.

Doflamingo’s face suddenly became serious. He instantly condensed his Armament Haki and started struggling to get rid of the six rods light prison.

Click! Click!

The six rods of light started making some crackling sound after all that struggle, and soon countless cracks appeared, however, the seal was not completely broken.

Failing to break free from his imprisonment, Doflamingo had no time to escape, and he could only resist the three monstrous cold currents.


Under the shocking eyes of the many female Kuja warriors, three torrential cold currents met at the center, merged into one, and finally exploded.

They could only recognize Doflamingo as he was one of the Shichibukai and they did not know Ron. At that moment, they couldn’t hold themselves from trembling, looking at the shocking scene in front of them.

“Who is that man?!”

“Doflamingo, a Shichibukai, was completely suppressed!”

Said Marigold and Sandersonia with a surprised tone.

“In this world, there are still a lot of unknown powerhouses.”

Said Hancock with an indifferent tone, as she sat on the head of the strange snake Salome, looking at the battlefield where Ron and Doflamingo were fighting from a distance. There were no changes in her expression.

No one thinks that Doflamingo could be killed by a single blow. Doflamingo was indeed impossible to be killed by a single blow, even if it was a blow of the third-level ice magic.

When the cold storm was gone.

In the middle of the hundreds of meters of the frozen sea, a spire-like ice tower appeared. Doflamingo was covered with ice, frozen in it.

Click! Click!

In the next moment, a crack in the center of Doflamingo’s eyebrows appeared, and the surrounding ice suddenly shattered, and the whole person suddenly flashed out of the ice tower.

“Is this your strongest attack? Fuffuffuffuffu…”

There was still a little ice residue on Doflamingo’s fingers. He raised his hand and shook off the ice blocks, as he stared at Ron.

Ron sighed, but he was not surprised. He was expecting at least this much from Doflamingo. He knew that such an enemy should be taken lightly.

Doflamingo’s Haki was way better than that of Baron Tamago.

Using his powerful armed color domineering, coupled with his devil fruit ability, plus taking advantage of the delayed impact of the Ice dragon dance, Doflamingo resisted Ron’s third-level magic, left without taking much damage.

Ron’s strongest magic was deflected by Doflamingo sheer brute force, and at that moment, Ron became aware of the gap between himself and Doflamingo.

Like Moria, his powers weren’t perfect.

Even if the ability was very good, such as Moria’s Shadow Asgard, that granted him enough power to shatter an island with one blow, if its flaws and weaknesses were too obvious, like not having 100% control over your power, such flawed abilities won’t work against the beasts of this world.

And Doflamingo was considered as one of these beasts, no one could deny his powers whether it was Haki, devil fruit ability, or even intelligence. He even mastered his devil fruit ability to the level of awakening, and his fighting skills were equally meticulous. Doflamingo was extremely powerful!

He almost had no weaknesses!

Before mastering the 4th level of magic, Ron wouldn’t have a chance against Doflamingo.

“You can restrict someone’s movement, as well as manipulate ice, your fruit ability is very interesting, but you are still lacking much! brat!”

Doflamingo said to Ron with a serious tone, he wasn’t mocking him or being sarcastic, but he showed a spirit that was superior to Ron.

“You are not ready to go against the king!”

With the fall of the voice, Doflamingo shook his right hand, and a long whip made of countless thin threads suddenly fell towards Ron.

The strike was extremely fast. Almost in an instant, it came to Ron’s head. With one blow, the frozen sea area of hundreds of meters was directly split into two parts. That wasn’t it, the strike made at least one kilometer of seawater split!

Click! Click!

Ron opened the Elf orb instantly, but under Doflamingo’s blow, numerous cracks appeared, until it finally exploded.

The whip continued to fall, and a layer of ice shields appeared above Ron’s head, followed by nine others in succession, overlapping each other.


The ice shields broke instantly and splashed around, leaving only three layers! The whip was finally stopped!

The whip was less than a foot away from the top of Ron’s head, but he didn’t look at it, instead, he kept glaring at Doflamingo standing not far away.

“The sea was split…”

“That’s the strength of the Shichibukai…”

When they witnessed Ron’s third-level magic, the many Kuja female warriors were shocked, but their reaction when they witnessed Doflamingo’s power wasn’t comparable! They were petrified (E/N: lol)!

Everyone was shocked, expect Hancock, who kept her usual cool head and looked at the distant battlefield calmly and indifferently.


After a few moments, her expression changed drastically, for the first time, showing a look of surprise.

At the far sea, Doflamingo, who was holding the threads whip, covered in Haki, was a bit stunned and had an unexpected look flashing in his eyes.

Click! Click!

In the space between Doflamingo and Ron, there was faintly intertwined black thunder visible to the naked eye.

A shockwave was formed in an instant swept across the broken ice surface, engulfing countless ice slag, and swayed in all directions, together with the sea below, which was tumbling and surging.

The Kuja female warriors rolled their eyes instantly and starting fainting one after the other like dominoes.

“Haoshoku Haki (Color of the Supreme King Haki)?!”

Doflamingo and Hancock spoke at the same time with surprise.

Doflamingo was surprised that Ron possessed the Conqueror’s Haki, while Hancock was surprised that both Doflamingo and Ron had the same Conqueror’s Haki as her!

” Haoshoku Haki? Yeah that’s right”

Ron said to Doflamingo with a slight smile.

When Doflamingo released his Haoshoku Haki, Ron also responded with a mental shock and the shockwave-like effects were similar to the one that resulted after the clash of Haoshoku Haki user.

Haoshoku Haki?

It’s just a kind of mental shock.

Ron could generally understand the so-called ‘king’s qualities’. Haoshoku Haki was a rare form of Haki that allows the user to exert their willpower over others. This type of Haki can’t be attained through training; it is a power that one must be born with. Only one in several million people are born with this ability. It was indeed the qualification of a king!

After all, in this world, there was no system to train the spirit. Only through constant fighting, and surging courage, such type of Haki could be awakened.

Ron didn’t intend to explain this. They mistakenly thought that he possessed Haoshoku Haki, but they weren’t wrong.


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