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P.A.S Chapter 123: Being Watched


The black lightning intertwined in the air, and finally broke completely, turning into a shockwave, sweeping in all directions.

At the same time that the shockwave-like effects of clashing Haoshoku Haki ended, Ron’s body sank suddenly and fell into the sea with a bang.

On the other side.

[That guy… even has Haoshoku Haki!]

[And isn’t he a devil fruit user!? He f* rushed into the sea, this is…suicide?!]

In a short period, several unexpected events occurred simultaneously that left Doflamingo stupefied, frozen unable to process all this.

But at that moment, a strange force suddenly burst out from below the sea surface, and several extremely thick wind blades emerged.

This attack was not strong, but it was extremely abrupt, and it came from under the sea! It was unexpected and Doflamingo was almost unprepared. The wind blade came out of nowhere and took Doflamingo by surprise. It was too late to dodge, or even to use the Armament Haki.

Slash! Slash! Slash!

Several wind blades intertwined, blasting Doflamingo into the air for more than ten meters.

When the wind dissipated, Doflamingo’s face was extremely ugly, his light pink feather coat was torn apart, his pants were cut open, and a faint trace of blood oozed out.

“Damn it!!”

Doflamingo was angry, slammed his five fingers down, releasing silk threads that tore apart the fragmented ice along with the sea below, but his attack didn’t reach a soul.

The sea quickly returned to calm, and Ron’s figure disappeared.

Only countless remaining ice cubes were still floating on the sea as if it was mocking his incompetent fury.


Doflamingo stopped the meaningless attacks, gritted his teeth, and looked at the sea below.

The reason why he came in person this time was that he heard that Ron had left the marine branch alone, which was the best opportunity. He even reviewed Ron’s abilities with Vergo again before coming.

But even so, Ron’s abilities were still somewhat beyond his expectations. The most surprising fact was that Ron could dive into the sea!

That was something Doflamingo never expected!

Those who could survive at the bottom of the sea were not humans. Even in the case of fish-men who ate devil fruits, it was true that they could breathe underwater but they wouldn’t be able to swim freely… As for “monsters” like Big mom and Kaido, even though they had human bodies, they had a different structure than that of humans, they are completely different from any race in the world, and seawater won’t be enough to kill them.

But in the case of Ron, it was not just a question of whether he will die if he falls into the sea! He could even use his abilities from under the sea!

It was incredible!

If it wasn’t, such weak wind blades wouldn’t have hit Doflamingo, but Ron’s capabilities took him by surprise!

“…I made a mistake.”

Doflamingo gradually suppressed his anger, but his face still looked gloomy.

No matter what Ron used to be able to dive into the water and release his abilities, it became impossible for Doflamingo to reach him.

The only way to reach the bastard was to lead a large number of subordinates to encircle Ron on a certain island without giving him a chance to go into the water. That was the only way.

Doflamingo was afraid that Jinbe was the only one who could handle Ron when he dives into the sea, and unfortunately, Jinbe and Dofi didn’t see eye to eye, and they wouldn’t even think about such thing as cooperating.

Thinking of this, Doflamingo couldn’t help but glance his fist. At first, he didn’t regard Ron as an enemy that needs to be taken seriously, but at that moment, with such ability, Doflamingo became aware that Ron’s existence was a threat to him and to the family.

“On top of that, he possessed Haoshoku Haki…”

After squeezing his fist, Doflamingo relaxed slightly, with a sneer at the corner of his mouth. He always felt that something fishy was behind Ron’s joining the marines.

[How could a person with Conqueror’s Haki be a marine and listen to other people’s orders?]

Doflamingo was sure that Ron will leave the marines sooner or later.

At that time, Ron’s existence would troublesome from the marines. Even if they weren’t in conflict, Ron and the marines would have a strange relationship. At that time, Doflamingo will deal with Ron without worrying about having an unnecessary clash with the marines, maybe even cooperate with them to take down the mutual enemy, Ron.

Thinking of this, Doflamingo smiled coldly, then glanced at the Kuja Pirates’ ship not far away, and flew away without seeing a word.

On the other side.

On the Perfume Yuda, Kuja Pirates’ ship.

“That was indeed… the same Conqueror’s Haki that sister has…”

There were only a few female warriors who could maintain their composure and didn’t pass out. As for Hancock’s sisters, they endured Hancock’s Conqueror’s Haki several times. Even so, a trace of sweat still appeared on their forehead. They stared at the direction Doflamingo who was leaving the scene, with a slightly unbelievable expression in her eyes.

‘’Conqueror’s Haki! two people possess the Conqueror’s Haki!’’

There were many strong people in this sea, but not many possessed such type of Haki. Anyone who possessed such Haki has the ‘king’s qualities’. No matter whether they were weak or strong, they were destined to be absolute! Extraordinary!


Hancock stood there, looked at Doflamingo’s departure, and took a deep look at the calm sea.

She knew Doflamingo, but she didn’t have the slightest idea about Ron.

“Wake them up and head back to Amazon lily.”

“Yes, sister.”

Somewhere in the vast sea.

The seawater suddenly surged, Ron’s figure flew out from the water, took a long look at the direction he came from, and smiled lightly: “Huh, now I can relax for a while.”

This trip was supposed to be a simple one, a trip to hunt down sea kings. This trip’s purpose was never to lure Doflamingo.

After Moria’s battle and the appearance of Vergo, Ron knew that he was under Doflamingo’s radar and that the latter was looking for an opportunity to get rid of him.

Although Ron was not afraid and he was sure about his ability to retreat any time, it was always unpleasant to feel being watched secretly and this brief confrontation with Doflamingo was actually a warning to the other party to stop their unnecessary pursuit and tracking, because it was meaningless.

“To deal with Doflamingo, mastering 4th level magic is a must!”

Ron floated on the surface of the sea and muttered while looking at the sea below.

Counting the previous hunting of sea kings and the ‘shipwreck’, his current total achievement points have reached 87 points. In addition to his regular practice, his total spiritual attributes have reached 143 points, as for his overall strength, it was improving gradually, but it wasn’t enough yet to face major characters.

But thanks to these completed achievements, he got much closer to the 100-achievement, which would improve his magic mark again. That way his spiritual attributes will usher in a skyrocket, and maybe even exceed the 200 points directly!

After that, mastering the fourth-level elemental magic would be an easy task, and at that time, he will have the strength to hold his grounds against the beasts of this world!

Ron was no longer far away from the peak of the sea!


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