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P.A.S Chapter 124: Overlapping

After all that heavy encounters, nothing special happened during Ron’s sea kings hunt.

He first took down a medium-sized sea king, and then spent a lot of effort to get inside the body of a large one that he killed from inside.

In the end, Ron wanted to try to attack the giant sea king, but before he got in through his nostrils or mouth, he was forced to use the elf orb to defend himself from the monstrous ocean currents resulted by the beast. After several attempts, he failed to drill in. So, eventually, he gave up.

Killing the medium-sized and large sea kings granted Ron 3 achievement points after completing the two achievements of “Professional Hunter” and “Hunting Expert”, which made him satisfied.

A total of 5 achievement points was obtained from this trip, and the total achievement points rose to 90, ten points away from the desired 100 points. He had to complete four or five higher-level achievements.

The money system was a bit hard to accomplish at the moment but there was another suitable achievement such as “Navigator IV” and “Navigator V”, with the conditions to set foot on 40 and 50 different islands, respectively.

These two were relatively time-consuming but very easy to achieve.

In addition, there were “Destroyer” and “Terminator”, with the conditions to destroy ten medium-sized ships and at least one large, and thirty medium-sized ships and at least three large ones, respectively.

These achievements were actually very simple to achieve. He could just find a port and destroy every single boarded ship, but it seemed a bit too wicked after thinking about it… Anyway, the mission of the marines was to hunt down pirates, and it was appropriate to destroy their ships, so these achievements will be eventually accomplished in no time.

Ron had never paid attention to the task of hunting down the pirates before. So, after returning to the branch this time, he checked the information about the pirates in the area and planned to combine the two types of achievements of the destruction department and the navigation department, although they were so expensive, time-wise, it was easy to achieve.

And also, while sailing, he could continue to explore his magic.

The wind magic was handed over to Nami to study. At that time, Nami explored more types of second-level wind magic than Ron, that the latter even learned some of them from her.

As for the fire and ice magic, Nami didn’t learn them. It wasn’t that she was not interested in other kinds of magic, but her hands were full with the wind and guardian systems that consistently drained her energy.

Ron didn’t pay attention to Nami’s research at first, although she discovered some useful second-level wind magic that could be used for daily shores. However, one day something happened, and Nami unexpectedly discovered something that surprised Ron.

Nami has discovered the basic principles of overlapping magic circles!

Ron was certain that source magic can definitely be combined with other magics, but he had no idea how to combine them. The thing is, he deliberately didn’t study it, because he wasn’t thinking of making the magic equipment for the time being.

But on Nami’s side, because she only mastered wind and guardian magic, her research, who was based on just these two systems, eventually converged into that direction, and she explored completely different routes from Ron.

She discovered that runes could overlap!

Overlap and combination are completely different. The combination means runes are interconnected forming a single, whole rune, while overlap is like multiple magic runes, forming a multi-layered rune!

The change brought by this discovery was… the wizard tower was completely formed.

The inscribed runes of elemental runes, unlike the eternal ones, wouldn’t remain forever and would disappear after release.

But when the rune of the elemental system overlaps with the eternal one, affected by the power of the eternal system, the energy source, it inherited the eternity feature!

Hurricane Tower.

Frost Tower.

Flame tower.

All kinds of magical towers could be formed like this. The steps of condensing runes were omitted, and the wizard tower could be activated, releasing magic instantly with just a wave of the wand!

Perona, who didn’t even bother to learn any magic, could freely manipulate this kind of wizard towers after being given a magic mark by Ron.

Unleash the corresponding magic!

If there were enough sea stones to build enough magic towers and placing them on a certain island, Ron could imagine the scene where Doflamingo was flying into the sky, and then instantly he was blown by a dozen or even hundreds of third-level magic! Like fireworks!

It’s a pity that Ron got only six stone bars from the marines.

It was barely enough to make three wizard towers.

Ron made two of them and placed them on the deck and the stern of the ship. As for the remaining two raw sea stones, they were made into a normal shaped wizard tower, which was formed by overlapping two energy sources.

This kind of wizard tower had less energy stored than the two separate cores, but the energy accumulation time was shorter, and it was much easier to control than the two cores tower, which Nami could barely control it.

These wizard towers could be considered as magical equipment in a certain sense.

The large-caliber heavy cannons of the marine headquarters were certainly powerful, but is it fair to even compare them with the magic tower that could release third-level magic?!

If one hundred and eighty such magic towers were arranged in the headquarters of the marine, the Marineford war would have ended instantly. Even the Four Emperors and their pirates’ group would have trouble passing through such a line of defense!

In fact.

After the wizard tower was made, Ron tested it once to check its power, and it didn’t take long before Sengoku personally called him to inquire about it, after receiving intelligence about the new powerful equipment.

After getting the answer from Ron, “This is made with special abilities, and could only be controlled by him”, Sengoku hung up the Den Den Mushi disappointed.

Sengoku did not doubt his words.

Like Gecko Moria, relying on the ability of Shadow Fruit to create a zombie army. It was his unique ability, and he only could use it to command and mobilize the zombie army.

There were a lot of devil fruit users who created special weapons using their devil fruit powers, but since it could be mass-produced, it was not beneficial for the marine forces.

Only the weapons produced by scientists, like Vegapunk, could be mass-produced, and it was a great asset for the marines, the Pacifista for instance.

The top government officials also got the news, but their attitude was similar to that of Sengoku after learning it couldn’t be mass-produced.

Several months passed in a flash.

Twenty years already passed in the Great Pirate Era. It was around the time when Zoro went out to the sea, to become the world’s greatest swordsman.

During this period, Ron completed the two achievements of the Voyager IV and the Voyager V, which ended this series, as well as the “Destroyer” and the “Terminator” of the destruction system.

Four achievements, a total of 7 achievement points.

He was only 3 points away from the 100 achievement points!


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