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P.A.S Chapter 125: Alabasta’s hostages

Alabasta, the desert kingdom.

In a certain town, dozens of pirates were gathered there, and behind them, there were a lot of cloth bags full of gold coins piled up. Several pirates were stacking the bags while counting.

Besides the pirates, there were also about ten civilians squatting on the ground with their heads down. Their faces were pale. They were horrified, guarded by four or five pirates holding sharp swords.

In front of these armed pirates, there were about 100 Alabastian guards, holding spears and muskets in their hands, and all looked very nervous.

“Quickly let the people go! You have got the money!”

In the center of the guard, a girl with sky blue hair glared at the pirates. She looked about fourteen or fifteen years old, but she was not afraid to face the many pirates.

She might be bold and not afraid, but the guards next to her were extremely nervous, with cold sweat on their foreheads. The captain of the guards was the most nervous, persuading the young girl:

“Your Highness…This place is dangerous, please stand back…”

“Leave this matter to us.”

However, Vivi clenched her small fist, ignored the captain’s words, and said: “They took hostages, and it won’t be solved with forces! Father is not here, so it is my responsibility to handle this.”

Compared to the guards, the pirates were lacking in numbers, however, they did not show any look of fear. The captain of the pirates grinned and waved the sword in his hand, saying: “This is a lot of money, but these were collected by my men, how much do you think these people lives is worth?!”

After hearing such words, Vivi gritted her teeth and stepped forward: “Alabasta is a poor country. We have no money to give you. Please let go of the hostages and leave!”


The captain of the pirate looked at Vivi, squinted his eyes, and said: “There is no money in such a big country?! who would believe you, brat?! Anyway, you seem to be the princess of this country, right?”


At the age of fourteen, Vivi still spoke without fear in the face of many pirates, and said: “What do you want to release these people?”

The captain of the pirate sighed slightly, then said: “This doesn’t change a thing, we just want money. We got 14 persons here. Let me see… 10 million Berries for each head, and I will set them free? If you can’t get me the money, am afraid I can’t help you, young princess, haaahaahaa.”

And when the pirate captain’s voice fell, a large number of guards rushed to the street. Together with the already present people, there were nearly two or three hundred Alabastians, surrounding the street.

Seeing the reinforcements arrived, Vivi looked at the captain of the pirate, and said with a serious tone: “As you can see, you are outnumbered, and reinforcements will continue to come, I don’t think you Would you like to start a battle here?”

“Release the hostages and you can leave the place safely!”

The decisive and firm tone was not what a fourteen-year-old young princess could have, which made the captain of the guard and the others admire her.

[This is the Princess of Alabasta!]

[Although His Majesty Cobra does not have a prince, Princess Vivi’s aura and courage are enough to succeed the throne and govern this country in the future!]


Hearing Princess Vivi’s words, the pirate captain’s face suddenly sank. He looked at the numerous guards surrounded him, snorted coldly, put the sword in his hand on the neck of a hostage, and said viciously: “Are you f*cking threatening us?”

“No, it’s not a threat, just a statement of facts.”

When Vivi saw the pirate’s behavior, putting the sword a finger away from a civilian’s neck, her heart was trembling extremely, but she responded in a deep voice.

At the same time, the Musketeers directed all the firecrackers at the pirates.

The captain of the pirate looked at the numerous guns aimed at him and his companions, and couldn’t help narrowing his eyes, although he was not very afraid of these two or three hundred people, once the fight broke out, casualties would be inevitable, and the opponent’s reinforcements were indeed arriving wave after the other.

“Damn it!”

“These hostages are our jail free card! Stop daydreaming, we won’t hand them over easily! Even if we kill one or two of them, you won’t dare to start something here.”

“So, don’t threaten me!”

The pirate captain opened his mouth fiercely, and stepped on the civilian’s back with one foot, stomping it over, getting the blade closer to its neck.


Vivi shouted sharply.

The captain of the pirate looked at Vivi, then at the civilians who were full of fear at his feet, and suddenly grinned, and said: “You really are a good princess who cares about her people. Since you want to save them so much, why don’t you exchange position with them and became our only hostage?”

“If you can’t get the money, the civilians’ lives are worthless. If it were replaced by the princess’s life, it would be different, hahahaha.”

“These bastard pirates!!”

The captain of the guarded snorted, squeezed his fist, while his eyes were red with anger.

Vivi gritted her teeth and said: “Okey! I will be your hostage!”


“Your highness, you can’t do this!”

The guards next to her almost said in unison.

Including Pell, who rushed out of the crowd and said: “Your highness, you can’t do such a thing! His majesty would never permit such behavior! I will do it! As the head of the guard!”

Said Pell, as he stepped forward towards the pirates leaving his sword behind.

When the pirate captain heard Pell words, he snorted, and the sword in his hand drew a little bloodline on the civilian’s neck, and said: “Head of the guard? I bet you get some kind of hidden ability and you want to make a sneak attack! Stay right there, you bastard!”

Pell stopped stiffly.

Upon seeing this, Vivi took a deep breath, passed Pell, and came in front of the group of pirates, saying: “I’ll be your hostage if you let the others go!”

Although she showed courage far beyond what a kid at her age should have, there was still a trace of tremor in her voice when she spoke. After all, she was facing a fierce pirate, and deep down she was afraid to death…

Seeing Vivi coming along, the pirates’ captain was slightly surprised. He was just joking around, trying to embarrass the loved princess in front of her people, but he didn’t expect her to do such a crazy thing as putting her life in danger for her people!

“Her Highness seems to be very reasonable, hahaha.”

After finishing his words, the captain of the pirate grinned and kicked the civilian out. At the same time, he grabbed Vivi and stepped back. Although he was a little stunned by the young princess’s actions, he was a nasty pirate, and kindness wasn’t in his dictionary.

With a sword pressed against her neck, Vivi’s small hands began to tremble slightly, but she still suppressed the fear in her heart, and said: “Respect your part of the deal! Let go of the hostages!”


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