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P.A.S Chapter 126: 500 Million

“Hehe, as you wish.”

The captain of the pirates looked at Vivi, grinned, and said: “With the princess in our hands, the other hostages are of no use, let them all go!”

“And princess, many of your people are pointing their guns at us. That’s dangerous, you know! They are putting your highness in danger! Hahahaha! Tell them to put their weapons down…”

The captain of the pirate glanced mockingly at the audience and said: “You fools! Put down your weapons! as long as I have my sword at the princess’ neck, even if you shout us all down at once, I still can behead her!”

Hearing such words, the guards’ face went ugly.

Pell clenched his fists, gritted his teeth, and said: “Put down all the guns!”

After the exchange of hostages was completed and Vivi switched position with the 14 townspeople. Although it seemed that the trade was more beneficial to the pirates, it was more troublesome to save a dozen people at the same time than to save only one.

But the thing was that Vivi was the princess of Alabasta!

Being dragged in such a vicious incident, getting killed, or even just injured was serious culpability for the kingdom guards!

“Hehe, that’s much better.”

Seeing the escort putting their guns down, the captain of the pirates chuckled and said: ” Make a way! This place is not very safe. I don’t want to hurt your princess because of your uncooperating! So… move away and let us head to the port!”

“You threatened the life of her highness! Do you think you will leave this place now?!”

“Let go of her highness! You pig!”

Some of the guards couldn’t help but yell.

However, the captain of the pirate snorted. He only gestured twice with the knife in his hand in front of Vivi’s cheek and silenced all the guards that could only squeeze their fists nervously.

“Let them pass through…”

Pell spoke in a deep voice, staring at the pirates firmly! He was looking for any opportunity, to surprise the bastards and rescue Vivi.

However, the nasty pirates placed Vivi in the center, and more than three swords were pointed at her, giving no loopholes or opportunities at all.

There were veterans! It was clearly not their first time! They moved quickly but with extreme caution!

The many pirates reached the beach as the Kingdom Guard surrounding them. The pirates’ ship wasn’t docked far away, and the guards could only watch the pirates take Vivi on board of the ship.

“This will make it easier! I can talk to you happily now!”

The pirate captain grinned, relaxed, looked at the many guards on the shore, and said: “A princess of a kingdom, she should be worthy of at least 500 million berries! 500 million shouldn’t be too much, right? So, I will give you half a day to collect the money! It is a fair trade! 500 million for the life of your princess.”

“500 million?”

Hearing what the other party said, Pell screamed angrily: “With the 14 townspeople as hostages, the amount was about 150 million and it was an absurd amount! How in hell you want us to collect 500 million, now ?!”

The captain of the Pirate shrugged his shoulder and said: “The value of the princess is certainly not the same as common townspeople. Your princess voluntarily exchanged position with the hostages. A country as large as Alabasta can’t collect a 500 million Berries?”

“Stop your bullshit! Even if the king didn’t have much money in the kingdom treasury, you could easily go from house to house to collect thousands of berries! You have a half of a day, otherwise, you can collect the princess’ scattered body from the shore!”

Pell was furious, with red eyes, full of anger.

You bastard!

Although the pirates’ captain was extremely shameless, Pell couldn’t deny his request and could only accept his terms… Only the kingdom’s citizens could save the princess at that time…after all, it was true that the kingdom’s treasury was empty.

However, if they do so, to collect the 500 million, many households will have to spend many years of their savings, and once the pirates run away, the impact will be too bad to bear!

[What should I do?!]

[If only we could rescue Vivi, it would the best case… but even if the pirates get a bit careless, there are still two swords aimed at Vivi]

“500 million? It is impossible!!”

Vivi was tied to the mast by a rope, and at the moment she glared at the captain of the pirate: “You wanted 150 million earlier! That’s shameless! 500 million…it is impossible to accept this price increase!”

“Oh? So, the young princess wants to die.”

The captain of the pirate turned his head, smiled grimly, and said: “It looks like you are only fourteen or fifteen years old. There are so many things you haven’t experienced at this age. Are you sure about casting away your life?”

Hearing such words, Vivi’s eyes widened, she kept trying to firmly glare at the pirates’ captain, but the trembling in her heart made her unable to hold her tears anymore.

Not only fear but also regret and self-blame. She was too careless…She made the situation worse by her intervention…

Either accept the pirate’s terms or face death.


Could she muster the courage to accept death?!

After all, Vivi was only fourteen years old. Even if she was not afraid of facing the pirate and dared to step forward, she wasn’t able to suppress the tremor in her heart after hearing the word “death”.

And just as Vivi’s tears rolled from the corner of her eyes, a sigh came.

“You went so far, man! you made the princess cry.”


The captain of the pirate who was grinning heard the sudden voice, and his face changed drastically as he looked at the direction of the voice.

Vivi tilted her head to look too.

On the side fence of the pirate ship, someone appeared. He was wearing an aristocratic dress and a white wizard cloak. He held a thin red wooden staff in his hand, stepping forward slowly approaching the deck.

“…Stop there!”

Although he didn’t know how Ron appeared on the ship, the captain of the pirate quickly reacted, pointing his blade at Vivi and sternly spoke at Ron.

However, Ron didn’t care. With a flick of his finger, six-light beams suddenly appeared, confining the captain of the pirate in place, unable to move a step.

“This guy……”

“He is a devil fruit user!”

Seeing this scene, the many pirates onboard was terrified.

One of the standing pirates, as he saw Ron approaching, out of panic, he waved his sword, slamming it into Vivi’s chest.


Seeing that sharp blade was about to pierce her chest, Vivi’s eyes widened, and a trace of panic flashed in the depths of her eyes. She wanted to escape, but she was tied there and couldn’t move.


As the tip of the sword reached Vivi’s chest, it stopped suddenly in mid-air. The sword along with its holder was frozen in place.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Ron’s left index finger and middle finger were brought together, and with a random wave to the left, the frozen pirate was sent flying away, hitting the pirates close to Vivi, sending them out of the ship!


Ron snapped his fingers, and the rope holding Vivi was torn apart instantly.


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