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P.A.S Chapter 127: King Cobra


Since the hostage exchange was made, Vivi was in an unstable state of fear. Besides, she was thirsty and hungry, that at the moment when the rope was torn apart, she couldn’t even stand firmly, wobbled, and fell on the shipboard in front of her.

However, before she reached the floor, a soft force supported her.

It was not someone who helped her out, it was an inhuman force, an invisible force that could only be felt, non-visible. Undoubtedly, it was a spiritual force released by Ron.

When Ron decided to intervene, he was worried that his spiritual power would be enough to knock down the pirates’ captain, that’s why he used the six-rods light prison on him, as for the other pirates, most of them were knocked down unconscious the moment he started walking forward. A mental shockwave that took care of the weaklings.

At that time, Ron’s total mental power reached around 159 points. Although there was no explosive improvement when he broke through 150 points, it was still a significant enhancement. He could release stronger waves of mental powers that could handle small fries without the need of his Magic.

“What?!… Damn it!”

As the captain of the pirates, who was imprisoned by the six rods of light, saw Ron rescued Vivi, he started roaring and struggling, the muscles on both his arms swelled, but he could not shake the six beams of light at all!

And soon his anger was replaced by fear!

“You! who are you!? we can share the princess’s ransom equally!”

Ron looked at the pirate captain who was trying to win him over and smiled, and seemed as if he found him interesting, then said: “Equally divide the ransom? You are a funny man! You want to share the ransom of a princess with a marine officer?”


The captain of the pirate froze and looked at Ron in disbelief.

[This young guy a marine?! But marine never intervened in Alabasta’s affairs… But if he said so, he should really be a marine!]

“It’s a pity that I am here for just a private operation and didn’t bring anyone along. Huh, I don’t have time to waste…to take you to the nearest marine base. Troublesome!”

Ron spoke casually to the captain of the pirate, then scratched his right finger.

The seawater rolled up from under the ship, came to Ron’s surroundings, and quickly condensed into an ice-swords, suspended in the air.

“This is…bad!”


Seeing such a scene, many pirates became aware that there was no way that they could handle such an opponent. With scattered screams, they immediately scattered and fled away.

But I was too late.

All the pirates who tried to escape were restrained in place instantly by Ron’s mental power, and then dozens of ice swords were released towards them.

In an instant, dozens of pirates and the captain were all penetrated by the ice swords!

Seeing this scene, Vivi stretched out her hand in shock and covered her small mouth, then turned to look at Ron, thinking of what he said earlier, then said: “You are… a marine?”


Ron nodded, smiled lightly at Vivi, and said: “I am vice-admiral Ron of the G7 branch. I am responsible for the security of the nearby waters including Alabasta.”

To compensate him for his consecutive achievements, especially taking down Moria, the former Shichibukai, Ron was promoted from a rear admiral of the T-72 division to a vice-admiral of the G7 branch.

A vice-admiral of a branch is an adjutant of a base commander, who is responsible for assisting the chief base officer in handling the base affairs. However, after he went to G7, Ron had a “discussion” with the base chief and since then, he was only responsible for the pursuit of pirates.

This time he came to Alabasta and he happened to meet Vivi. Originally, he planned to first check out the extent of Crocodile’s influence on the kingdom before he meets the princess, but he didn’t expect her to be kidnapped by a pirate group, which made him give up the idea of investigating secretly and directly rescued her.


When Vivi heard Ron’s words, her eyes widened.

He wiped out the pirates’ crew in a flash! Ron was definitely not an ordinary marine.

However, being saved by a vice-admiral was completely beyond Vivi’s expectations. On top of that, Ron was too young, he seemed to be just a few years older than her!

For Vivi, the vice admiral is the rank second only to admirals and only people with immense strength and experience could obtain such high marine rank!

Such a young vice-admiral…

She even wondered if Ron was just joking, but seeing Ron’s facial expression, she knew he wasn’t joking around, and started feeling a bit overwhelmed.

“Your highness!”

At this moment, the many guards of Alabasta also rushed onto the Pirate Ship, and Pell grabbed her immediately. He looked at Vivi checking on her, then glanced at Ron with a slight alert.

Ron smiled at Vivi and maintain a spiritual link with her.

[I’m on a private trip, so It would be better if I don’t announce my identity]

Hearing the sound directly in her mind, Vivi looked at Ron in a daze, but she still reacted quickly and said: “Thank you very much!”

Pell’s vigilance gradually faded, showing gratitude, then saluted Ron: “Thank you for saving our princess, thank you very much!”

“I just did what’s right, you are welcome.”

Ron smiled, glanced at the people and buildings on the far shore. A gleam of light flashed deep in his eyes!

[This presence. Is it him?]

‘’Desert king’’ Sir Crocodile.

If seemed that if Ron didn’t show up, Crocodile was planning to save the princess himself. By doing so, he would be regarded as a savior, a hero to be more precise, and then he would clear his name, and erase any suspicion around him being the source of the rainless and gradual chaos in Alabasta.

Although the purpose of this visit was to take down Crocodile since Ron already met and saved the princess Vivi, it seemed better to expose Crocodile’s conspiracy first, and then get rid of him with sufficient reasons.

The Royal Palace of Alabasta.

King Cobra, who learned of the details of the incident, was pleased with Vivi’s courage, but that didn’t save her from getting rebuked.

“It’s not like that…Although it’s a bit reckless, to be able to make such a choice, only a few princesses could show such courage as her Highness.”

Ron watched Cobra scolding Vivi and couldn’t help but smile.

He thought that Vivi was kidnapped at first, but after understanding the specifics, he couldn’t help but admire Vivi. After all, she was a princess who grew up in the palace and was not a commoner… He could only admire such courage during this kind of situation.

At that time, Vivi was only fourteen years old.


When Cobra heard Ron’s words, he sighed, then said: “That’s right, but if something happens to you, Vivi, what future will have this country?”

Vivi stuck out her tongue, blinked her eyes, and said: ” Would you like to have another wise prince?”


Cobra gave Vivi a stern look.

Thinking about Vivi’s sick mother and the current chaos in this country, Cobra sighed and couldn’t say a thing.


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