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P.A.S Chapter 128: Weird thoughts

Since it was already night, Cobra naturally invited Ron to join them for dinner, during which they had a small talk about the current situation of the kingdom.

The biggest headache for Cobra at the moment was that it didn’t rain for a whole year and the people gradually started to riot, and lately, the number of riots kept increasing nonstop.

Things started going out of hands, that the unrest people began to form a rebel army.

Although everything was still under control, over time, chaos will reign.

The solution to this matter was quite simple…just heavy rain, but it was something out of the king’s reach. He was just a mortal, not a god, and he didn’t know when or how to make it rain. It was unpredictable.

“It didn’t rain for a year…”

Ron pondered for a moment, then said: “After all, this is a desert kingdom. Although strangely, it did not rain for a long time, it is still comprehensible. However, there have been many riots in a year. This situation is somewhat unusual, and even a bit fishy.”

Ron naturally knew that Crocodile was the one pulling the strings, using the Baroque work agency, to make havoc in the kingdom. But Ron did not say it directly, and just pointed out the problem.


Cobra frowned and said: “Under normal circumstances, this shouldn’t be the case, but at the moment, it is not just that the number of riots has increased significantly, but many people suspect that I had hoarded Dance Powder…”

Vivi intervened: “The citizens of Alabasta are good-hearted and simple. It just didn’t rain for a year. It happened many years ago and with everyone’s concerted efforts, we could overcome such dire situations. “


Ron pondered for a moment and said: “It happens that I have nothing to do for the time being and since Alabasta is in my jurisdiction, I will investigate this matter tomorrow.”

Hearing Ron’s words, Cobra suddenly showed a hint of joy, and said: “Ron-san will help? I am grateful.”

Ron was a vice-admiral of the marine G7 branch and the fascinating thing was his age. He was only about 20 years old, still, he managed to obtain the rank of a vice-admiral at such a young age. Cobra was kind of sure that in the future, Ron will be one of the leaders, if not the fleet admiral of the marines.

And to have someone like him helping out, it was naturally for Cobra to be so excited.

Although Alabasta was one of the countries under the authority of the world government and was protected by the marines, the latter was only responsible for expelling pirates and would not participate in the country’s internal affairs.

Issues such as internal chaos and riots could also be solved by the marines, but the kingdom would have to pay the military expenses, and high-ranking marine officers like Ron would require a huge sum of money, and with the current situation, the restless Alabasta can’t afford such expenses.

Ron agreed to help, as Ron the person, as a friend not as a marine vice-admiral, so that the kingdom would not be charged for military expenses from the marine officials.

“Thank you so much!”

Vivi’s sparkling eyes widened as she got up from her seat, and bowed to Ron gratefully.

As a princess of the kingdom, such etiquette can be said to be very solemn.

“You are Welcome.”

Ron smiled and said: “It is my duty to maintain the peace of this world, after all, not to mention that Her Royal Highness’ act today was truly amazing.”

After being praised by Ron, Vivi showed a slightly embarrassed look, and a lovely blush appeared on her cheeks.

Cobra laughed and said: “Where she is still too reckless. Doing things that shouldn’t be done by a princess. As for you Ron, you are so young, and you became a vice-admiral of the marines! You should be proud of your achievements!”

Cobra hasn’t gotten to know Ron’s deeds carefully, but such a young marine officer could easily kill the pirates and rescue Vivi, so for sure he was a decent marine officer.

Ron smiled and said, “Alabasta has no marine base stationed. It seems that I have to ask you about a place to sleep tonight. “

“This is easy!”

Cobra smiled and immediately ordered the waiter next to him.

The rest of the banquet returned to the chat, however, Ron felt that something was off. He could sense that Cobra’s attitude was a little bit strange.

Knowing Cobra’s personality, a few years from now, he will be busy looking for a son-in-law, but after seeing Ron, despite Vivi was still young, weird thoughts started to rush Cobra’s mind which made him act a bit weird.

After all, in front of him was a young man with a bright future, a great man who will rewrite the world in the future, that he couldn’t hide it. He was so distressed, knowing that such a man could be his future son-in-law.

Although Vivi was only fourteen years old, she was clever and smart and quickly noticed Cobra’s weird attitude, and then guessed what was that all about. The atmosphere suddenly became a little weird.

Ron saved her, and he was such a young vice-admiral, and his appearance also met her aesthetic standards. It would be impossible for her to deny any feelings for him, but she just admired his heroic acts… After all, it was only their first contact, and she was only fourteen years old. What was her father thinking?!

After the banquet.

Vivi ran away, she couldn’t cope with the weird atmosphere anymore. Compared with this, she felt that it was easier for her to deal with the pirates earlier that day.

Cobra was also a little helpless, he just had a little idea, and he didn’t say anything too suggestive, but Vivi was too smart.

“Vivi, can you take Ron to his room?”

Cobra noticed that Vivi was about to escape from the dining hall, and said to her casually.

Vivi stopped helplessly, and said with a low tone: “Ron-san, come with me.”

Ron nodded, said goodbye with a smile at Cobra, and followed Vivi.

There wasn’t much difference between the 14-year-old and the 16-year-old Vivi in Ron’s memory. She looked like a full-fledged girl, walking forward in a pink dress at night, she indeed looked a little bit different. Enough to make appreciate the scenery in front of him.

Vivi didn’t say a word, and walked quickly, till she reached a huge door. It was a spacious room that had been cleaned up, fully furnished, like a five-star hotel room.

“Get a good rest, if you need anything, you can call the guard outside…”

After walking all the way, Vivi has recovered, smiled cutely at Ron, then waved and walked outside.

But at this moment, Ron suddenly stopped her.

“Wait a minute.”


Vivi stopped turning her body halfway and looked at Ron with a little surprise.

“Come in first, I want to say something to you.”


Vivi looked at Ron who was standing inside the room. She didn’t know what he was thinking about. Her small face was blushing, her eyes panicked instantly.

[What does he want to say?]

[What does he want?]

[Should I refuse? But if do…how will he react?]

The mess of thoughts filled Vivi’s small head in an instant, making her a little dizzy.


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