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P.A.S Chapter 129: I need You

In the end, Vivi couldn’t refuse and entered Ron’s room hesitating.

No matter what he was about to say, she had no other option but to hear him out, even if… For the sake of the kingdom, the little girl gritted her teeth and stepped forward.

However, things were completely different from what she expected.

Ron looked at Vivi strangely, remained quiet for few seconds as he couldn’t help feeling a bit funny looking at Vivi’s reaction, then suddenly spoke his mind.

“…You mean the riot was triggered by someone?!”

Although Vivi had vaguely made such an assumption, she couldn’t remain calm when she heard Ron’s words, and all the messy thoughts before were wiped out in an instant.

Ron nodded and said: “Actually, I didn’t come here to Alabasta by accident, I had a private matter to handle.”

“Back in the marine branch, when I was investigating a pirate hunter organization, I accidentally discovered some secret information. This organization seemed to be planning something.”

“After I investigated in-depth, I discovered that they had maliciously incited Alabasta people not long ago and caused a small-scale riot.”

Vivi, who was already a little skeptical, immediately believed Ron’s words. She looked a little serious and said: “Then, that organization…”

“Well, I investigated it.”

Ron nodded at her and said: “It’s called the Baroque Works.”

“Baroque Works…”

Vivi chanted the name again. She seemed to have heard of it before, but she couldn’t remember from where…

She frowned, and said in confusion: “Why would this organization do such a thing?”

“It’s up to you to investigate.”

Ron sighed at her.

Vivi looked at Ron with a bit of amazement, and said: “Why? Ron-San, didn’t you come here specifically for this matter?”

Ron shook his head and said: “The purpose of my visit was only to inform the king of this incident. Because of the Baroque work, my identity shouldn’t be revealed.”

“The boss of the Baroque work is one of the Shichibukai, and the marine is prohibited from interfering in the Shichibukai’s affairs, including investigating the organizations under them.”

Upon hearing Ron’s words, Vivi’s eyes widened and stood in her place shocked.

A Shichibukai?!

Although she didn’t know much about the exterior world, she still knew about the Yonko, the four emperors who dominate the new world, and the Shichibukai who cooperates with the government.

She took a deep breath. After accepting the news, her face expression calmed down. She looked at Ron again and said in a very solemn voice:

“The Shichibukai…who is he?”

“Desert King, Crocodile.”

Ron spoke calmly.

Hearing Ron’s words, Vivi’s pupils suddenly shrank, and subconsciously said: “Crocodile?! Impossible, how could it be him…”

Crocodile came to this kingdom a year ago. Since he came, he has been dealing with the pirates who invaded the border. He was more efficient than the kingdom’s guard and captured hundreds of these nasty pirates trying to sneak into the kingdom. He was gradually being regarded as a hero by many citizens.

But Vivi soon remembered that the Baroque works’ boss was a Shichibukai…and there was no way that two Shichibukai would be located in such a small kingdom…

[Ron is right!]

“Crocodile, why would he do such a thing?!”

Vivi spoke unacceptably.

Ron remained silent until he heard Vivi’s question. He knew that she already believed him, then said: “I don’t know about the details…nor about his purpose, but with such behavior, there must be some conspiracy. And for sure it is not beneficial for Alabasta.”


Vivi bit her lip.

Her eyes flickered for a while.

After a long time, she took a deep breath, looked at Ron with gleaming eyes, bowed deeply, and said: “Thank you very much! This information is so important to us, I don’t know how to thank you!”

Ron released his mental power making the princess stand up, then smiled at her, and said, “no need, you are welcome.”

“Although I am unable to intervene in this matter due to my identity, I had to warn you. Also, I am worried that Crocodile may already have some spy who infiltrated the palace, that’s why I wanted to talk to this matter in private.”

Hearing Ron’s words, Vivi’s eyes flickered again, and she fully understood the situation. She was aware that she should not discuss this matter casually with anyone who could not be trusted. Also, she was so grateful that she couldn’t even find the right words to express what she felt to Ron.

“I’ll look into the rest…”

Vivi took a deep breath, looked at Ron, then said: “Ron-San! Please feel free to ask anything you need. We will try our best to satisfy you.”

Ron looked at Vivi and couldn’t help but smile, then said: “I said you are welcome. Still, If you insist, I need you, princess. “


Vivi was stunned for a moment, then her eyes widened instantly, with a trace of panic, looking at Ron at a loss.

Seeing Vivi’s cute appearance, Ron couldn’t help teasing her. He smiled at her and said: “As I said, I need you! Princess, your aptitude is extraordinary, and you have a talent for learning magic. Would you like to follow me and learn magic?”

“Huh? Ah?!”

Vivi was speechless. She was completely lost in her thoughts!

[What is magic?!]

[Learning magic!? He just said magic right!?]

“Well, we got Crocodile’s matter to be dealt with as soon as possible. I have to find out more answers first… If you have any problems, Ron-San, please come to me.”

Vivi ran away.

She didn’t even dare to ask Ron what magic was.

Ron looked at Vivi, who fled away all confused, and couldn’t help but laugh. It was too much to process for the little princess. But, Vivi truly had the qualifications to learn magic, because of her strong will and spirit, which were far superior to that of the ordinary people.

Even if she was not as good as Nami, it won’t be much worse.

Having said that, both Nami and Perona have inherited the lower magic mark, and Vivi became a new candidate.

[Why does it seem that all the people who are suitable for learning magic are Lolis…?]

In the future, if Ron ever thought of creating a magic guild, the guild’s purpose would be easily misunderstood. (T/N: As if it isn’t the case xD Pervert)


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