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P.A.S Chapter 130: Overseeing

“What? This is not possible!”

The captain of the palace royal guard, Igaram, stared at Vivi, and refused without hesitation: ” You want to sneak into the Baroque Works to investigate?! It is dangerous! This is absolutely out of question your highness! In case it was true and there was some kind of conspiracy, you will be in danger getting closer to these people! Your Royal Highness! Let me go alone!”

“No way.”

Vivi did not back down and said: ” Igaram, if you are alone, you wouldn’t be able to do anything, in case something goes wrong.”

Igaram said: “This won’t change my mind! I won’t let you do such a dangerous thing!”

Vivi bit her lip and said: “There are not many people in the kingdom I can trust. Except for father, I trust only you and Pell… It would be great if both of you could go, but we can’t leave the palace unguarded, with no one responsible. We have to keep someone in charge of the palace!”


Igaram was still unacceptable.

But at this moment, a voice came from behind.

“I didn’t expect that Vivi would go to investigate in person, but you are right. This is indeed the most suitable solution…”

“Who’s that?!”

Igaram turned his head abruptly and looked at the voice origin in annoyance, but when he saw the person standing behind him clearly, he erred and touched the back of his head.

Igaram made a fast check last night and the identity of Ron was confirmed. He was indeed a vice-admiral of the G7 branch.


Vivi didn’t look like a little girl, her eyes were full of determination, and said: “I will handle this matter with Igaram! We will infiltrate the organization and find out its goal.”

“Just call me Ron, it is pain in the a** to use honorifics, It’s too much trouble. Besides, you need to get used to this, if you are planning to hide your identity and sneak into the Baroque workplace.”

Ron smiled at Vivi.

Igaram stared at Ron and frowned and said: “Mr. Ron, although we trust your information, and that you can’t do anything to the Baroque Works because of the Shichibukai Treaty, it’s so dangerous to let the Princess take such risks.”

“I really can’t meddle with the Baroque Works, but still, I can serve as the guardian of the princess and secretly protect her. This is not against the regulations.”

Ron said lightly.

Hearing Ron’s words, both Vivi and Igaram were taken aback. Then Vivi’s eyes showed joy, and she couldn’t help but say to Ron: “Thank you very much!”

Secretly protecting her was actually tantamount to investigating the Baroque works, it was just a reasonable excuse that would make everyone happy.

“You’re welcome.”

Ron smiled and turned to look at Igaram: “is there any problems now?”

Ron, the vice-admiral, will personally protect Vivi. Even if it was still dangerous for the princess to infiltrate the Baroque works, with such support, Igaram couldn’t find another excuse to refuse it.

In the end, he could only show a trace of helplessness, gritted his teeth, and bowed to Ron: “Please protect her Royal Highness! On behalf of the Kingdom of Alabasta, I would like to thank you, Sir!”

Ron smiled slightly without saying a word.

“Let’s start as soon as possible.”

Vivi said solemnly.


Somewhere in the highest room in the casino, Rain Dinners.

Crocodile was holding a piece of intelligence in his hand, dangling a cigar and muttering: “… vice-admiral of the marineG7 Branch, Ron.”

Ron’s perception was not wrong yesterday. Crocodile was there at the scene where Vivi was kidnapped. He was just one step behind Ron, that’s why he didn’t show up.

“Was he there by chance?!”

Next to the desk, a beautiful woman with black silky shawl hair smiled softly and said: “Our plan has only reached the first stage. It is impossible to be targeted by the marines, and even they noticed that something was off, they can’t investigate a Shichibukai like this. “

The highest-level of the Baroque Works was a partner system. There were five elite agents, which were the main agents of Baroque Works. They were paired with female Officer Agents that best compliment their abilities. The Officer agents were the ones who do the dirty work to achieve the organization’s ultimate goal. Almost all of the officer Agents have Devil Fruit powers. As for the beauty who was standing next to Crocodile, she was Miss All-Sunday, Nico Robin.

“Such a coincidence?”

Crocodile said as he dangled his cigar. He squinted his eyes and put down the information, looked out the window and said: “He happened to come to this country for sightseeing, and it happened that he saved the princess…”

Having said that, he picked up the intelligence document in his hand again and said: “And this guy, half a year ago, he killed Moria, and the government said that because Moria was too weak, he was removed from the Shichibukai. Well, I am afraid it is half true, Miss All-Sunday.”

Robin chuckled, and said with a playful look: “So the connection is…this Ron guy, is not happy with the Shichibukai system and came to Alabasta for you? Hum, and since he managed to kill Moria before, you are a little worried and scared.”


Hearing Robin’s words, Crocodile snorted and said coldly: “Don’t compare me with Moria’s kind of trash, no matter what Ron’s purpose is, even if he was really after me! He won’t ruin my plan!”

Speaking of this, Crocodile squeezed his finger, and the intelligence document in his hand quickly withered, turning into yellow sand and flying out the window.

“If he came here to interfere with me, I will make sure to make him finish the rest of his life buried in this desert.”

Hearing what Crocodile said, Robin smiled softly and said:


Vivi and Igaram soon sneaked into the Baroque works.

The Baroque works was originally a pirate hunter organization on the upfront. It declared that it would help in building an ideal country without pirates, and that it would catch the filthy pirates to make a lot of money to support such ideal. Everyone was welcomed to join the organization as long as they show a certain level of strength.

Vivi wasn’t that strong, but as most of the agents of the Baroque Works were paired as males and females and the organization was missing a few women, her status after entering the Baroque Works was higher than that of Igaram.

Ron did not join the organization, and he only followed Vivi from a spiritual perspective in secret.

Although Vivi didn’t know where Ron was, every time she wanted to communicate with him, she had only to think about it, and soon enough Ron would establish a virtual, more like spiritual communication link, so even when she was in the workplace, she could remain calm while communication with Ron.

A few days later.

Igaram received a task and went out with a large number of low-level agents.

After a few more days, Vivi was given the codename of Miss. Wednesday and met with her partner Mr. 9, but she did not receive any operational tasks, nor was she able to find any useful information.

But at the same time, Ron, who was monitoring the entire work of the Baroque works organization from a spiritual perspective, found the person who was looking for.

The vice president of Baroque Works!

Nico Robin!


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