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P.A.S Chapter 131: the king of Alabasta

Baroque works.

Outer base, in the highest office.

Nico Robin leaned against the desk alone, holding a few documents in her hand, lost in thought, with a serious look in her eyes.

Unlike the relaxed and playful look, she showed earlier in the presence of Crocodile, she was actually a little worried and solemn about the appearance of Ron, the vice admiral.

The reason was simple.

At that moment, she was one of Crocodile subordinates, which means she was the subordinate of one of the Shichibukai. And being in such a position, she was privileged and both the marines and the government have stopped looking for her, however, once Crocodile falls, the world government and the marines will immediately go after her again, and won’t stop until they catch her.

If Ron’s purpose was really to take down Crocodile, then for her, Ron was also after her life! After all, Crocodile was her out of jail free card.

“The princess joined the Baroque Works…”

Robin looked at the piece of information about Vivi in her hand and pondered.

Since she received the information from Crocodile that the vice-admiral, who took down gecko Moria not long ago, was in town, Nico Robin gave orders to all the agents to reports any news to her even if they were trivial and obviously the news about Vivi joining the ranks of the organization have reached her in no time.

However, after receiving such news, she didn’t make any response and continued to look for Ron’s trace.

Vivi was that important. Even though she was a princess, she wasn’t considered a threat. The real threat was Ron, the vice-admiral, and the thing was, no trace of him was found… As if he disappeared.

A vice-admiral might be surveilling the Baroque works moves, hiding in the shadows. That was terrible news, even if the leader of the organization was a Shichibukai.

“I’m not sure if he is intervening in this matter. If so, he should have directed the princess’s infiltration. He might be the one who designed it…”

Ron began to lay out a plan in his head.

Robin felt that she should arrange a mission for Vivi in which she encounters a dangerous situation, and if Ron appeared to rescue Vivi, it meant that Ron was indeed intervening in the Baroque Works affairs.

If it was the case, she will report the matter to Crocodile and himself will decide whether to warn Ron or dispose of him.


Before she sorted out the plan, a voice suddenly came from the window.

“Don’t make any dangerous plans for a fourteen-year-old princess. That would be too bad. If you have any plans, just come at me.”


Robin was shocked, and as she turned her head suddenly to look at the window, she saw that the window was opened somehow, and a figure was sitting on the edge of it, looking at her casually.

The moment she saw Ron’s figure, Robin’s heart sank, a dim light flashed in the depths of his eyes, and she began to think quickly about countermeasures.

The worst has happened!

Not only she failed to find Ron, but she was careless that he found her instead, and here he was standing in front of her.

“Vice-admiral Ron, the marine shouldn’t intervene in the Shichibukai affairs casually.”

There was no time for panic, Robin sighed and then said to Ron.

Ron faintly smiled and said: “Of course not as a marine, but it was just protecting the princess, there is nothing wrong with me talking to you.”

The Shichibukai was a red line for the marines not to meddle with.

Even if all the conspiracies of Crocodile were exposed, the marines would never get the order to arrest him.

The world government wouldn’t make a move on Crocodile, and even when it did, it was when the latter was completely defeated by Luffy that the situation was irreversible. The world government tampered with the facts, claiming that the marines exposed Crocodile’s conspiracy and defeated it.

Another example was Doflamingo, who planted Vergo in the marines, secretly made weapons and artificial Zoan Devil Fruits, and even killed a large number of marines with his own hands…he did not allow the world government to remove him from his position as a Shichibukai, but like Crocodile, he was deprived of his title after Luffy defeated him.

“Vice-admiral Ron is very concerned about the little princess of Alabasta.”

Robin moved her fingers slightly, ready to activate his ability at any time. At the same time, she spoke to Ron and said: “…it seems a bit fishy with an ulterior motive, right?”

“I want to marry her and become the king of Alabasta.”

Ron smiled slightly at Robin.

Robin froze for a moment, stunned… She didn’t expect to receive such an answer. After a few seconds of stupefaction, she said in a weird tone: “The princess of Alabasta… is only fourteen years old…”

“There is no rush in such matters.”

Ron jumped off the window, walked to the sofa to sit down, took an apple, took a bite, and said: “At least two or three years from now, but you have to do something that should be done.”

Robin was speechless for a while, but gradually sorted out her thoughts, regained her usual self then said: “So, we are not necessarily enemies.”


Ron gnawed at the apple and leaned on the sofa to look at Robin.

Robin knew that Ron must have collected a lot of information, and they could no more hide the fact that the Baroque works were behind all the riot in the kingdom. She shook her head slightly and said: “If you want to be the king of Alabasta, you will have to give up your marine status. In that case, we could even cooperate and it would be a win-win situation.”

“Oh? How to cooperate?”

Said Ron, as he threw the apple core into the trash can.

Robin put her hand on her chin and said: “We can help you get the throne of Alabasta and in exchange, you will need to meet one of our conditions, of course after achieving your goal. “

Ron answered casually: “Hand Alabasta’s Poneglyph to you?”


Robin’s heart was shaken violently.

Ron even knew about that. This was the ultimate goal that only she and Crocodile knew about! how could he know about such matters!

“Ancient weapon…Pluton…”

Ron touched his chin and said as if he was talking to himself: “It is rumored to be a huge and highly advanced warship capable of mass destruction. I am also very curious about the structure and principle of that warship.”

Robin could no longer maintain her composure.

“How did you… know this…”

The idea of Crocodile betraying her and working with the marines even flashed in her mind, but it didn’t make sense. Without her, Crocodile wouldn’t be able to translate the text on the Poneglyph, and in case the marines knew about such matter, the government would intervene!

Ron smiled and said with a deep gaze: “How do I know? It was just a speculation, but your reaction fully confirmed my theory.”


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