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P.A.S Chapter 132: I’ve a plan

Hearing Ron’s words, Robin’s heart started beating faster. She was a little unstable.

As one of the Ohara’s talented archaeologists, the women who once aced the archaeology exam and was officially inducted as a scholar by the age of eight, only a few people could match her in wisdom.

Unexpectedly, she found herself powerless against Ron. First, she couldn’t find him, then suddenly he appeared in front of her, and then he casually spoofed her and Crocodile true purpose.

“Don’t overthink it, I already was 90% sure and just needed the final confirmation from you.”

Ron smiled, and added: “Crocodile, a proud Shichibukai who failed to challenge the Whitebeard, would settle down for a mere country? Obviously not. He is an ambitious man who wouldn’t stop until he accomplishes his ultimate goal, dominating the world.”

“Then what is there in Alabasta that possibly can make Crocodile care so much? To work in the shadows, planning for a whole year, careful about getting himself exposed? When you think about it, you can easily make a conclusion that there is some kind of weapon hidden in the kingdom, and then according to the intelligence I received about Alabasta, my theory was confirmed… There is probably a trace of the ancient weapon Pluto hidden here, in Alabasta!”

Listening to Ron’s talk, Robin was barely able to breathe. In her entire life, she rarely encountered people who could shock her and take her by surprise, even Crocodile, they were just using each other.

But Ron…not only had the strength to defeat Gecko Moria, one of the Shichibukai but also had the vision and wisdom to easily see through the confusion.

Except for Kuzan, he should be the most terrifying person she ever met.


After a few seconds of silence, Robin sighed softly, and said: “So…so we have a deal?”

Ron smiled, stood up, and said: “I can give up my rank as a marine vice-admiral, however, I will need a powerful force backing me up to control the entire country.”

Robin suddenly said: “Do you want the Baroque works?!”


Ron nodded and said: “The intelligence network and the manpower of the Baroque works are fairly good, and the most important thing that the lower-ranked agents know nothing about the higher ones, it is a single line of contact between the lower and upper levels. Nowadays, all members of the Baroque works, except you, do not know that the boss of the organization is Crocodile…”

“I understand……”

Robin understood Ron’s intention.

Robin was a very valuable player to seize, as Crocodile’s assistant, Ron could either hand it over to the world government or just use her to trick Crocodile. And the reason why he didn’t show any hostility towards her up to that moment was that he wanted to use her to control the Baroque works, in other words, maintain a win-win situation as she mentioned, cooperation.

“To do this, we have to get rid of Crocodile.”

Robin’s eyes flickered and he said: “You already killed Moria, If you take Crocodile down and you quit the marines, there shouldn’t be a problem for you to obtain the title of the Shichibukai.”

“Well, you are right, it is true.”

Ron lifted his chin and said: “After dealing with Crocodile, I will get the title of the Shichibukai and I will get the Baroque works as a bonus, and if I do so, it will be just a matter of time before I rule over Alabasta. This is a plan to kill three birds with one stone.”

“Crocodile is a Logia devil fruit user, and he won’t be that easy of an opponent to deal with, but he is weak against water, he wouldn’t be able to activate his devil fruit in case he was touched with water.” (T/N: He should have learned the water magic…)

Robin betrayed Crocodile without hesitation.

Ron couldn’t help but feeling a bit shocked, showing a strange look. Robin, without a second thought, sold Crocodile out.

It was a bit fishy, but it should be the case. Ron was a vice-admiral and a capable man that Crocodile shouldn’t be able to bring him down. Robin was aware of such truth and obviously made the appropriate choice to cooperate with Ron, betraying Crocodile.

Even if Ron failed, it would not have a big impact on her. She will just leave the Baroque works and find another organization.

“Well thanks for the tip, but If you cooperate, it will be an easy task to take Crocodile down, and after I become a Shichibukai and take over the Baroque works, you can continue to work with me. I will make sure to keep you safe.”

“It looks that you already have a plan.”

Robin looked at Ron with a faint smile.

Ron nodded and smiled, “Of course, the plan is…”

After half a month.

Somewhere in the Rainbase, Vivi cautiously shrank in the corner, with her ears attached to the wall, focusing all her attention on the room on the other side of the wall.

“…That Ron returned to the branch?”

“I don’t know, no trace of him was found…”

“Maybe he left already! Still, don’t relax, our plan has already reached its second phase. This year will be a critical time to capture this country.”

Listening to the conversation between Crocodile and Robin coming from the other side of the wall, Vivi’s pupils shrank sharply, and she almost screamed out of shock, but she immediately covered her small mouth.

With a tremor in her eyes, she continued to listen to the small conversations in the room, vaguely heard the words of setting off a riot, saving the country like a hero, and so on.

When the voice fell silent, Vivi took a deep breath, suppressed the trembling in her heart, stood up silently, and fled away without making a sound.

It was the top floor of the Casino, Rain Dinners.

Vivi rushed all the way, left the casino, and ran outside. Only then she let out a sigh of relief. She knew that she couldn’t stay, and she had to tell her father Cobra and Ron about it all.

She quickly left the casino and hid in one of the dark alleys.

“Ron-San, are you here?”


Ron’s voice came from above her. She looked up and saw Ron floating in the air, slowly falling down.

Vivi took a deep breath and was about to say what she had just heard, but Ron interrupted her and said: “I heard it also. This is not the place to talk about such matters. Let’s leave first.”


Vivi nodded and immediately followed Ron away.

Shortly after Ron left the scene with Vivi, Nico Robin appeared in the casino balcony, read some message written by the window corner, and then quickly erased it.

[According to the plan]

Robin looked up to the dark sky above her and smiled faintly.

“…Cool! 😊”


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