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P.A.S Chapter 133: Unacceptable decision

The Royal Palace of Alabasta.

Somewhere in the room.

“That bastard…Crocodile…is after the crown?!”

Cobra’s face changed, and a hint of anger was gradually revealed, then said: “To seize the country, that shameless bastard, for a whole was pretending to doing good deeds for the kingdom…however, behinds the scenes he was inciting riots without hesitation…”

“We need to deal with him right away!”

Vivi bit her lip and said: “Crocodile’s heroic image has been established now…He is considered as a hero by the country people, but it is not difficult for us to expose him, but what is terrifying, is his reaction afterwards…He will seek revenge.”

Vivi and Cobra knew the horror of going against a Shichibukai.

Not to mention he had the Baroque works under his command, Crocodile was not an easy opponent that Alabasta could take alone. The other party could even use force to seize the country!

Crocodile’s plan, his current series of actions were supposed to arrange a reasonable and complete event to confuse the world government and gain its support.

The problem was that even if his intent was exposed.

If Crocodile chose to use force to reach his goal, kill both Vivi and Cobra, and slaughter the royal army there… the world government may not even take action against him!

After such a massacre, the world government would not deprive Crocodile of his title, as a Shichibukai, instead, it will help him conceal the scandal of Alabasta to save face and let him ascend to the throne!

Vivi gradually looked at Ron on the side.

This kingdom can’t defeat Crocodile alone. To break the Shichibukai’s conspiracy and defeat his organization, they can only rely on the marines.


Ron shook his head and said: “Although the Shichibukai system has contained the pirates’ ravages to some extent, and allowed all parties in the sea to reach a certain balance, they are pirates after all. Their bad behavior itself is destroying the peace of the sea.”

Having said that, Ron took out a Den Den Mushi and dialed.

“Hey, Sengoku speaking.”

On the other side of the Den Den Mushi came the voice of the fleet admiral Sengoku.

Ron made a brief statement about the current situation in the kingdom, and about Crocodile’s conspiracy to seize the country, saying: “…This kind of behavior is unforgivable! Please approve the immediate arrest of the Shichibukai, Crocodile. “

“Can the intelligence be confirmed?”

“Of course, it can.”

Ron responded in a deep voice.

Sengoku listened to Ron’s report and fell into silence.

After a few seconds, he said solemnly: “Vice-admiral Ron, don’t act rashly for the time being. I need to report this to the government.”

With that, Sengoku hung up the Den Den Mushi.

Ron put down the Den Den Mushi, smiled at Vivi and Cobra, and said: “It has been reported to the marine fleet admiral. We should hear from him soon. As long as the government removes Crocodile’s title, I can lead the marines to arrest him.”

“It’s so reassuring to have you here, Ron”

Cobra breathed a sigh of relief and smiled at Ron.

Although he could directly report to the government, Cobra didn’t have any evidence in his hands. Also, Crocodile might have an agreement with the government…

However, with Ron as a vice-admiral, the weight of the words is different, his words will be heard by the higher-ups of the marines and of course, such matter will reach the world government.

After a while.

Sengoku called Ron back.

“Vice-admiral Ron, are you in Alabasta now?”


Ron nodded.

Sengoku said in a deep voice: “You don’t have to worry about this matter anymore. Return to the G7 branch. The world government will take over this matter.”

“The government will take over…what do you mean?”

Ron frowned and said: “If they want to arrest Crocodile, they can use the power of the marines. I can arrest him myself.”

“The government rejected the proposal to arrest Crocodile.”


Ron stood up abruptly and said unacceptably: “Conspiracy to seize the Kingdom of Alabasta, maliciously creating riots and chaos, is these not enough reasons to arrest him?!”

Sengoku said solemnly: “Vice-admiral Ron, Crocodile is a Shichibukai.”

Hearing the words of the fleet admiral, Ron said angrily: “Then we should ignore his actions, let him seize the Kingdom of Alabasta!?”


Sengoku said solemnly: “The government has taken over this matter and will make Crocodile leave Alabasta.”

“that’s it?”

Ron said unacceptably: “Then all the evil deeds he committed in Alabasta will be forgiven, more like ignored?! Even if he accepts to leave Alabasta, he will certainly continue to cause troubles around the world, to other kingdoms… How could we leave him be?!”

When Sengoku heard the little excited Ron’s tone, he couldn’t help but raise his voice too.

“The Shichibukai, the marines, and the Yonko are the Three Great Powers that are keeping the world in balance…You killed Moria before, which already caused a certain impact. We cannot afford to lose two Shichibukai consecutively in a short time!”

“This is the orders coming from the world government. Leave Alabasta immediately and stop intervening in anything about Crocodile.”

After hearing Sengoku words, Cobra’s face was ugly, he was furious. Vivi also clenched her small fist in anger.

[Fuck it…What the hell with this attitude!? Both the government and the marines decided to ignore Crocdile’s evil deeds in Alabasta!?]

[This is unacceptable!]

Thinking of the mess and trouble this country went through during this year, both Cobra and Vivi were a little unacceptable and furious. How could Crocodile get away with it!

“Sengoku! How could you act as if it was nothing?! This country is bleeding form that bastard actions!”

Cobra snatched the Den Den Mushi and snorted at Sengoku on the other side.

Sengoku was a little startled, and said: “You are?”

Cobra said solemnly: “I am Cobra, the king of Alabasta.”


Sengoku did not expect Cobra to be next to Ron. After a few seconds of silence, he said: “Your Majesty Cobra, we have deep sympathy for what happened to Alabasta. But have you dealt with many pirates who invaded your territory?”

” We are using the pirates to fight each other. This is a decision discussed by the world government, and it is indeed effective… The government will also give you an explanation on this matter.”

Cobra couldn’t help coughing violently, then said angrily: “Give me an explanation? If Crocodile continues to be at large, how can I explain to the civilians, to the families who lost their dear ones because of these riots?!”

Sengoku remained silent for a few seconds, and said: “I’m very sorry, this is the government’s decision…or you can come to Mary Geoise and negotiate with the government in person.”

“Will there be any change if I go to Mary Geoise to negotiate?”


The anger in Cobra’s eyes was unfavorable, he leaned against the chair and coughed violently. He looked at the ceiling, and a trace of desolation gradually appeared in his eyes, only feeling a deep sense of powerlessness.

The government’s decision cannot be changed. Neither the marines nor the government were willing to help them to take down Crocodile. Even if he wanted to seek justice for the civilians who died in the riots, there was nothing he could do.

Vivi also bit her lip and clenched her small fist.

At this moment, Ron spoke.

“Sorry, fleet admiral Sengoku, I cannot accept this decision.”

Vivi and Cobra heard Ron’s words and looked at Ron together in shock.