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P.A.S Chapter 134: I quit

Hearing Ron’s words, Sengoku’s face suddenly sank, then he shouted: “What do you mean, vice-admiral Ron? Are you planning to disobey the government’s orders?!”

“There is no way that I will let Crocodile without punishment for the evil he committed!”

Ron shouted at the Den Den Mushi.

Sengoku eyes widened, then soon he started yelling: “What are you going to do?! Ron! This is the government’s decision. You can’t disobey the orders! do you want to lose your vice-admiral rank?!”

Hearing this, Ron went silent for a few seconds.

Then he raised his head, and under the stunned gaze of Vivi and Cobra, he said decisively at the Den Den Mushi: “Even If the world government is willing to turn a blind eye to Crocodile deeds, I can’t just watch such injustice and keep quiet!”


Sengoku slammed the table and said: “The government’s decision will not be changed. If you want to make a change, then you have to reach the position of an admiral! That time you will have a saying in such matters!”

“Then…how long will it take?”

“How many times do I need to compromise on such a thing?”

Ron’s gaze remained unchanged, as calm as a pool of water, and said: “I just want to do what I think is right. I just can let Crocodile roam free after what he did… Say to Uncle Garp that I am sorry. I apologize, I can no longer carry out such fake justice of the marines.”

“I’m leaving the marines!”

Hearing Ron’s decisive words, Sengoku was shocked for a minute, and then shouted angrily: “Ron! You bastard…”

Before the words were finished, the Den Den Mushi was hung up.


There was a bang in the office, the sound of wood crashing, which surprised countless marines close by.

“It seems that something extraordinary is about to happen.”

Kizaru said as he set on the recliner chair, glancing at the direction of Sengoku’s office.

Akainu noticed the noise but remained silent.

As for Aokiji rubbed his eyebrows, and said: “Ah, Lala, it’s too impulsive, he is so young after all, Ron…”

The other side.

Cobra and Vivi looked at Ron who had hung up the call with opened mouths, not knowing what to say. They were stunned and couldn’t process what happened in front of them.

“Rest assured.”

Ron looked at Cobra and Vivi as his decisive expression turned into a smile, and said: “I’ll take care of Crocodile!”

“Ron, you…”

Cobra said with hesitation.

Ron took a deep breath and said decisively: “I didn’t expect the government to make this kind of decision, even the fleet admiral Sengoku just let it go easily… That was so disappointing, and since both the government and the marines will allow Crocodile roam free, unpunished, then I will face him myself!”

“I can’t stay still after how brave Vivi infiltrated the Baroque works! I won’t let her efforts become meaningless!”

Cobra opened his mouth and couldn’t say anything.

On the side, Vivi was looking at Ron with an extremely bright light.

Ron took out the Den Den Mushi linked to Nami and told to leave the marine branch in the prepared ship and come to Alabasta as soon as possible. Ron already made the necessary preparations before he went to Alabasta.


Ron refused to answer the call from Aokiji.

“Ro… Ron-San, that…”

At this time, Vivi finally regained her senses and said to Ron: “I really appreciate your feelings, but the other party is Shichibukai, maybe you shouldn’t quit the marines…”

“It’s okay.”

Ron smiled at Vivi and said: “In fact, I already predicted that the marines and the government might let it go, so when I was protecting you while infiltrating the Baroque works, I secretly made some arrangements.”

“Crocodile… won’t get away easily with what he did!”

Vivi said passionately. She stared at Ron with crystal clear eyes, and all the words turned into one:


One day later.

Inside the Casino.

“Boss…Vice-admiral Ron was seen again…” Said Robin as she rushed into Crocodile’s office.

Hearing this, Crocodile frowned slightly, and said: “Is he still in Alabasta?”


Robin nodded, then smiled softly, and said: “And he is determined to face you. I don’t know if you have offended him in the past, but I got information that he made his mind to deal with you.”

Crocodile said indifferently: “Hate me? Ha, like I give a fuck, and since he left the marines, it seems that it cannot be resolved peacefully.”

“It looks so.”

“Where is he?”

“In Nanohana, near our office.”

Crocodile stood up and said indifferently: “Let’s go and solve this matter before he figures our plan out and reveals it to the marines and government.”

“Should I call the senior agents?”

Robin asked Crocodile as she followed him.


Crocodile pushed open the office door and walked out.

Nanohana Town.

Outside the Baroque Works’ office.

Ron stood at the top of a building, staring at the office not far away indifferently, staring at the people entering and leaving.

The wind suddenly rose, blowing the golden sand.

Ron’s gaze changed slightly as he turned to look at his left side.

“I didn’t expect that the marines would be so interested in my organization…”

Amidst a piece of yellow sand, Crocodile’s figure emerged, walked towards Ron, and said faintly: “This is a Shichibukai’s matter, you marines have no right to meddle with it.”

Ron looked at him and said coldly: ” It seems that you have some plans to manipulate the Baroque works, am I wrong? And I can’t turn a blind eye to anyone inciting riots in this country. As long as I find out something, the name of Shichibukai may not be enough to protect you…”

Crocodile walked to a place about ten meters away from Ron, then stopped. He held a cigar in his mouth and said indifferently: “Is this a threat?”


Ron responded indifferently.

Crocodile sneered with the cigar in his mouth and said: “It seems that you are ignorant. I am not someone you can threaten, kid. Besides, do you think that being a marine can protect you?”

As the voice fell, Crocodile waved his hand suddenly.

In an instant, golden sand spread across the earth, turning into four sharp sand blades that tore the earth, released towards Ron.

“Since you are so ignorant, let’s me teach you the real meaning of power, Kid!”

Crocodile was so eager to acquire the ancient weapon Pluton. He wouldn’t go easy against anyone who could threaten his plan!