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P.A.S Chapter 135: betrayal


Ron remained indifferent, and with a wave of his backhand wand, a huge wind blade swept out, instantly smashing the invading sand blades, and went directly towards Crocodile.

Crocodile snorted coldly as his body instantly turned into sand, and flew in Ron’s direction, ignoring the wind blade that had come across.


The unexpected happened. The ignored wind blade, passed through Crocodile elemental body causing a sharp pain in his chest and abdomen.


The golden sand stagnated for an instant, then collapsed.

Crocodile’s figure emerged from the fallen sand. The clothes between his chest and abdomen were cut, a wound appeared, and a stain of blood appeared on his clothes.

“It’s impossible… how could it hurt me…”

Although it was only a shallow wound, the shock in Crocodile’s heart was a bit beyond him. He was a Logia devil fruit user…How come that the ability just released by Ron reached him! How could the wind hurt his Sand’s body?!

And just as Crocodile was in shock, Ron made another move, and a six beam of light fell appeared. Crocodile was instantly imprisoned by Ron’s Six-Rods light prison.

“Damn it!”

Obviously, Crocodile tried to switch to his elementalized form to get away from the seal…But, it was in vain, and his face changed drastically. After a murmur, the golden sand spread around the light beams. Crocodile tried destroying the sealing using his Ground Secco, but it only shook the beam of light slightly.

Ron had already flown into the sky over his opponent, pressing his wand down.


Wind currents visible to the naked eye converged in an instant, and the wind condensed above Crocodile’s head, forming a heart-pounding vortex.

Vortex Storm!

Crocodile had a stern look on his face. He was aware of the fact that such an attack can hurt him badly even if he was in his elementalized form. Even if Ron’s attack wouldn’t be enough to take him down, resisting such an attack with his current position would be complete madness.


Crocodile opened his palm without hesitation, and with a flick upwards, he summoned a massive tornado of sand and sends it on a rampage. The tornado instantly fluttered up, colliding with the vortex core.


The rotation directions of the two hurricanes were exactly the opposite. The moment they touched, a violent explosion was produced, which turned into a terrifying sandy wind wave, swaying in all directions, destroying all nearby houses.

Managing to nullify Ron’s vortex storm, Crocodile continued to roar, struggling. Sand constantly poured out of his body which made the six-rods of light constantly flashing.

“It seems that this marine is really difficult to deal with…”

Robin’s figure appeared not far behind Crocodile.

Crocodile continued his journey of struggle, while staring coldly at Ron in the sky, then said: “Do it! Nico Robin!”

He had to admit that he did underestimate Ron. He possessed a weird ability, that could reach him even in his elemental body. After just one exchange of attacks, Crocodile found himself in a dire situation.


Robin spoke softly, crossing her hands in front of her.

Cracks gradually appeared on the six rods of light constraining Crocodile’s body, the sealing was about to break, and Crocodile was getting ready to unleash his anger on Ron.

But at the moment when he was about to break free, he felt a cool sensation suddenly coming from his vest, which made his face change drastically.


“That is water!”

Crocodile, who was aware of his weakness very well, had his pupils shrunk violently at that moment. He wanted to do something, but it was too late.


Crocodile slowly looked at his torso, which was penetrated by a sharp blade.


“Nico Robin!!!”

Crocodile roared frantically, and the sand waves surged, completely shattering the cracked light prison, and then slammed his hand backward, turning the dust into countless sharp blades, released in the direction of Robin.

Who else knew about his weakness! who else but Nico Robin who pierced his vest with a dagger!

Crocodile’s eyes were full of rage, and he was a little unbelievable.

The only thing he didn’t expect at all was that Nico Robin would betray him, would attack him from behind, and cooperate with the marine!

He knew everything about her, about her history with the marines. He believed that anyone could cooperate with the marines and the government, to sell him off, but not Robin! It was absolutely impossible because Robin relied on his title of Shichibukai to survive. Once he is gone, the marines will be the first one to go after her, hunt her down!

Seeing the countless sharp sand blades rushing over, Robin’s expression changed slightly.

Unexpectedly, even after being stabbed by her from behind, Crocodile still had the strength to release a counterattack.

However, before the sharp blades reached her body, she was pulled away by an invisible force, tossed into the sky, falling behind Ron.

Ron’s wand dangled downward.


A torrent of fiery flames poured down, swallowing the countless sharp blades of sand, and swept towards Crocodile.

Crocodile roared, turning all the ground under his feet into the sand, gushing towards the sky against Ron’s wall of flames.

“Why! Nico Robin!”

He looked at Robin behind Ron with red eyes, full of rage and fury.

Robin didn’t answer and kept looking at him calmly.

In fact, Robin didn’t plan to intervene at first, after all, she didn’t care a lot about the winner of these fights. But after seeing Crocodile suffering this much after just a few seconds of fight…was not what she expected.

Even if she didn’t help Ron, she was 100% sure that Crocodile had no chance to defeat Ron on his own, and eventually, he would be killed by him.

At that time, Crocodile seemed too powerless. If he had the upper hand and suppressed Ron, she wouldn’t intervene or attack him from behind.

“Because you are too weak.”

Ron spoke lightly and answered Crocodile’s question for Robin.

Robin would not trust anyone, all she needed was her own survival, and the strength shown by Crocodile made it clear that he could no longer protect her, so she naturally had to choose to help Ron over him.


Crocodile’s angry gaze fell on Ron, then roared: “How dare you trick me like this, unforgivable…cough!”

He frantically mobilized the ability of Suna Suna no Mi, trying to swallow the flames with sand, to bury both Ron and Robin alive. But at that moment, the sharp pain in his torso made his body suddenly stiff and surging wildly. The sand waves also collapsed quickly like duckweed without roots.

Robin’s backstab hit a vital spot…Since the strike, he was just moving by sheer will, but soon his body became unable to withstand such injury.


The monstrous torrent of flames poured down, swallowing the breaking sand waves, along with Crocodile’s body.

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